Hoover Dam – The Temple of Alcyone Occult Worship In Plain Sight

building the dam that would harness the
mighty Colorado would take more than four years and cost
96 lives work began in 1931 in Colorado’s Black Canyon men called high
scalers blasted loose any weak rock that might later fall on the work below
four tunnels each 56 feet in diameter were drilled through the canyon walls
the men worked from the platforms of a drilling jumbo so that up to 30 of them
could drill at once next a temporary earthen dam was built
across the canyon and the river was diverted through the tunnels the site
was then dug down to bare rock cement was poured into forms to create giant
interlocking cubes the completed structure contains over
three and a quarter million cubic yards of concrete finally the diversion
tunnels were plucked and the water began to build up forming Lake Mead ten miles
wide and 115 miles long the completed dam dedicated by President Roosevelt on
September 30th 1935 provides flood control and generates over six billion
kilowatt hours of electrical energy each year shall we play I just wanted to make a quick video
because I feel this information is very important I just want to get it out
there I am gonna do a deeper more extensive study and expose eight on it
there’s a couple things I want to bring to light as something in my friend Timmy
he found which I believe is very important I believe he has found
something that is fitting with the Keystone and if you’re not familiar with
the Keystone has the Keystone essentially is part of the doorway or
the gateway that unlocks the gateway you know we see D archways that have been
built and they’re being put up all over the temples temple of Baal
Timmy’s doing a lot of research on that he’s got a very excellent video coming
out soon I’ll be posting a link to his channel and the description but
something that is just unbelievable that came to mind and it popped in my mind
after I watched the movie pixels in the movie one of the characters just screams
out totally random just like how they’re hiding the secret
of the pyramid under the Hoover Dam and I just thought how so many of us
including myself been focusing so much on CERN and what if CERN has just
basically been gathering an energy source like dark matter or whatnot to
open a Stargate and what if the Stargate is actually the Hoover Dam and once I
started researching this I found some interesting articles there’s not a heck
of a lot of them but these articles are all talking about how the Hoover Dam was
built like a Stargate and Jonathan and Black has made a lot of videos showing
the Hoover Dam were treating something for us that’s been found in the US
currency so I believe that a lot of people different research in that this
is all connected and culminating together and if we look at this article
and this article that I’m showing you right now I will also post a link to
that in the description below so you can go read this yourself I think this needs
to be looked into on a much deeper scale and I’m going to be doing it Timmy’s
going to be doing it I just think that there’s something going on with the
Hoover Dam and what if what is going to be birthed forth is something that’s
actually going to come out of that area what if this also is a large part of a
smaller part what if these archways tube out they’ve been putting up we don’t
know what’s been constructed inside of them I do have a video that I had seen
where a person had mentioned that all the arches were built by robots that
were all built by machines and who’s to say with the weird things are going on
this day and age of technology and what-have-you was to say that these are
toys Mart going to P dimensional portals put up all over the world for you know
the armies of the underworld to come forth through or
Fallen Angels the Dark One’s whatever you want to call them whatever’s coming
through them isn’t going to be good but there’s a lot of the stuff that’s coming
together and I just believe that we need to be really really paying attention
very closely as to what is going on and look into all aspects of all things in
order to see what the enemy is up to this is how Palmyra looked as ISIL took
control the triumphal arch before the group destroyed it today the 2000 year
old arch from the temple of bel looks like this a group of Italian architects
are reconstructing the arch using 3d robotic printers to bring the historic
ruins back to life we sometimes think about if we were in
the positions of the Syrian people and we would like to have this our monuments
as Italians also and are very important for us this kind of of monuments in the
relation that we have with our place when the reconstruction is finished
later this month it’ll go on display in London’s Trafalgar Square and then New
York’s Times Square before being taken to its final destination the ancient
city of Palmyra so the curious topic of the Hoover Dam is one that I’ve been
wanting to come back and examine from a enclosed cosmological perspective for a
while now to me it’s just one more example of something that’s been
floating around out there and the conspiracy soup that again it seems to
make a lot more sense if can if considered from a perspective where the
the stars aren’t something that exists millions of light-years away in outer
space but instead involve the spiritual realms which somehow envelop the ceiling
above our heads in this enclosed world I actually never heard about any of the
odd edifices and symbolism to be found at the Hoover Dam until actually until I
actually happen to visit there myself about three years ago and as soon as I
got out of the car and saw the two giant angel statues and the star map and in
zodiac made out of stone work on the ground I instantly knew it was something
I was gonna have to go home and look into some more and of course when I did
there was a lot of others who had noticed these same out of place
monuments and symbolism and in the past few years since a number of other people
have made videos and written articles about the many strange aspects of hoover
dam such as the elements of free Masonic symbolism the idea of there being some
sort of false flag attack planned how the destruction of the dam appears to be
portrayed on one of the u.s. bills and things like the fact that the shape of
the dam is almost identical to the throne that Madonna sat on in her
infamous Illuminati Super Bowl performance or the rather curious light
show that was done on the front of the dam using a German soccer team logo
which oddly enough featured a goat in twin towers and of course another thing that has
surrounded all the conspiratorial hoover dam speculation is the idea of it
somehow being a Stargate and this of course ties heavily into the the starmap
there where it shows alcian of the constellation Pleiades
but it’s the Stargate idea that has actually really intrigued me here and
the whole topic of stargates in general is something that is honestly very
intriguing to consider from the biblical flutter of cosmology perspective tip
from the d13 Watchmen channel recently put out a video on the hoover dam
stargate topic and there he mentions how in the movie pixels there’s a somewhat
random line from someone mentioning the quote pyramid hidden under the Hoover
Dam and then of course there’s the movie transformer showing the the Allspark
being hidden in a secret facility under the dam and so we can we can see that
allusions to something top-secret going on there has even made it into the
mainstream Hollywood zeitgeist at this point but okay here’s my two cents on it for
what it’s worth I certainly find all those avenues I just mentioned very
