Hot Debate! Christian Prince vs Muslimah Tahani Abdul Aziz

I think we have somebody trying to call
you can call me you do not need to add me my friend just call I cannot add more
people because my list is full any Muslim now all Muslim you might say to
me where you got the idea that Allah will be carried by 8 hello hello yes hi
how are you I’m good fine thank you how are you I’m very good so what are you
calling us miss for I mean I do have something to say about the topic
actually I didn’t see the topic in my am YouTube right now okay how do you almost
name just yes all right so no problem we are talking about Allah is having a
physical body you have hands you have eyes you have legs you have face you
have two eyes you know so what do you think about that actually I want to talk
about this and by the Islamic view would not by the Christian you know when I
talk about Christian you know when I talk about Christian view we are talking
about the stomach view right sorry I’m not talking about the Christian view I’m
talking about the Islamic view I’m showing the hadith the wrong which is
saying that Allah have two eyes Allah have a foot Allah have a hand so what do
you say about this this is Islamic of you not Christian view yes I don’t know
how to explain it are you a Muslim first oh no I I am a
Christian my name is a Christian France as you know okay your voice it seems for
me Muslims I want to speak about the Islamic view about this particular
hadith and what you say in Islam or in Arabic language when recall that God had
eyes or ears or that mean when God he had years that mean he was in us but we
don’t know exactly how it looks that this years okay
we don’t we’re on a great image for God in overhead because there’s another
verse in Quran said Allah have nothing in in the universe or you can imagine it
looked like it in other actually in Surat al-baqarah I don’t know where’s
their core see if you know it this is this this first actually explained how
God look in Islam a lot of Christians they don’t know this this first
it’s very anything about this okay well I will bring this first right now all
right no you know the the Quran saying nothing
like Allah supposedly this is a first Muhammad he caught her from the Old
Testament God nothing is like nothing like God what doesn’t mean you know what
doesn’t mean I wanna just read it to you you know in the first and short sidebar
I know the second surah the verse number 255 okay this this verse actually
explained that God did not sleep and hello that so sorry I lost you can you
say again I lost your since you said God does not sleep yes got the best sleep
actually alright so is this if someone does not
sleep that would make him a qualified to be God hello I’m losing attorney if you
have many applications are closed then maybe your internet is not good you know hello I think she have a bad internet are you there and it looked like we lost her
yeah so guys God does not sleep I mean so what do you want more okay so what we
will do with Allah have hands okay Allah have hand but you don’t sleep Allah have
feet but you know sleep Allah doesn’t have a face but you know sleep Allah
have eyes he keep his eyes open he never asleep it sound like an alligator for me
they keep their eyes they don’t they cannot close it their eyes they are
always opening their eyes is always open so what what does that mean what is the
proof that Allah is not a man nothing yet I did dance listen sleep what you
want to sleep anyway you know when we say that Jesus he came in a form of a
person a form of a man you know that’s mean he came in a form of a man and he
live in the earth he is existed in the earth when the angel came to Mary in a
form of a man did he sleep we don’t know we was a-standing up who don’t know you
see sit no we didn’t know but the Quran says it clearly according to the Quran
that Allah he sent his spirit not the angel but the Muslim they claim it’s an
angel but there is no verse in the Quran says the Spirit is an angel and he came
in a form of a man perfect man so it’s possible for the Spirit of God
to come in a form of a man let us see if we can we could get her back with us so
she can finish her I think she she lost totally her internet anyway she can call
back when the Muslim is saying this verse describe Allah this verse
described nothing about Allah except except that he have a big he’s big that’s why they say is Allah
Akbar if we go to chapter the chapter she
mentioned 255 you will find that it says in the law who was a hope which all
could see he is similar to a lot so we’ll see a similar here we go what does
that mean the size of Allah chair is the same size of the earth and the heaven obviously obviously you see here the
translation is false it says he is a throne doth extend over the heaven and
