Holiday Gift Guide 2019 | BEST GIFTS FOR HIM OR HER

I am so excited for Christmas it’s gonna
be so much fun and Christmas shopping can be hard sometimes yeah I struggle
with it in trouble was shopping with Jamie who just buys everything he wants
when he wants it so today I’m gonna go over a Christmas gift guide we’re gonna
have gifts for men for women for kids or a grandparent – any one in everyone and
I’m going to break it down I will have a full blog post on this as well so go
check out the description box for all the links all the blog posts all of that
and let’s get into the guide hi friends owner freedom and a budget my name is
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I’m excited there are some really really great gifts and some of these I will be
buying for my family members but I’m not gonna say which ones because I don’t
want to spoil it but let’s get into the video the first one is a sunrise alarm
clock and this is about 37 99 I’m actually asking for this for myself
because I’ve seen them all over Instagram and different people and they
just look so cool they are an alarm clock that what it does is it starts
waking you up before your alarm actually goes off so if your alarm is set for
5:30 a.m. then around 5:00 – this light and it’s going to be very dim and then
slowly grow to a brighter and then by the time that your alarm goes off you’re
already going to have this natural progression with the light waking you up
so that is a lot gentler and it’s a more peaceful not like that right alarm clock
and it’s really supposed to help make you more alert and just really be a game
changer in waking up and not feeling as groggy which is
so $37.99 it for the sunrise alarm clock next our philips hue light bulbs these
average from $98 so there’s different ones we personally have the philips hue
we have them all over our house they are amazing I was very against them
but I have grown to love them you can change them on your phone you can change
the dimness you can change all the different aspects of it this light back
here is actually a Philips tube ball and I’ve set it on I think like 18 percent
so that it can have this specific hue and then you can also change the
temperature you can do all these different things with it and the best
thing is you can do it right from your phone so you don’t have to get up you
don’t have to you know you can be lazy and it’s a really really easy way to
just make your life you know a little bit more I don’t know simpler and it’s
also LED so it’s gonna help reduce your electric bill as well so Philips you
light bulbs are great tech gift for if you have a tech lover or someone that is
wanting to kind of convert their home into a smart home this is a great step
for that next is prescription eyeglasses prescription sunglass so this video is
not sponsored but i do have a link for you guys for glasses USA this is
actually a different jammies but jamie is a sunglasses guy he always wears his
sunglasses everywhere he goes he has his hat on and his sunglasses like on top of
the hat on top of the visor he’s one of those people that’s weird
but he wear sunglasses all the time and it loves sunglasses but especially cuz
we live in Florida it’s so bright but he doesn’t wear prescription sunglasses
because he does want to wear his you know his regular glasses and his
sunglasses and so what I’m gonna be giving him is some prescription
sunglasses so that he’s able to drive safer and it’s just me a better
experience so these are ones that I have I absolutely love them these are unisex
100 link down below of what specific one these are but I love these they are
great they have great coverage that they’re not too dark not too light and
they are prescription so I’m going to be able to drive better with these which is
awesome so glasses you would say they’re up to 60% off oh I see a big difference
in in the in the what I can read it’s a 60% off of
regular prescription sunglasses they have all different brands they have Ray
Bans they have their own line they have Hillary DEF lines they have awesome all
sorts of brands so they are amazing I love glasses USA they’re amazing again
they’re not sponsoring this but I will have a link for you guys down below in
the description box next is a travel steamer this is a really great gift if
you have someone that travels a lot this is about 21 $22 and this travel steamer
is amazing this is one that I’m replacing my regular full steamer
because it just works 10 times better than the big one and it’s so portable it
can fit under your sink cabinet in the bathroom it can fit in your suitcase it
can be taken apart into two different pieces it’s awesome I love this thing so
this is a really really great practical gift for someone so travel steamer is a
game changer going along with the smart bulbs that we talked about earlier is
the August smart home lock this one is really cool we had this we bought it for
the new house and it is a lock that goes on your actual door your deadbolt and it
changes and you can do it from your phone so it’s great there’s an app you
can unlock it and lock it right from your phone so if you have someone that’s
stopping by the house that you can just unlock it for them you can see there’s
been so many times where we have left the house and then you have that panic
of holy crap did I lock the doors I don’t remember if I lock the doors Jamie
used to have such a bad habit of this that he would actually like do a little
dance but when he locked the doors to remind himself that he did lock the
doors because he’s like 10 Jews and ants I don’t remember but with this we can go
and if work I’m in the office and I’m like Timmy lock the doors then I
remember I can go and double check to make sure that it’s locked or not locked
which is so cool so going into that is the ring the ring doorbell is amazing we
absolutely love our ring it is so cool we have the ring doorbell one and then
we also have the floodlights one so that we can see our driveway there’s a lot of
car break-ins in our neighborhood which really sucks but we can see the cars we
can see everything like that right from there you can talk it’s a two-way talk
so if someone’s at our door we can talk to them which
a lot safer then you know opening the door say someone’s there they’re not too
sure about you can just talk to them even if you’re right on the other side
that way they don’t know if you’re home or not whatever it may be and then also
there’s a cool part of the community and there’s a posting thing that you can do
and you know say there’s some suspicious people in your neighborhood or say you
know there’s a weird guy that rang your doorbell or left something off you can
post the video and export the video to the little chat and then people in the
neighborhood be like hey I’ve seen that guy – or hey that looks that looks a
little sketchy or whatever it may be and then the police also have access as well
so sometimes the police will post in there hey we’ve had this this problem
you know in your neighborhood you know how do you guys seen this guy hey we
checked it out no big deal or sometimes there’s been car robbers and they’ve
