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Guys that behind me is Hoover Dam hi
guys welcome to another episode of ultimate bucket list and today’s episode
I’m his jackass a bunch of concrete a lot of rocks and a hell of a lot of
water the Hoover Dam one of the biggest man-made wonders in
the world and when you actually come here and realize that all of this is
pretty much man-made it’s incredible Hoover Dam provides most of the water
and the electricity for pretty much all of Nevada and some of California so
without this place most of the southwestern United States doesn’t have
any electricity and that’s pretty significant when you’re walking around
the dam there are three things that are immediately obvious number one this
place is massive number two the weird discoloration of
the rocks you see this different colored line whereby the rocks are a lot whiter
than the other rocks see this line here right there that’s where the water used
to be about 15 years ago but in 50 years the water has evaporated that much and
that’s a scary prospect because if this thing runs out of water
everyone’s screwed yes this is proof that global warming exists so anybody
who doesn’t believe the global warming exists they ought to check this out when
you’re walking around you’ve got plenty of information costs to actually tell
you about the history of the dam what the dam does and if you need any more
information they actually do paid tours of the dam where you can go and see the
inner workings of it now admittedly guys when I came here today I wanted to do
the tour but they weren’t running any so oh well what can you do there’s lots of
plaques and information telling you about the American history in general
and about the dam there’s an exhibit you can pay to go into I didn’t bother doing
that obviously and you won’t be cut short out here because there are plenty
of restrooms except they’re all under Nevada and so if you’re parked in the
Arizona and I hope you can run quickly but a gift shop and some restaurants
just in case you get hungry or you need a newborn or another – it’s a fairly
nice walk and on a nice day like today it’s actually a fairly pleasant viewing
experience you actually get to see the vast size of this place and like I said
the fact that this is all completely man-made is incredible and overall
you’ll be in or the sheer magnitude of the place the fact that this place even
though it’s man-made is nestled in between what appears to be a massive
canyon I don’t know how on earth they built this thing but it’s incredible
guys I don’t know if you can see this but it’s a long way down now I’m trying
to hang over the edge try keep you guys the best angle book
you know what it it’s pretty high I’m not gonna lie it it’s high I mean –
check check this out seriously I mean look at that view guys you really can’t
beat that huh now the source walking everywhere and I was very surprised that
it’s this busy given that you know it’s a dam at the end of the day but you know
there’s hundreds of people here it’s incredible guys if you want extra carbon
points there are plenty people who want that picture taken so honestly offer to
take that picture for them I’ve been doing that pretty much all trip and I’m
hoping that I get good karma out of it and I know you really have to come here
add this to your bucket list I guarantee you won’t regret it
Sonia and salt what do I do well Hoover Dam is right on the border between
Arizona and Nevada you could take a bus tour to get you here but to be honest
it’s probably easier better to hire a car and drive here yourself how much
does this cost well the dam is actually free you can
walk around the dam absolutely free of charge if you want to go into the
exhibit museum or the tours that will cost you extra money but generally it’s
free of charge is there anything else I need to know yes there is if you do want
to come here I highly recommend you park in the Arizona end as opposed to the
Nevada end because it’s free if you do choose to park right next to the dam
it’ll cost you about $10 but if you’re prepared to walk a little bit and drive
a little bit more straight it’s up to you it doesn’t take very long to walk
around probably about what 10 10 15 minutes but overall I highly recommend
you add this to your bucket list especially if you’re traveling around
Arizona or visiting Vegas guys if you have enjoyed this episode of ultimate
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is tweet them at me and if I get all suggestions I’ll go ahead and do just
that but if you meet some guys thank you very much for watching and we’ll see you
in the next episode without this place most of the social
whereas in the Nevada and you gets the the big without this place most of
sudden without this place No without this place mostest I’m not
getting that right Ninh Ly – www.ninh.co.uk – @NinhLyUK

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  1. Ninh, are you a full time YouTuber or do you have a day job and also I suggest you go to the races and do a video there, I personally think that would be very interesting and do well!

  2. When I think of the Hoover Dam, I'm thinking of that scene in "Beavis and Butthead do America" where they open up the floodgates!

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