Hiking the Hoh River Trail – Olympic National Park – Washington State

– Hello. -Hey, how’s it going? -Good, how about yourself? -Good. You need a park map or paper? No, I’m fine. You want a paper? -No, we’re
good. -Alright, thank you. alright guys we’re in the HOH rainforest
here and we’re going to go on a hike down the HOH trail it’s 18 mile trail
we’re just going to hike a few miles of it and then turn back so here we go
first stop the bathroom this squirrel right here is really mad at
me for being on his tree I’m standing right here on his tree and he’s getting
pretty angry he’s just squeaking at me alright guys so we made it to our
stopping point at the hoh, we’ve probably gone what do you think three miles or so
and so we’re going to turn around and just do the way back it’s been a really
awesome hike there’s like all this moss hanging from the trees that just
collects its nutrients and water from the air the air just moves through it and
it catches all the moisture and everything it’s pretty cool stuff and
the Hoh River is down here it’s super blue it’s like glacier melt and the
light just coming through the trees everywhere it’s been a really awesome
hike it’s awesome being in a jungle like this especially in a cold place it’s so
weird to have a rainforest in a cold place so this is the biggest temperate
rainforest in the world and it’s been awesome to explore it I’ve wanted to do
this for so long and now we’re going to go ahead and head
on back we’re basically back at the parking lot
now we finished our hike it was really awesome I highly
recommend the Hoh trail if you really want to bring out like a tent
and camp the whole thing it’d be really awesome thing to do you can just go
along and just keep walking and there’s like little spots to set up your tent
all along it so you could do that or you can do like we did and just make it an
out and back day trip but yeah come check it out. Hoh Rainforest trail

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