@home: The Silver Tsunami

Miriam, what do you think about having a facility that’s specific for seniors that were homeless? It’s nice. It’s a lot quieter. You don’t have all the bickering, the petty, little differences and all the yelling that you have at the shelter. Well you have a great smile. Thank you. Soon I’m gonna be getting my SSI Yeah! I just got approved. Yay! You just got approved for SSI. Awesome. After 28 and a half months. After 28 and a half months, I mean that’s a huge issue. Yes. I’m here at a senior facility for homeless people. And this is Miriam, right? Marian. Marian. Sorry about that. And Marian was in a homeless shelter for 6 months prior to coming here. This is my first time touring a facility that’s specifically for seniors that were homeless in some way. Gosh, it’s awesome. It also hits close to my heart because here I am almost 50 years old and I don’t have income and no savings and no home with an equity. So the streets could be a very real reality for me and senior homelessness is growing Homelessness is a very real reality again for me in my senior years. As it is for a lot of other people. They call it the silver tsunami. The silver tsunami is coming.

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