gone and they PD has posted in there hey guys we got them we’re you’re good to go
you’re safe so it’s really cool just to have that it gives a three mile radius
of your home which is really cool this next one is really cool it’s a indoor
s’mores maker I love me some s’mores but honestly in Florida a lot of times it’s
too hot for a fire and we just it’s just too much work so this is like a cool
little fire pit electric indoor countertop one this would be such a good
like family gift for people you know if you’re trying to cut back on gifts and
rather than giving a gift to all of your niece and nephew everything you can give
a family gift which is really cool so this is a great portable s’mores maker
it’s only $19.99 so it’s very affordable and super cute and super practical as
well next is a portable hammock I love these Jamie has wanted that he
keeps at work as he travels so much and it’s just a small nice little portable
hammock that bundles all up he can hang it anywhere he actually hangs it in the
back of the trucks that he does because he’s a lighting designer that travels
and so they’ll have like the big 18-wheeler to bring in all the cases the
consoles lights all that the rigs and everything and so he’ll hang it in the
back of the 18-wheeler and some of the guys are just sitting on the floor of
the truck or whatever playing on their phones you know trying to to you know
just hang out and kill Genevieve’s news in a way in his hammock
because hey why not so it is a great great travel you can use it indoors you
can do outdoors you can use it a truck you can do it anywhere so super portable
love this hammock it is awesome next one is a really popular gift at this time of
year and that is a weighted blanket these are so cool I personally have one
of these I got it for Christmas last year after I got it I was like I need to
put this on next year as a gift guide because it is amazing so what it does
it’s a nice comforter and it has little pockets with these like beam type things
and it is weighted at weight typically they weigh about 15 pounds and they’re
just soothing and relaxing it does take a little bit to get used to because like
rolling over it’s it’s it’s a process to roll over you’re gonna get a really like
lunge yourself over but it’s amazing they help with anxiety they help with
just having that like sense of needing someone by you warmth I love weight on
me I don’t know it’s weird but I just love having like lots and lots of
blankets the heaviness and it gives you that feeling so if you have someone that
maybe struggles with anxiety or autism different things like that these can be
really really great and practical gifts next is a tile key finder if you have
someone in your life that is always losing their keys always frustrating and
you’re running late and then they can run their keys and it’s an extra 5-10
minutes trying to find the keys this is awesome so what it does has a piece on
the keys it has a piece that you keep with you so that you can go and you can
just click where it is and I’ll ding whatever they’re so cool so a tile
keychain holder you can put it on other things that’s what you can have one on
the back of the remote they’re really cool they’re really versatile and if you
have someone that is a little forgetful in their life this would be great gift
next is a roadside emergency kit for your car guys this is something that is
so needed if you everyone needs it not even just
if you’re a teenager or have a teenager life everyone needs I has jumper cables
it has flashers it has different tools that have run things like that it is a
all-in-one kit it’s only 40 dollars which is super affordable and it is just
practical and just something that everyone should have in their car but
especially if you have a new teenager that’s you know
just getting their license or something like that or someone that just bought a
car this be a really really great gift for them so definitely keep this one in
mind this next one it was really cool it is a cell phone camera line so these are
little mini lenses that clip onto your cell phone so that you can make some
really great shots let’s be honest guys how many people are carrying a digital
camera around you I feel like all pictures when you’re traveling on
vacation there you’re taking with your cell phone or DSLR so there’s not really
that in-between anymore we used to have this little point in two digital cameras
but honestly don’t see this anymore you’re they’re saying iPhone or you
seeing a nice DSLR camera with lenses so there is a big difference between your
camera lens and your DSLR but there are really cool lenses that you can just
clip on you can get the wide-angle you can get the zoo you can get all these
really cool different lenses for your phone which is so cool it’s only like 20
bucks super affordable these are great great great gift especially you have
someone in your life you just don’t know what to buy them like they just have
everything they just they need something they buy it so this is a really great
gift set it’s kind of outside the box they don’t really think about so this is
great one this next one is a hot logic mini oven type thing so what it does is
it plugs in and you can use it on the go you can use it at work you can use it
different places my coworker she uses this every single day she doesn’t like
using a microwave so what she does it’s like 3045 minutes before she’s ready to
eat lunch she plugs it in and it has a little warmer it will actually like cook
your food so it is a great great way that so that you’re not getting those
you know radiation or if you’re on the go or different things like that this is
a great way if you’re traveling in a hotel room this is a great way to heat
food up this is a great travel piece a game changer so how long you travel it
is super affordable in really really great deal we keep the conversation
going away the ways that you can now pay for all of these gifts because we don’t
want you to go in debt no so next we’re going to talk about different side
hustles that you can do this holiday season I’m gonna break it down we got a
really great list of ten things that you can do to make some extra money this
I’ll see you in that video

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  1. this is great, really enjoyed watching, cant wait to see more from you 🙂 keep them coming!

  2. Great ideas! I feel like my 14 yr old son needs two of those alarm clocks to get him up in the morning. Lol nice job!

  3. Great video! However, I think we need to start taking a drink every time you say “game changer.” 🙂

  4. Have you used the HotLogic lunch box? How fast will it warm up food, like a can of soup?
    I have to travel with some frequency, and the hotels the university pays for frequently don't have a microwave (its super weird to me that more expensive hotels don't have microwaves, but I guess they want you to use their room service or high end restaurants)… so I'm wondering if it would be something that would help me save money when I travel.

  5. Do you need anything extra with the ring app ? Like are there extra fees or any extra items needed ?

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