100 thoughts on “Homeless Population Looks To Floating Camps On Sacramento River

  1. The homeless get away with so many crimes, will hard working citizens get taxed and pay for there clean up

  2. Why are yall making it a crime to be homeless??? Build them homes!! Give them access to the closed houses or let them live there!!!

  3. If it takes years of trying to get permits to set up horseshoes and a bbq area then that very pathedic.

  4. California has 1/3 of the entire us is homeless population so maybe if the Liberals didn't make it such a s***** this wouldn't have happened

  5. Haha… u go homeless, sac is evil, keep outssmarting those dumb communists

  6. Not much taxes coming from that that will make the people in power mad fast

  7. Instead of outlawing homelessness and throwing thousands of dollars at it, why not put that money's to better use like helping the homeless people.

  8. 50% unemployment in places? Wake up America! The wage system is the Problem, not the solution! Eliminate WAGE slavery! And give every HUMAN a guaranteed income! Not a small one either, a BIG guaranteed income, because there never should have been any unequal wealth! You can't see joblessness causes crime?? And homelessness?? God hates wage slavery. Haggai 1:6

  9. Less so about environmental contamination as it is about lost tax revenue. Gov't want to set a precedent by clamping down on them so others don't get the same idea.

  10. Who cares? People have to live. The real problem is they need help? Are you going to help them get a job, apartment or food? It all costs $$$. Im sure they will make them live in a tent!

  11. Worried about the environment? Make big businesses quit dumping millions of gallons of waste every city does it every year! Thats twn times worse than a couple turds! All sea life poops in the water. Its natural! Pollution from companies or big sugar ia the problem not a couple hobos trying to live cheap.

  12. Its awfully safe. What are really poor people supposed to do. Everybody has to use the bathroom so what if some tinkle gets mixed in. We have just suffered a terrible recession. No work especially when you hit rock bottom and you are forced give up NO WAY UP . Do you want to sleep in the streets with violent people. A boat gives you some protection. Maybe the town should get some good folks together with the live aboards and guide them up so they can get out. Let them be if your there to hurt not help. Thank your heavenly father it's not you. Citizens

  13. The news guy said what the problem is. For a homeowner to put in a horseshoe pit and picnic table would take months to get the permits through and of course loads of money for the fees. The excess government is the problem. It has become so expensive to own or rent in California that a person with a minimum wage job can’t afford to live here. So we have homeless people finding the nooks and crannies where the rules do not allow law enforcers to evict them.
    Government will find a way to make being homeless illegal so they can put these people in jail, put their kids in foster care or just chase the homeless out of the state.

  14. I'll come save tax payers money I will put the boats out sell them to scrap use my own gas need a trailer

  15. This state is turning into complete GARBAGE! You want to see more of this? then vote for Gavin. He'll use YOUR hard earned tax dollars to spend on criminals who snuck into our country, said so himself, about giving them free healthcare. California needs something different, California needs John Cox!

  16. The return of California shanty boats. This was not uncommon in the 19th century.

  17. why don't you let them stay they. thats all they have got, be nice and give them somewhere, or you can't be nice is that so hard for you to do. come on!!!

  18. The damm t.v / media can tell people and sway them any way they want.

  19. Its there home. Not what you think is a home. It's all they have. Are they criminals? BS reporting. One sided. Neat camp no beer bottles or garbage. I hope you are not down and out sometime.

  20. So y’all see a problem with this but not the fact that these people are homeless with no where to go

  21. everywere they go its always someone complaining there is no were if its not middle class moaning then its the police or the council oh they say they might be contamilated the water so wat about everyone else whos not homeless

  22. You just can't leave PEOPLE alone.
    Ya there spending we the peopls money they got no problem with that one at all.My problem with houseless is they don't clean dam garbage trash up.the ATHORTY don't like houseless because they can't force them to pay taxes every aspect of their lives .every were you turn their making you pay.
    If you pay taxes you don't own it
    And it is not yours.your a slave and ya don't even realize it.
    If your paying on a car every month .Your paying taxes on the money their making off of you every month. their taxes on money their getting paid making you pay taxes they should be paying.
    And if that isn't bad ENOF .
    You pay taxes to county every year.
    For a car you don't have tittle to .
    Same way with used car.
    Same way with buying house .
    Deed isn't in your name .Paying a monthly payment.paying taxes
    On money their making off you every month.their taxes they owe.
    On money their making they make you pay the taxes.If that isn't bad enof you pay county property tax on a house you don't own and deed is not in your name .
    You getting picture.
    The money you work for every week is all READY taxed.when you get your pay check.😱😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  23. I guess living free is not allowed anymore its opinions and beliefs of others dicate on how u live

  24. Thine to start eradicating the homeless they are a great danger to the rest of us

  25. maybe we should step up the building of housing tracts that run 500k or more ? just like you know we're going to do.

