Honolulu officials supplying roll-off dumpsters in East Honolulu to aid flood recovery

LAWMAKERS ARE URGING MAYOR CALDWELL TO ISSUE AN EMERGENCY PROCLAMATION AFTER FRIDAY NIGHT’S STORM DAMAGED WINDWARD AND EAST OAHU. TODAY THE CITY TOLD US IT’S TALLYING THE AMOUNT OF DAMAGE .. AND IF IT’S MORE THAN THREE AND A HALF- MILLION-DOLLARS .. THE COUNTY WILL DECLARE AN EMERGENCY. AS FOR TRASH AND DEBRIS — THERE’S LOTS OF IT AS HOMEOWNERS CONTINUE TO CLEANUP. TIM HOUGHTON, DEPT. OF ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES: but knowing there are a significant number of homes that had damage from water or mud ..in this flood incident, and they have lot so material that will have to be disposed of.. we are going to make available at the hawaii kai park and ride and at Kawaikui beach park in aina haina ..rolloff containers where there will be able to take their disposable material MARISA WE RETURNED TO SOME FLOOD-DAMAGED HOMES TODAY, WHERE RESIDENTS TOLD US IT COULD TAKE SEVERAL MORE WEEKS — OR EVEN MONTHS BEFORE THEIR HOMES ARE

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