Hoover Dam Classic Tour near Las Vegas | Pink Jeep Tours

Hoover Dam Classic Tour from Vegas The Hoover Dam was built to last a thousand
years, And is known as one of the seven industrial
wonders of the world. There are many tour choices, but only one
way to see it like this: With a certified adventure guide in a custom
Tour Trekker, With leather captain’s chairs and over-sized
windows. Your guide will personally escort you onto
the dam for an intimate and informative tour experience. Gaze out across 6.6 million tons of ingenuity
and innovation. Then view another engineering marvel:
the new bridge that connects Nevada and Arizona, Soaring 900 feet above the Colorado River. And finally, understand how the river generates
electricity During a guided tour of the power plant inside
the dam. Entry fees and complimentary water always
included. The Hoover Dam tour: Classic. Pink Jeep Tours. Explore with us.

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