Horseshoe Dam GS Ride

this is awesome you don’t see a lot of
these I know about I think four or five of them I know where they are Well so far it’s not too bad yeah you can’t really judge how bad it
is now this is this is fine then you can get you can get up to there I don’t
think you want to end up in that this is pretty hard we could just go up
here what about this option yeah that did not help me at all where you are
that’s that’s it doesn’t bother me but yeah it gets like here it starts to get
pretty deep yeah so the final decision is that it’s a
stupid idea to do it which is why Jason’s doing it first I just need to
know what my line is and then I can I got no I got no tire dude I’m getting
stuck here oh no no no I got stuck did I get you well now I’m here so I might as well
keep going this does not look good nicely done nice nice keep going keep
going hell yeah so we made it
and yeah it was worth it I’ve never seen anything like this here Holy…. that’s amazing it is dark in here I’ve never seen anything like this Yeah definitely don’t want to slip here

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