Hope In The Flood: Katie and Dean’s Story

– [Man] We were told that
we’re not in a flood plain, so we said okay this is good ’cause we’re gonna get flood insurance. I think the first year we did. And then they, you know kinda
said don’t worry about it. So they started talking
about Florence coming in and it was gonna be four feet higher and we weren’t sure what
four feet higher meant. And I’m a Ham radio operator
so I was running a net. So just before the net I looked and I noticed a little bit of
water coming in the garage. And I quickly jumped and I called Katie and I said we’re getting water. – [Katie] I don’t know
what I was thinking. I know what I was thinking. I’ve never been in a flood before. – [Man] But she thought we were in trouble and I thought we were just fine. And I was not right. – It got up to about 18 inches. Right after Dean came up, and we were stilling
thinking about what to do, I was speaking to Debra. She said “Are you okay?” And I said no, and I
started bawling my eyes out. And she said, “Get outta there, “you need to get outta there.” And I’m telling her all the
things that we were thinking maybe we could do. She says “No, get outta there.” She says, “We care about
you, we’re worried about you. “You need to be safe. “Get out!” – The house was full of water, so we had to trudge through the water. The floor is floating, the
laminate’s floating around. And we were trying to save stuff. But then it got so high we
couldn’t do that anymore and then at some point it kept rising and the National Guard was saying we’re about to the last heighth before we can rescue any more
so if you don’t leave today you’re here until the water goes down. And so we got in there and
they rescued us outta there. But then once you leave
they don’t let you back in. – [Katie] And Debra was at
the other side of the water waiting patiently for us.
– Yeah, she picked us up. – And she was the one, she’s
the one that convinced me to get outta there. And she and Daniel, I’m sorry, She and Daniel took us
in, our whole family, even the dog and they’re not a dog family. Maybe they are now, I don’t know, but. [both laughing] They took us all in and
they kept us for a month. We couldn’t go back
’til the water settled. And it’s kinda funny ’cause
it goes down pretty fast when it finally goes down. So I came here and Denny
and Sandy were here from Christ in Action. I pulled up and I just saw
the devastation at that point. And it smelled awful and there
were dead fish everywhere on the ground and
everything was just coated with this yucky, muddy kinda look. And so all my neighbors are
like zombies walking around. And I just melted, I
mean I fell on my knees. He said “We looked in your car, ’cause your one door got
pushed open by the water. “And your two cars in
the garage are totaled.” Then my two kids both lost their cars. So we lost three cars in the process. And I didn’t go back in. I said to Denny, I said I don’t know Denny if I can stay out. But he said “Just for me,
he said would you do that?” And so I did, but I came back and just came back and just
hugged all the neighbors. And we just cried together. – First thing I thought of when I realized what was really happening
was okay, first of all how are we gonna get this
fixed and second of all how are we gonna find
somebody that we can trust? You know ’cause you know
there are people that, that come outta the woodwork and they take advantage of
people in the situation. And I don’t know about Dean,
but I had these visions of just living in a disaster zone for however long it took us to just come up with the money
bit by bit to restore it, which would be a long time. And I mean, I can’t
even explain the feeling when Debra called and said that Seacoast was gonna
fix the downstairs for us. – When she said it, I was like, okay, now what did you just really say? – Yeah, yeah. – What, no what do you mean? And so I kept asking, she
says “Well just call Debra. “So if you don’t believe it.” I said well I just don’t
understand the specifics ’cause we are not used to
people doing this for us. This is not our life. And so the Christ for Action
people were wonderful. They came in, they just
chopped everything down. And they got rid of what
they had to get rid of. – [Katie] Just out of God’s love, out of the goodness of their heart, they’re doing what needed to
be done to save our house. – [Man] We really had
no family anywhere near. And so the church kinda
becomes our family kinda thing and that’s what it evolved into. But you never know where you stand and all that kinda stuff but then you see the
outpour and just, you know– – We were blown away by it.
– We laughed– – Absolutely blown away.
– Yes. – All my life I’ve heard body of Christ, the body of Christ. That’s the body of Christ. Sorry. – It was amazing because we have usually been in the position of
trying to help somebody. So there’s a problem,
they need some money, we dig in and see what we
can do and donate money. And now we’ve changed
the roles of receiving and it’s really kinda hard. – It’s so humbling.
– And the church is just, well I don’t know
what we’d do without it. I really don’t know. – [Katie] I don’t know what
people do without God’s love, I don’t know what they do. How do you survive? – [Man] How do you not get bitter? ‘Cause this feels like
you’re being picked on and– – [Katie] You could so easily go that way. – Yeah.
– But people say you can’t see God. [scoffs] Open your eyes and look around here. Any of this, all of this
is God’s people in action. [thoughtful music]

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