earth it doesn’t say that it says it is the same size we saw some owatta world
it’s exactly in the size of the earth and the heaven because Muhammad and the
God of Muhammad which is Muhammad assuming that the earth and the heaven
they are perfect match there’s heaven in the top of the earth and the heaven in
the same size of the earth this is why it says that Allah throne is the same
size of the earth and the heaven it has change the translation ok
he’s a throne include the heaven and the earth you see how big the throne of
Allah Allah throne is so big but that will make it so small because when you
say that this is the same size of the earth let’s mean the throne of Allah is
so tiny you know that the earth is not even a dust compared to the universe
it’s not even equal to a dust so when the Quran says the throne of Allah is
equal to the size of the earth because as you see obviously the Quran
considered the earth and the heaven have the equal same size go to Islamic interpretation well if we
go to Islamic interpretation we will read the following let’s make it bigger
so you guys can read it better so he the throne has a throne is in the same size
of the heaven and earth as you see we can change the trance the interpretation
from me alright Danny do you hear me yes all right too bad we lost to a close any
applications you have so you don’t lose your internet alright Danny the verse
you gave me chapter 2 verse number 255 it says there that the size of a lodge
here is the same size of the earth and the heaven how do you explain that yes
this means that this is this is one of that the the world is that explain to
Muslims and how God is saying that in the heaven okay yeah but the size my
question about the size you see what I always say the size of the earth and the
heaven that’s mean Allah Ya Allah he ever sized oh no that’s that’s why the
Christians think that God should be just look like a man I don’t know no no it’s
not us not us who say that your prophet he said that in the hadith your prophet
he said that you should know you should know okay you should know your prophet
says you should know that Allah is not one-eyed he is two-eyed and he was
comparing him between him and the false messiah the false messiah is short he
have a deep eyes he have a curly hair etcetera
and then he says well Allah if you are confused about between him
and the false messiah that the jar you should know that Allah is not one I know
that the jug is a man or his God no he is a madman
so how we can compare imagine your name is tahini and I will come you yet you
call us now l’m a Jenai say if you are confused about how to hand look like and
then I compare you to God and I say well you should know that Allah his eyes he
have two eyes when tejani she have a glasses don’t you find that this is a
strange I’m comparing a man to God if God is not a man why the Muslim will be
confused about this card okay just like in the grid in the Christian belief why
Jesus look like one got it is Jesus my god yes yes Jesus is God you sure don’t
look like a god for us He is God and his look does not make any different for us
because if God is God he can come in any look he want I mean are you saying all
right go ahead bad if God became a man a woman a children could God be just like
animal can you can you tell me that why no why no why no why not explain to me
first why no why no his God why his mighty what Almighty mean its mean he
does nothing in the universe look like me okay so how so okay how nothing like
him and then your prophet comparing him to a de jure note in this in this hadith
you understand the heading but that’s what I’m telling you that Arabic Arabic
words are very hard do you speak Arabic to honey yes okay are up to so what do
you mean Arabic language is very hard do you speak Arabic with other than me no
okay so let us read the ordering is you walk you hold at home honey listen let
us read the Arabic you speak Arabic I speak Arabic and we translate to people
in dish okay go to English to Hannah please
because people they are listening people are listening to speak English only so
let us go back to english we’re did have youth in out of EXO made no confusion
would be no more and now we go back to English okay thank you okay God in
Mohammed was like mom I lost with the honey I think something you touched your
microphone yeah okay Prophet Muhammad explain this hadith how
the jail will look like and he say he’s a man at this man God gave him gave him
just like but he gave Jesus he will came in the Judgment Day okay and he have
ability to to kill him to to make people alive to heal people just like Jesus but
this one have more like the Jesus so to tell the people to worship Him he will
came to the earth and tell the people I am God worship me and he will do
miracles the small like Jesus did so Prophet Muhammad explained what he
