Hope for Youth Project – Smrt Scholarship for students effected by the tsunami in Japan.

the hope for youth project is a joint initiative with languages
canada and the canadian embassy in tokyo japan the idea is for one hundred students who’ve been affected by the tsunami to come to canada to study in our programs to live in a home stays in our residents
and to gain the strength to go back and rebuild japan president Jim Clark
came up with the idea the excellent idea of a scholarship for japanese students from that
particular region and I took it too the embassy in tokyo and Jim was discussing with
Languages Canada on the Canada side and both organizations
responded immediately with a lot of support
and positive feedback altogether we made it happen.
We notified all former and current students and made the
offer to any student in Japan and the first to respond were Hiro and Noki the plan was free English classes, free homestay too any student that had lost family member lost their school lost their home and been affected by the tsunami and the earthquake. We had several students already from the Tofoku region, starting
with Hiro and Noki and they all came with a really
positive attitude. We liked the school very much the teachers are very helpful and kind. All the moments are unforgettable
experience for us. My experience with CCEL I learned a lot of things. My favourite fraze of my teacher is don’t be shy so we can
learn to relax. A lot of CCEL staff and teachers
came up to me an said what can we do for Japan
what can we do for Japan. That was simply amazing we started doing a couple
fundraising events we saw a big success with that. We were always thinking what could
we do as a Canadian English language school. Students and staff had bake sales but we
had the idea of the scholarship program we knew we could really help affected
young people by opening up the homes and the school
in Canada too them. They went back home with international experience and became aware that a lot of people are supporting Japan. They also left with a really
positive way of thinking to our students and staff including
myself, which was simply amazing. Which was a ripple effect to all our
organizations. As a Japanese national myself I really
appreciate everyones effort to make this happen. I started the canadian college of
english language in nineteen ninety one and our first five students were from
Kagoshima Japan. The japanese people have supported us and worked with us and played a large
part in our growth and success. More than five thousand japanese students has studied at CCEL and my family the staff and I have become
close friends with many of them. When we heard of the tsunami our first
thoughts were the families and friends of current and former students and everyone wanted to help. With amazing support of the staff
at the Canadian Embassy the hope for youth program came about. We currently have had twenty students study at CCEL and we
expect to reach fifty by the end of this year. Our goal is for one hundred students
to come and study language canada member schools. When we saw those first images on
television and computer of the tsunami we realized that we had to help saw our students, our friends our neighbours in trouble and there
wasn’t a choice, thats what friends do. We were really pleased to be able to come up with the scholarship program and we have been very excited about its success the students that are coming in the program show courage, they show
fortitude and strength which assures us that Japan is in good
hands in rebuilding and the future has been a pleasure to be a part of this and we hope we have helped in some
small way. Thank you

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  1. Great…!!! I would love to support my country, my city, my town to all students who does not have the money to study English…. No excuses for anybody… all have to learn english.

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