  26. "the state cannot remove a abandoned boat " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

  27. Fishin' For Floaters https://www.amazon.com/Daron-Worldwide-Trading-Floaters-Fishing/dp/B01GHPLEAQ/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=fishing+for+floaters&qid=1558867468&s=gateway&sr=8-3

  28. The only problem is THEY CANT TAX IT!!! IF they were paying some taxes, utilities, sewage, water, school tax, cop tax, sales tax, COPS WOULD LEAVE THEM ALONE! WHY THE F$CK DO YOU THINK THEY ARE OUT THERE !!! WTF

  29. Why would ANYONE WANT TO LIVE IN CALIFORNIA? The people have no room in their hearts for anything but MATERIAL POSSESSIONS.They are the epitome of evil
    I hope that everything that comes around goes around QUICKLY,!!!

  30. The vessel owners should have to pay to haul them out. This is dangerous, junky boats with pieces breaking off, someone riding in their boat or jet ski hitting a piece of junk could get killed. It's obvious they're dumping their sewage into the river as well & people fish for their dinner in the river.

  31. I rather see them on the river rather then the side walks or park benches .government needs to leave these people alone.

  32. Shame on them, leave those people alone. It’s bad enough they are out in the streets with anybody to help them and now you want to destroy the places they live in.

  33. Sacramento has way more than enough money to take care of their homeless problem, they just chose not to do so. Get real folks.

  34. Need to start looking for operating permits, licences and boating licenses.

  35. so what do they fear these people are shiting in the river lol go look around how many businesses are dumping chemicals in that river

  36. Fukushima nuclear is now (as i type these keys) dumping radioactive waste into the water that is connected to all water on Earth.

  37. Maybe if there where less homeless people it wouldn't be such a huge issue…

  38. Homeless Population Looks To Floating Camps On Sacramento River
    "No chance this could end badly" —The Po0p Patrol

  39. Well if the homeless could get help then the state and whoever else wouldn't have issues.

  40. If you want to judge humanity.. just look how they treat those down on their luck. Pray that you never end up in a situation similar to those.

  41. Well Sheri you're are another blond california imbecile chickie….ha ha and your state is on fire…no air conditioner tonight…

  42. Why are there so many abandoned Boats? Could it be that it is economically cheaper to abandon the boat then it is to meet the regulations to maintain the boat? Nahh. over regulation never caused any secondary problems……

  43. You have to remember that this is not America and bares no resemblance to America. This was ceded long ago.This is Northern Mexico. A land destroyed by its own communist's politicians. If we don't execute the Communist Party USA the rest of the republic will follow.

  44. they wont go after any local companies or corporations operating in sacramento tho…. it would cost millions and be appealed in court for more millions… so they harass people 2 feel like they did something… talking about it will cost thousands… when they hand out millions in tax breaks 2 attract business

  45. ..these people ARE NOT HOMELESS..they are TAXLESS, and the scumbags in power do not like that..they want people to HAVE TO PAY RESERVE NOTES JUST TO LIVE…people…it's time to STAND!

  46. Everyone in California and even not should really keep judgements to themselves. What you think isn't the only scenario that there is. You just cant imagine or even "think" beyond your stupid petty judgements but you would be surprised all homeless aren't drug addicts, alcoholics, its mothers fathers brothers sisters uncles aunts and children homeless in Sacramento. I often cruise around on my bike and I see tons of vacant buildings here since I arrived 12 years ago….but people are homeless. Government officials aren't really concerned eff no they dont do ish just look around…they care more about parking fees, towing cars,guestappearances, and a sound byte. More than who they supposedly represent and present to the executive officer….officer? What's the definition..I also think Stockton homelessness was a tactic from the last mayor. We are not special but if ppl would just be selfless and go outside and feed someone, get em some socks, anything useful you have to dam much of idc if its detergent. ..some ppl have stuff stored up from years ago that can be used give to others in need what you dont need…no sponsor or new cast just genuinity and a good heart hug and smile…atleast a smile stop pointing fingers eagerly condemning another not knowing the real why ok

  47. I believe this is the boat they destroyed I could be wrong but sac did destroy a boat a few years back and just let it float down river they can't do that that is someone's living place

  48. Navigable rivers are owned by the state. I wonder if county ordinances can even apply on state owned rivers. It’s not in their jurisdiction.

  49. People have to live somewhere, passing laws to ban homelessness on a public water way is bullshit!!

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