look for the Muslims so so when when they saw this man they have to be they
have kept in Islam not to follow him no believe in him but this guy ugly okay hold on hold on honey
but this guy he will claim to be the Messiah correct no he is not claiming to
be a messiah oh look it’s al maseeh hood that jaw you hear his name is al maseeh
at the job at the false one so he claimed to be the Messiah I know
wait so why his name why his name isn’t messy offered the job of a mess he heard
the German translate to me yes he his name will be an Missy at the jail
because he pretend that he have the same Merkel’s as the Jesus who pretend to be
Jesus to be pretend to David the Messiah he pretend to lead a messiah okay so
thank you yes so now you agree that he is pretended to be the Messiah
so now yes why Allah he is comparing Mohammed comparing between him and Allah
he should compare between him and the true Messiah because the one who will
come back remember is Messiah – the true Messiah correct so we have we
have two person hola we have two person we have a person one
person is the true Messiah other person is the false messiah and both of them
will come back so Mohammed if he wanna do compare you should compare between
the false messiah and the messiah and then comparing between there look that
will make a make sense but he is not comparing between the true messiah and
the false messiah is comparing between the false messiah and the between the like yes my friend he did not say he did
not say Jesus he said your Lord is not one-eyed are you agreeing that Jesus is
Lord no he is talking about you said that right now he is comparing between
the polls Messiah hang got no nuts and I’m not saying that I’m saying to make
it accurate Muhammad should compare between the false messiah and the true
messiah but your prophet did not do that he compared between the false messiah
and easily what is a different between Allah Allah hold on what it did the
front between Allah and the false messiah according to a hadith listen to
me with our extreme know what is different tell me first what is the read
different between Allah and the false messiah according to the hadith there’s
only one different correct it’s the I correct no no no you said he said you
should know you should know he does not say the rest are different no you should
say you should say he said that you should know that your God Allah is not
one-eyed so the only the front is the one high you say are you saying okay are
you saying that your prophet saying to you to you that he have a curly here
Allah don’t have curly here know that white so why is this described to you
and all that the way the the people who listen to me right now this hadith
prophet Muhammad he did not compare between true Jesus and false Jesus he
compare between the false Jesus and God okay that’s wonderful okay why did
Muhammad the Prophet Muhammad say that because he know that people worship
Jesus as a God who want the Muslims yes no no Muslims are Christians but
Muhammad okay the Muslims not to the Christians
yes but Prophet Muhammad when he explained for us he not explained just
for us Muslims eats the blame for all the human being that but that would not
make sense my friend because the Christian believed that Jesus is God
anyway so you said to me that God don’t look like God what does that mean God my
God my friend you should know why mom might say that what what the hadees in
arabic to me right now yes right huh huh when you are you an
Arabic man I can ask you about what did Muhammad tell what did Muhammad
me why he said that why he compared between the the false Jesus and God
right now okay so it should be saying should we synchronize shouldn’t we say why is describing why he is describing
the look if Allah is God anyway he don’t look like a man but he is saying you
should know that he is he have only one problem in the eye so he doesn’t say he
have eyes and your God doesn’t have eyes he have hands and your God doesn’t have
hands no he said you should know that that that child he have a problem with
the right eye and your God is two eyes so what we have now we have a man have a
problem with the right eye and we have Allah have a no problem with the right
ah hi so that’s mean Allah have a left eye and you have a right eye
do you agree no no I should know you should know let us sit together if you
are confused honey if you are confused about him know that your lord is not
one-eyed how many ID Allah have we don’t know actually you have two eyes we don’t
know you have two eyes okay no problem so Muhammad’s saying clearly that the
way to recognize that this is not Allah is that this guy he have a problem with
the right eye which means that through Allah have no problem with the right eye
ignores all have two eyes is wonderful sorry that’s wonderful so both of us via
