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intro Music Today We Are Present Here with our inovation Project MODEL HOME Abdul Khalik Swad present the Project – Daud Public School and College, Jashore Cantonment and With Me Toki Tahmid – Daud Public School and College, Jashore Cantonment Today We are Present here with our science project MODEL HOME This project contains all kinds of characteristics of an ideal home This project automatically protects us from all kinds of Man-made & Natural Disasters This project can play a vital role to protect our Property & Life We have several projects in this technology One of them is the fire fighting system The fact that fire fighting systems play the most effective role in the field is… On how fast you can detect the fire and you can be careful of fire Our project will detect the fire as soon as it fires and alert you by providing and sending a message on your mobile. In this way it will save your property & life First it will detect the fire and alert you by playing the alarm and sending the message over the phone It may be that you are still not at home but your house is on fire & the alarm is ringing… but it is not possible for you to know, in which case our project will alert you by sending a message to your phone in anywhere in the world The fire service authorities played the most effective role in the fire Depending on how effectively the fire service is able to extinguish the fire, you can tell them how quickly you can put out the fire. Depending on how effectively the fire service is able to extinguish the fire, you can tell them how quickly you can put out the fire. When the fire is set on your home, it will reach the fire-fighting authorities with the message of fire. Knowing the address of the house where the fire is set and arriving properly at the house becomes a nightmare for them. In this technology we can sent a Google location link of your house through the messege By clicking the Google location link, they will know the address of the house they have set fire to. In most cases, the fire service authorities have no idea about the structure of the home that is on fire. If the fire service authorities have a prerequisite of the stracture of the house is on fire, they have more benefit to take action If you know the proper stracture of your house , you can take proper action agnaist fire , when your is on fire For example, if you know where you or your home kitchen is on the porch of your home, where there is an emergency exit for your home, then you have more benefits to take action. Now we are presenting a new technology before you This technology not only provides warning but also how to manage the fire by spraying the water needed to extinguish the fire. The water will continue to sprint until the fire is completely extinguished But if the fire is from an electric short circuit, then the problem of extinguishing the water is exacerbated. To solve this problem, whenever the house is on fire, the house will disconnect the electricity by turning off the electric circuit. And after disconnecting the power, the fire will be extinguished by spraying water In this case the question may be that since our house is completely disconnected from electricity, what will be the source of electricity in this case, what will be the source of power required to operate our technology? To solve this problem, here we have used rechargeable lithium battery with which we will operate this technology. In most cases, more people die due to fire than there are more deaths due to lack of Oxygen Because of the oxygen consumed in the room where the fire is burned, people suffer from short-lived breathing and oxygen can be fatal. With this technology, once your home is completely free of fire, a message will be sent to your phone letting you know that we are now at risk of fire. And then with the hydrogen fuel cell on, we will start supplying the oxygen gas in the house here. As a result, the person staying in the house will not be at risk of respiratory health due to shortage of oxygen gas. Now we are fully present in front of you in the fire fighting technology The lights in this room will be completely turned off. Emergency alarms will alert you by sending a message to your phone and then you will extinguish the fire by spraying water and putting out the hydrogen fuel cell within 10 to 15 seconds. Will be generated Now we’ll show you how to artificially set the message on your phone by setting it on fire As you can see from the fire, all the lights in the room were turned off and the water started automatically And immediately the emergency alarm started ringing and an emergency fire message went to the phone as well. Now we will show you the satellite image of the house that caught fire by clicking on the Google location link in the message. As you can see the water is sprayed off as the fire goes out Now we will show you how to find out about the structure of a home by clicking on the message home structure link. Now, once again, the hydrogen fuel cell is turned on and the bubbles begin to produce oxygen as soon as the signal is extinguished. Here, we will supply the oxgen gas that the hydrogen fuel cell is producing… and the hydrogen gas that will be produced will be pumped out of the room by pipe The question here may be why hydrogen fuel cell is used instead of oxygen cylinder. If an oxygen cylinder explodes, it is unlikely that an accident is possible, but we can use a modern oxygen cylinder in case the industry needs too much oxygen. Let