Hoover Dam Bridge blocked by man in truck with notes to ‘Mr President’ – 247 news

A man barricaded himself in an armored truck at the Hoover Dam on Friday, with notes stuck in his windows addressed to ‘Mr President’ The truck was parked horizontally across the southbound lanes of U.S. 93 Highway at the bridge near the border of Arizona and Nevada just before noon, causing major delays Witnesses told 8 News Now the man’s sign read: ‘Mr President release the reports’  While initial reports claimed the man was armed with a gun, this is yet to be confirmed    The area around the highway was evacuated, and traffic in both directions was shut down for about half an hour  A huge police presence, including SWAT, highway patrol, federal police and a number of local units attended the scene as they tried to work out of the man in the truck was alone and if he was armed    Share this article Share NHP Trooper Jason Buratczuk told News Now officers were focused on keeping the man away from others in the initial stages of the operation ‘Obviously when we have a barricade subject we don’t know what’s on the subject’s mind,’ he said ‘We want to keep him closed off so he can’t do any harm to anyone.’  Shortly after he came to a stop, the man began to slowly drive towards the Arizona border Witnesses said he held up multiple signs but it is not clear what they said. The man eventually drove over the Arizona border, where Nevada Highway Patrol reports he was arrested without incident  The US Bureau of Reclamation, which manages the Hoover Dam, announced on Twitter the site would be closed and tours suspended ‘until further notice’  Buratczuk told DailyMail.com the FBI has now taken over the investigation, and the Nevada Highway Patrol had no further information ‘It is unknown to NHP the name and age of the suspect, whether or not a gun was present or what was written on the suspect’s sign,’ he said

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  1. People are sick and tired of the whole deep state. This was just a simple way of getting his message out. I hope Trump starts firing deep state scum before the shit hits the fan.

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