we reach agreement now that Allah have two eyes and this guy he have one that
he have two eyes but the other one he had two eyes but the other one is like
is damaged so now we should an agreement that the first one is a man the second
one is Allah the first one have a problem with the right eye the second
person is Allah who have very fine eyes now all the description is to just to
tell me that this guy have a problem with the eye and this is why you should
not confuse between him and God lets me analyze man because the rest of him is
fine he’s in the same a problem he said only you should know
that Allah is not having a problem with the right eye so Allah must be a man he
is short he is fat he have a curly here he is a not deep seated eyes this is all
description for the false messiah muhammad he said all it is no problem
but the only problem is you should know that this guy if you are confused this
guy you have a problem with the right eye while your lord allah he don’t have
a problem with the right eye that’s mean both of them they are perfect match both
are human both of them they are men but one of them have a problem with the eye
the other one you don’t okay where did where did right Mohammed said that Allah
is a man or in Quran or in Hadi I want you know you see what is in the Quran it
says Allah is not a man show me he said that actually see nothing compared to
the Bible says that the Bible says that nothing compared to him no the Bible
described who Jesus or the father it is a matter because father and Jesus is one let me ask you a question according to
Islam is there is someone like Jesus yes all the prophetess know without without
a mom and a dad yeah if you want to worship but is born
but is born you said you just say you just say it is born is Adam born no item
accreted so we can’t compare Adam we can’t compete we can’t compare a gun to
Jesus because Adam let me show you what your God Allah said about this your God
he says that Jesus is similar to Adam unless Allah said to him be and he was a
correct no no what do you mean no the Quran says that no it’s not like that I
want to tell something did Jesus great Adam yes Oh tell me
worst because he is the Alpha Omega he is the one who created everything
what does mean to Alba I know which mean before him there was nothing
he is the word of God don’t you Muslims agree that Jesus asked you look
masculine is the world is the word of God is Jesus the word of God yes or no
no this is no he’s not the word of God he’s bored no no no no no Kalamata who
Allah Allah Maria Kadima Tahu and you please read the whole verse I will
explain this to you no problem here we go because it is for you in the mail
Monsieur ha he said no Maria Marsol allahi wa karram allahu allahu allah
maryam rasool allah he worked early Mottola his lodger he is a Messenger of
Allah no problem ok and he is the word in the same time is that correct yes not
a war not award not a war not award what kelly matter who you speak Arabic I
speak Arabic what can it matter what does that mean and his world yes and he
is what Allah Allah Maryam so Jesus is a word of God came from where he I will
tell you that I will tell you that God when he cried Jesus he said to Jesus be
in the the home of Mary so Jesus created but this is not what
this one says the whole on the cross is that’s okay hold on the quran the quran
says that allah he breathe in to marry either you say be and he was did he
breathe into Mary don’t you say that can you just read surat mary did he say that
he breathed into mary yes or no breathe yes did Allah breathed into Mary vagina
no what do you mean well let the astronaut for Jeff Anitha
Murphy huh Minoru Hina over the first person okay
the French now verse know about 66 chapter 66 verse number 12
who are you Oh Maria move into Imran and latias not for G huh fan a fan i ve
Minoru Hina so he breathed and he didn’t say B he was he breathed into her vagina
and then this is make her breath net so why why
and God he said we didn’t say anything any we’ll be just like Adam what 90 do
no I did not say be to him Allah he made fashion a clay and which mean he makes
it that’s all how he no no no no no does the soul is that the creation Adam is
not the creating the soul only creating Adam according to the Quran he may he
mix a clay with water and then he fashioned the clay and he make it in a
shape of a human being and then after that he breathed into him and then even
after that it took time for Adam to be created this is why Adam he said to
Allah finish me before the sunset what kernel in Sonora Judah okay so in
this process Allah he said to Adam be and he was never show me the first in
the following saying of Jesus it’s miracle we believe that yes you
Bree just like read so this is this is the contradiction in the Quran because