interesting and I’m not trying to discount anything at this point since
it’s honestly I’ll just conjecture anyhow but for me I honestly don’t lean
towards the idea that there might be some sort of massive device buried in
the bowels of the superstructure or or some strange alien like technology you
know embedded into the construction of the dam itself or whatever could there
be some sort of planned catastrophic destruction of the dam that would plunge
the entire American Southwest into emergency mode well that wouldn’t shock
me at all if it happened when you even just look at the levels of Lake Mead
which is the water behind hoover dam over the past few years it’s already
somewhat catastrophic just in that capacity but that’s kind of a whole
another topic but okay a Stargate what does that even
really mean especially if we’re not talking about the sort of you know
ancient aliens type technological device from the Stargate movie and TV series or
any of the other countless sci-fi depictions of interdimensional portal
machines we’re talking about stargates here in the context of witchcraft and
the occult and honestly it’s kind of interesting to
me that in none of the other videos or posts I’ve read on them a cold New World
Order connections to Hoover Dam I’ve yet to see any of them that have explored
the occult connections to the specific star featured on the Hoover Dam star man first of all it’s interesting to note
that there actually is an alcian Lodge somewhere in New York State so there’s
clearly a free Masonic connection to the star LZ owned but even more interesting
as the prominent place held in the history of theosophy by the name LC own
so long before guys like Benjamin cram were around pronouncing the near arrival
of the great matreya or the coming one world leader Antichrist the Theosophical
Society was fervently working to bring them a trial on to the world scene many
decades before that and two very prominent Theosophists in occultists the
president of theosophy at the time any pissant and this other guy Ledbetter
were somehow led by their spirit guides to select this kid basically a 14 year
old brahmin from India named Jiddu Krishnamurti as the next matreya or
messiah of the new age and this guy Krishnamurti went by the
name of you guessed it LC owned and he wrote a book called at the feet of the
master which he openly claimed were not his own words but the words of the
master who taught him and he guesses as to who that master actually is so this
Krishnamurti fellow he was able to channel demonic spirits and bearing the
name of the star Alcee own he traveled around for many years being heralded as
basically the chosen one of theosophy speaking at various conventions and
events around the world until eventually he became disillusioned by all the
politics and infighting within theosophy and its many branches and really from
what I can gather ultimately came face to face with the reality that he was not
the savior of the world and in 1929 he publicly announced his official
separation from the Theosophical society and began preaching a more generic
new-age message that had no prophesied coming new-age missy Anik figures and
then yet two years later construction of the
Hoover Dam begins in 1931 to be completed and opened by 1936 so it is
rather curious timing now when examining the monument erected
to supposedly commemorate the men who died in the construction of Hoover Dam
many people have spent a lot of time trying to tease out esoteric meaning
from the rather Egyptian looking figure there and what perhaps is being
represented by the water and the Sun and everything else and it’s it’s really
easy to get lost in the minutiae of all that but for me one of the things that
really strikes me is just the simple rather hidden in plain sight type of
message from the whole basic theme of sacrifice itself in the inscription now
I’m not saying that no one actually died in the construction of the dam I mean I
would actually have a hard time being convinced by anyone that you could even
build something the size of Hoover Dam in the 30s and not lose lives but when
you step back and just look at everything that was chosen to be
incorporated into a memorial supposedly for a bunch of construction workers then
it’s really just bizarre now if we go back and take some cues
from the many other ancient examples of monolithic sites built by various pagan
civilizations whether it be the pyramids on the Yucatan Peninsula or the Egyptian
pyramids or the mound builders of the Mississippi Valley culture or Stonehenge
and so many other examples we can start to realize that indeed the the ritual of
human sacrifice was more often than not of the very integral component of how
these structures were instilled with demonic spiritual energy in order to
create a more intense connection between the human realm in the spirit realm now at this point I feel like I just
need to stop and emphatically recommend all the material you can find on a man
named Tim Benz I’ll put links in the description below but really this
information comes through the vehicle of interviews that people have done with
him I first heard him in an interview done by Peter good game which was titled
Canaanite altars and the Federal Reserve which just absolutely blew my mind
Rob Skiba this is also interviewed Tim Benz and so yeah if you haven’t heard
any of this material yet then just wow be prepared to be blown away he talks
about altars in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world which are
typically made of massive blocks of stone that have been used for
ritualistic human sacrifice and how this essentially creates a demonic
strongholds in that region sort of like a spiritual anchor point for the demonic
realm that uses the monolith itself is kind of almost like a spiritual battery
and so Tim Benz has traveled extensively being led by God to find these altars
and destroy them and release these areas from demonic spiritual oppression and
yeah he tells the most incredible story about being led by God to Jekyll Island
where the Federal Reserve was created in secret and learning about the history of
the island and how it essentially had a Nephilim tribe living there which had a
stone altar upon which humans were sacrificed and this altar was or is
underneath the very house where the Morgans and Rockefellers and you know
the representatives thereof conspired to create the Federal Reserve so definitely
just go check that out because it’s probably one of the most
intense interviews you’ll ever listen to but anyhow this is the context and the
concept through which I believe that the the Hoover Dam and all the weird occult
imagery and references to stars and angels and weird-looking portals the
signs and the floors and everything else makes the most sense to be interpreted
through not in the sense that it’s some secret
doomsday machine or interdimensional portal device although it’s a it is a
machine I mean it’s a functioning hydroelectric dam but at the same time I
think it’s an alter a massive monolith dedicated to the star god LCM a bonafide
occult temple structure built in the era of things like the Theosophical Society
and Lucius trust and so many other satanic new world order tentacles that
were strengthening their grip in America and all around the world at that time
and hidden in plain sight I mean it’s crawling with oblivious
tourists just like so many other sites which are built and dedicated as
memorials even while they are in fact total Illuminati monuments to the ritual
human sacrifice that was performed in that place just like Ground Zero in New
York City you you

