Hoover Dam – Quick Guide

I’m sure many of you if not everyone
have heard of Las Vegas. While you’re doing research what you do outside of
Vegas you may have come across a place called
Hoover Dam and in this video I’ll show you if it’s worth your time getting there Hoover Dam is located around an hour
drive from Vegas. It is on the way to the legendary Grand Canyon but that is at
least two hours drive and Grand Canyon does charge a pretty hefty entrance
fee so if you want to get out of the city and visit some places for free then
the Hoover Dam may be what you’re looking for Hoover Dam is located exactly on the
border of the states of Nevada and Arizona it was built in the early 1930s
and is 221 metres of 725 feet tall it is an architectural marvel even until this
day while the main attraction is free you
may choose to pay extra to get into a guided tour or check out the exhibits
but I think the water dam is good enough for some picturesque opportunities already well it is easy to think that you have
seen it all while standing directly on a water dam but the best spot is actually
to view the Hoover Dam from the bridge you see right up there. It would take you
just minutes to walk up there well I hope my video entices you to visit
this famous location or if you think you have seen enough from my video and not
needing to visit anymore, either way I’m glad I could be of any help. But if
you’re heading to Grand Canyon anyway then there is no excuse not to visit
this man made wonder

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