High School Students Win Tsunami Preparedness PSA Contest

If you ever wake up to a wall of water bearing
down on you—you’ll have been glad you watched this video. Here’s a few tips on how to prepare for
a tsunami. Tip #1: If you see the water vanishing, run
away. Tip #2: Get to high ground. And just in case it wasn’t obvious, get
as far away from the shoreline as possible. And only take your most valuable or important
objects with you. If you feel a strong earthquake or said tsunami
is coming on shore and you don’t have time to get to high ground, as a last resort you
should run to the nearest tall building over three stories and climb to the roof. Call 9-1-1 and hope that you are saved. After a tsunami, make sure to steer clear
of damaged buildings, roads and electrical equipment like power lines to stay safe. Once you have evacuated or are secured in
a shelter, save phone calls for emergencies only. Phone systems are usually busy this time,
so contact your loved ones with text messages. Be safe.

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