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    Only concern re video is reference to pre trib rapture as a given.
    The church ..no denomination. ..the real church of believers following Jesus…has been and continues to be so corrupted. So much is not taught or not taught completely. Some pastors out right lying…maybe to keep tax exempt status..I dunno.
    I truly believe the mega churches are in satan’s pocket…and most leadership satanic generational transgendered.
    But the satanic generational transgenders are everywhere really.

    Kirk Cameron and wife,… of the Left Behind fame, are transgendered. Made me sick and so saddened to learn of these created beings made to deceive the elect..if that possible.
    A commenter below made reference to the breaking of water as a woman going into labor..and satan’s army of his created beings coming forth…no longer hiding.
    So, so many born into it. I pray some looking for way out and cry out to Jesus before it’s too late.

    With pre trib rapture, what if we are being lulled into non preparedness by thinking we will not have to suffer?
    Many have and still suffer for Christ..true persecution. I’m not sure why many of us, esp. Americans, think it won’t be our turn eventually. And there are mega and all size churches in other countries preaching the same thing… lulling Christians to believe they won’t be part of this war.

    Wouldn’t we who are mature Christians be used to comfort and encourage the new believers, while we are truly starved, persecuted and killed for following Christ and refusing satan? Isn’t that why we study and build our relationship with Christ to have deeper and deeper love for Him and want to be used by Him?
    I know the Holy Spirit certainly does and will guide all of God’s children. It just seems many of God’s plans, He has chosen to work through His people and work through our prayers.
    I pray I will be ready for anything…and I pray Jesus return soon! Jesus, please come back!

  72. ……..oh, this is scary, I never saw it (Hoover Dam) that way…..but it all makes sense….thank you, Sir!

  73. I've been to the Hoover Dam. I've had flood dreams I don't like dams. There's a lot of them in California or reservoirs. Just all that water really makes me scared I've always dreamt that the car went off the freeway and into the water. Also the floods were so high that the damn water was as high as the Road and it just floated off into the damn. I hate those dreams and I hate water like that or a bridge I can't stand it. And I thought about it for a long time if they would let that water loose for a false flag but then it went almost dry. When I saw it when I was young it was filled to the brim. And then I looked back at it a couple of years ago and it was almost on empty! I have not ever seen it that low course nobody has it was a real freak scene. And I thought there's no water in it now they can't do anything with it. And then there are all these weird statues and I don't remember seeing those things and I guess they were there but I just I was young and I didn't notice them at that time. when I did see them on the video I thought that they were really weird. And then this was really queer I watch this driverless diesel truck go to the dam and they had it at night which was really really weird this had to be a sacrifice and they had that symbol up on the damn the goat and the Twin Towers and I thought their goat god responsible for the Twin Towers. I really do believe they were having a sacrifice there that night I thought it was really weird and strange and not normal for this driverless diesel truck showing up. And nobody there. No crowd to see this weird event not even a single soul out there, just a goat and the truck and that was it that is not normal in the middle of the night. Whatever they are doing they are doing something weird that's that.

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