Hirakud- World’s Longest Man-made Dam | Sambalpur, Odisha | Incredible India

Was that alright? Did it not record? It is recording Loads of our childhood memories are associated with this place because we used to come here every year This could be seen from our rooftop and balcony So every year for school excursions they used to take us to Hirakud Dam Did you know this already? If yes, leave a comment below 🙂 We will now go on top of this The staircase narrows as we go up This stream here is the Power Channel- this is the water discharge from the power generation We are on top of Jawahar Minar and you can see water all around here The water level is low right now So that’s why the crowd Otherwise this area is filled with water so for that dykes were made There used to be a lot of shops here selling Uncle Chips This wasn’t here even 5 years ago Be careful if you have food in hand the viewing platform on top rotates there Since it’s evening already, we can hardly see any Had we come earlier in the day, we might have spotted them For that we will have to go to the dyke If we go, it will get completely dark Since it’s still a few minutes until it gets dark, we are heading to the dyke Not the entire way because that will take a long time. But may be just 5 minutes in. This is a popular day-excursion point At the end of this road is ‘Zero Point’ We have never been in there because no idea why It’s just a forest, what are we going to do there We always go just till the Zero Point There is a big circle there, and that’s why it’s called zero point It’s already sunset Come earlier in the day Like an hour at the Minar (Viewpoint) If you go all the way to Zero Point Don’t come during sunset like us if you want to explore at ease. We should head back immediately as there are no streetlights here and it will get dark

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