the horns saying Jesus why he breathe – Adam no tusen you say when you say to me
be no no house all the time when you say to me I say be and he was it’s mean yes
everything else is a lie because if I say hey TV be TV the TV will be there
but if I am bringing screws and put in horse together this does not be and that
was B and it was I say the word he will be there Adam wasn’t created by B he
made a fashion he fashioned a clay he makes a clay he fashioned him as a human
being and then he is a breathing into him and then he became a human being and
according according to you according to you according to you and according to
Quran Jesus was a created in the same way how he said to him be and he was but
had a nothing was not the creator by B as you see he made him in a fashion
effect li and then he breathed into him the save for mary in chapter 66 verse
number 12 allah he sent his word and then he said to mary sorry he breathed
into mary vagina and then he made jesus with her britain it with jesus mary
fagina what do you mean it’s not okay it says when i first met
he fastened at photo jihad for the fuck Murphy the fuck she protected me version
yes use a virginal woman okay if you know what his fee he if he could go back
to barrage alright you speak Arabic do you know grammar no okay no no no no
what is the word I am there do you see it you see the word Rahab you say I know
I know I know Arabic but then you said that this is the graph the grammar the
word she he go back to fall gia does it say does it say does it say there was no
jaw does Allah says there award the word for jaha no what do you mean no but
where is the salt will be created what does the Quran chapter 66 verse 12 says
the word for jaha yes or no no what do you mean no it’s in front of all of us
what Maria moved on what what is the one I mean it’s in the
front of us I mean a baby created he is greeted in the vagina listen listen the
word for jaha is a visa is a is a whoop since when no he explained that
purveyors Arabic in Arabic what the word for Jamie it’s the it’s a vagina thank
you very much so it says that Mary the one who got it here for John a very
savage language imagine I said he would my respect to you the honey she is a
good girl she got her vagina that’s very stupid to say correct this is not right
so Allah saying right now you tell me that Jesus
preached in the vagina not in the whole know your God your God saying that but
me he breathed in Regina what is the world womb okay show me the world won’t
always apologize from you did Allah say with Jana you said yes all agreed where
Maria miletti a sonnet for Java just mean I felt she got it her vagina she
got in her vagina thank you very much that’s me she’s Roberto right
anyway she would get too close to her but Donna she would shorten this what
this mean so she is she is so so you’ve got Mary
she is guarded her Madonna she have a gun anyone would get that close to her
budget she would covered them in who gets close to her so she is a virgin who
got it her bagina so Allah he uses a word vagina only he
never used the word womb so while we are trying to replace the word vagina with
the world both of them breathe in the Miriam vagina and tell me who creates
Mary please can you answer me you see the topic now no I was the Christian we
as a Christian we are the Christians we as a Christian belief in the beginning
it was the word and the word was with god and the word is God so Jesus is the
word of God and he is the power of God so the word of God came to us as a man
now you don’t achieve the topic now we can go back here I want to finish this
one how Adam is the same as me as as Jesus if Jesus God he breathed into a
vagina in this scenario and in the case of Adam God he he breathed into a clay
and how you say to me the horn there is a verse in the Quran says that the
severity of Adam is the same as Jesus both of them Allah said to to them be
and he was but as you see he never said be to Jesus and he was and he never say
be to Allah I mean he was so this is was wide okay
okay how did God create Mochis why why not he did not create moisturiz good not
this is wrong understanding because God only created Adam and Eve after that is
a production even your own witness for that isn’t it the Quran says Winona
Saban was era which mean we made it it all after Adam from lineage of marriage
or from the Daughtery what John who is the greater Adam or Jesus hold on
Allah he created only Adam and Eve do you agree yes okay after that there’s no
creation yes there’s a production reproduction only so one okay so why
Allah saying the similarity of atom is the same as Jesus you just said yes you
just said there’s no creation there is reproduction yes
this is why I told you wind winGuard great Adam uh-huh great Adam very
miracle wave just like Jesus okay so Jesus is not the street okay hold on so