us now know when an earthquake occurs… it is not possible for us to know about the earthquake because the advance forecast technology for the earthquake has not yet been discovered. In many cases, we are concerned whether there is an earthquake or not . Often rumors do not have an earthquake, but haste leads to the unexpected death With this technology, when an earthquake occurs, a signal will be sent to inform you that there is a real earthquake so that you can be alert. In many cases, an earthquake causes a fire or any type of disaster to damage your home’s gas line or electric circuit. To solve this problem, this technology will protect your home from accident by disrupting all electric circuits and gas lines in your home only when an earthquake occurs. In many cases, many people are trapped in an earthquake, trapped in a single exit. With this technology to solve this problem, when the earthquake occurs, as well as opening the emergency room exit will ensure your safe exit. Now we will show you how the earthquake circuit, which is closed in the earthquake, will turn off and provide an emergency signal and… the emergency exit of the house will be automatically opened. Now we are presenting the whole process to you by artificially creating an earthquake You can see that all the circuits or lights in the house are turned off automatically and… the emergency alarm is ringing as well as the emergency emergency exit is opened. Come on…In many cases, there are accidents such as flames from gas emitted from the house due to leaks or damaged gas cylinders or gas lines. To solve this problem, when the gas or any kind of waste is emitted in the house… this gas will be detected immediately and alerted by playing an emergency alarm. In addition, dismantling all kinds of electric circuits and gas lines in your home will protect your home from any other accidents. In addition to not only providing signal, as well as automatically adjusting the fan… the exhaust gases or combustible material will be completely ejected from the house until the room is completely gas barred. When the house is completely gas free it will automatically adjust the fan and all the circuits of the house will be automatically turned on. Now we will show you how to play Emergency Alam by artificially emitting gas You can see how the emergency alarm went off by artificially emitting gas and all the circuits in the house were turned off and the house was emitting gas through the adjust fan. And the adjust fan will remain on until the room is completely gas free and only when the room is completely free, will the adjust fan be turned off and all circuits on the home automatically turn on. In most cases, when we leave the house, we forget to turn off the light fan of the house In the case of technology that has been discovered in the past, the main mains electric circuit or light fan is turned on by opening or opening the main door of the house, but the light fan will be turned off by the presence of people or mobile objects through our technology. Here we show how it is possible to automatically control your home’s light fan or electric circuit using low cost IR or PIR sensors. The lights are on as you enter The lights go off as they exit Light Light off To help you understand this, we are showing Project again how to save energy by turning the lights on and off. Light on Light off We are concerned about home security in many cases. With this technology we can control the main door of the house from anywhere in the world through wireless technology With this technology we can control the main door of the house from anywhere in the world through wireless technology
Now we are showing you how we can control home Main door remotely through the use of wireless technology with Internet or SIM technology via Android phone. Finally, the technology we work with will play an effective role in preventing the deaths of hundreds of people. The technology that was previously available has several limitations Water used in all the technologies that were used to extinguish the fire in the previous technology, the amount of water used in all the cases would not be possible to complete the fire with limited water in many cases. Here we are using ground water instead of a water reservoir, As a result, we are getting an endless supply of water till the fire. Most of the technology used to spray water in a certain corner of the house in the past would not be possible to bring the entire fire under water We attached the entire house to 10 water hose pipes, so we covered the entire house with water spray and… as a result, we have arranged to put out the fire immediately wherever the house is on fire Earlier technology used to start the water supply late after the fire, but with this technology, the fire will be put out to start the water as soon as the fire starts. In the past, the technology used was one type of technology, but in this case more than one specialized technology was used. In the past, using a particular technology could not completely protect the person from accident but… in this case, the person could be saved from accident by many step technology & Can be completely protected All of these things can ensure the safety of a fire earthquake power-saving home with more than one step technology. We hope to be able to effectively protect people’s lives and resources from disaster through our technology MODEL HOME So far today ,Be healthy and be with science and technology Outros Music

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