HOOVER DAM Tour Arizona-Nevada | LAKE MEAD Scenic Overlook | Vlog22 | Maricel’s USLiFe

seems to be working okay hi my love’s um
it’s me Marisol welcome back to my channel hope everyone is well I am
filming today because I would like to share to you um
this hover them um it is located in where is that baby um between the
Colorado River right oh we’re looking at Lake Mead right now where we’re stopping
okay actually we’re stopping at the Lake Mead it’s a scenic overlook but in just
a few minutes we are going to go at the Hoover Dam and I’ll be filming over
there I just would like to check on you because um it’s been a while I haven’t
make any video and I have a confession to make as well um I am NOT in Colorado
anymore we are here now in Las Vegas Nevada and it’s been a while and I am
sick and I’m not really feeling good right now but I still would love to
share to you this place this is a very beautiful place and go come with me I’ll
share it to you in a few minutes oriT monologues we are here in Hoover
Dam and look at the time what is that called baby that’s Nevada time it’s the
same as us right now of well until we get across and you’ll see the Arizona time Arizona time does not
change they don’t so we’re on the same time as I’m of when we change the clocks
yeah I’ve weeks Arizona will stay the same but will jump an hour tell me there is ona time so Hoover Dam is an arch concrete
gravity arch dam and it’s a man-made it was constructed between year of 1931
between 1931 the 1936 you you you

33 thoughts on “HOOVER DAM Tour Arizona-Nevada | LAKE MEAD Scenic Overlook | Vlog22 | Maricel’s USLiFe

  1. Wow!beautiful place,and Hoover Dam looks great and interesting,.Thanks for sharing God Bless and i'll watch your other videos next time

  2. Beautiful sceneries. Hope you're feeling better na po. Have a wonderful and enjoyable trip po.=)

  3. It's amazing place with awesome view my friend…thanks for sharing this place…

  4. You looks so cute nice place thanks for sharing your video have a nice time sister support together and I hope see you 😊🤝🎁

  5. Pumunta rin kami jan sis ang ganda ksma ng mga anak ko. Pasyalan no din kami d2 s lugar ko wi

  6. Ganda nmn ng arizona mam.. Ganda ng mga tanawin.. Ingat plgi sa biyahe.. Bgong kaibgn mam gnw n ang tama kw n bhla sa pag biyahe ko salamat..

  7. what an amazing hoover dam view and scenic view is spectacular too sissy

  8. Everyone dreams place. Sana lahat makabisita ss kanyan kagandsng place. New friend. I already gave you a gift. Hoping na mabisita moko godbless

  9. New subscriber here… Lets help each other 😉 im done #931👍… Your turn 😉

  10. Hello po lodi ito po akits napa dalaw nanood tumambay naki chika at naki gala sa kingdom mo dyan at ayun malapit kana sa katotohanan kay lolo,ito pa ang isa sa mga sundalo ko para syo dag dag mo dyan alams na lodi ha

  11. Hi, new friend here visiting you on your home channel, #21likes, hope you visit me back too..
    Beautiful place..

  12. wow nice place! enjoyed the time with you
    coming back to you to share love. hugging you tightly. stay con 😉

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