now you admitted Jesus Jesus okay so Jesus Jesus Jesus okay so Jesus
is not descendant from Adam is that correct it’s not descended no he’s he is
yes but before he would be okay the Quran says Allah he sent the word to
Mary and that word became Jesus are correct yes
so this word is coming from Adam or coming from Allah note this world came
from Allah okay so he was award before he became a man that’s why because you
understand in the beginning the word okay you just you just admitted you just
admitted so much excuse me we don’t want to jump we don’t a job because you ought
to jump into something else what do I want to jump you just admitted that
Jesus is the word of God so he was a word of God before he became a man do
you agree do you agree okay let us say he was a water from God was Adam a water
from God was Adam was Adam was Adam a water from God was was was Adam let us
focus on the water honey the honey the honey with us focus let us focus in
something clear the word was Adam the Word of God
no okay was Jesus the Word of God no what do you mean no you just said yes a
second ago all right I said a second ago you said
yes a second a particular goal the honey what’s wrong with you you said I asked
you just a minute ago do you is it was Jesus the Word of God he sent down to
marry you said yes kid I wanna ask you something don’t shit
the problem I’m sure the topic finish it and we can we can you can ask me
whatever you want so the word of god was Jesus the hora says he can’t go hard ok
ok ok so he’s the world of God guys hallelujah
I wonder for she said Jesus is the word from God ok was Adam awarded from God
you said no no yes ok so Jesus was awarded from God Adam was not a word of
God so that’s wonderful so this is mine yes yes so this will mean Jesus is not
the same as Adam because Jesus is the word from God or you say oh he is award
from God but Adam is not award from God yes so now we have so now we have a
person he is award from God the other one is not why we can how we can make
equal Adam to Jesus if one of them is from dust and the other one is word of
God or a word from God okay when when Jesus was a baby
did he was just like I don’t know before you change topic before you change the
topic according according to your Quran Jesus when he was a baby he was speaking
like a man so he is a much too mature even he’s a baby so don’t go there
you’re a prophecy would you like traffic you waited your prophet you’re a prophet
he waited for 40 years before he got the maturity of Jesus
so Jesus when he was us in what year Muhammad became a prophet is it is it
true that it’s 40 years after he is his birth is a correct 40 years 40 uses yes
okay Jesus is a prophet at what date is that that he is in the first there’s not
a miracle Jesus Jesus himself is the will of God man honey the honey you’re
trying to jump you’re trying to jump you’re trying to jump oh look you know
or not I will not let you John he said a man who who said who said good
who said I know who is the one should I name a man who this is where Bible he
said I am a man God sent miracles through that he said a man and he said
and he said and he said me and the father is one is that true that’s that’s
just like Muhammad what is Muhammad is Muhammad and Allah is one is Muhammad
and Allah is one is Muhammad is Allah and Allah is one no okay so don’t go
there Jesus and God is one that’s what he said
now we go back Jesus is the word of God and you’re trying to stay the topic are
trying any tiny that anytime don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t ski let me ask
you when Jesus is the word of God is the word of God he created no it’s a wart
okay just like I say hi okay is the kalam is the karana created No okay so
Jesus is the word of God he is not a created from God okay from God is a
matter from God from the White House from the White House I don’t care
it is a Word of God it is the words of God yes okay is it there is a difference
between a water from God and the Word of God for you yes okay what a difference
between a water from God and the Word of God a word from God that means God
speaks awards and the wort is be okay and the Word of God was at me word word
God this is me I’m not saying the word God no no no I’m saying what the
difference between the word from God and the Word of God what a different of God
Word of God because you’re the one who keeps saying no no no Jesus is not the
Word of God it has a Word of God the Bible in the BA in the Bible do you
think that God don’t go to the bio first explain to me explain to me Oh Quran
first what the different between the Word of God and word from God
okay the word from God I told you it’s a word God speaks be
the world is P so Jesus be Jesus is B yes okay God says Adam is Adam abhi is
Adam is Adam is Adam be his Adam be Y you compare between your the one who did
aren’t you the one who said to me the horn says that Jesus is the same as Adam Adam is Adam is Adam be as it is Adam
equal to be why why should why should you just you’re the one who said to me
you’re the one who said to me that they are similar you are the one who said we
all know one who quote for me that verse what it says that Jesus so is Adam be
Jesus we agreed now you are saying that according to you Jesus is equal to the
world B was Adam equal to the world be no he’s a greater than B how is that
because God Crichton by his hand that’s wonderful so Allah was wrong because the
Quran says that the similarity of Adam is the same as Jesus if he said to him
be and he was you are saying that Allah is lying is wrong with you you are the
one who caught for me the verse which first chain was the one I’m reading more
weight than Jesus okay God quit lady lady okay guys guys did she say just
said that Allah created Adam by his hand did she say that yeah we heard her right
so he did not say B yeah okay so D so the course or the Quran so the Quran is
lying because the chapter 3 verse number 59 says the following in the mythology
in the logic emissary Eden halakha homine arriving from the Hakone
fiyaquun’ yes so what God would configure Kunene be and he was yes so
you just said but you just say but you you just say that our dog is not the
same as Jesus even he is a creator because Allah you said that uses
everybody heard you you said Adam is not being a lot did not say B he created by
him his hands so now listen listen let us make a conclusion you admitted that
Allah created Adam by his hands he never used the word everybody because you are
the one who said a minute ago a minute ago you said that you say it is a
greater than Jesus I said why because you say it will Jesus please be and I
then we created him Allah by his hand so this verse is a contradiction what does me method what doesn’t mean
the likeness okay like who’s in what you got to see in what how be and he was you
see he said he created him from dust and he said to him be and he was but Jesus
wasn’t created from dust was Jesus was my useless I created from dust was Jesus
create from dust yes yes you said no I said to you I said
to you I said to you from the beginning is ad and they send and found Jesus has
descended from Adam or he is the word of God you said no the body the flesh
listen listen the flesh the flesh the flesh
you see I asked you oh listen listen you agree it many time I told you the first
only to God created is Adam and Eve do you agree you said yes then yes after
that is a recreation prediction do you agree you said yes
I caught for you from the Quran chapter 25 verse number 54 says ahuna tsubame
Sarah we made it from a lineage of marriage you said yes so then that jesus
jesus is not a created by god he is just a pre-production if he is
born of a father and the mother then I asked you who is the father of Jesus you
said in the father is a miracle so who is not the one who said you are the one
who said Jesus is not the created you are the one who saved know that Jesus is
a created by you listen listen loose eight the hand you say no no no
everybody heard you everybody heard you let us go back to zero let’s go back to
zero is Jesus are created by be yes or no yes okay
is a democratic by being yes or no no okay now guys bhai witness don’t talk
Jesus created by say B yes Adam was not created by saying B so the Quran is
lying here chapter chapter 3 verse 9 no you cannot tell me no I will show you
how in the same Eve Adam and Jesus are the same they are not a difference in
anything okay I also do oh hi Adam bed is Adam bed it’s Adam
date is Adam bed right now yes it’s Jesus dead yes no salvation Jesus don’t
you is topic talking about salvation now officially Jesus to have the honey like
a rabbit I’ll call Mary for you them then the mother of Easter I will call
Mary the what officer will shoot you listen listen
when you say Jesus is not we do not know if Jesus is dead or not are you almost
instantly already almost recently okay where do you get this that Jesus is not
alive right now what do you get this from can you give me a reference we
don’t know it do you don’t know so the whole show the Quran did lie when he
said I took him to me what the Quran say is that Allah he took Jesus to him yes
okay so he’s he’s with him but he’s dead we don’t know actually what do you mean
oh can you show me one one Muslim son right – hurry – can you show me one
Muslim scholars okay Danny how would you do I will give you 24 hours huh actually
I will give you 24 years to find me one Muslims from this color agreed with you
that we do not know if Jesus is a life right now or not can you find you find
me one can you find this so will find me one
and what’s he doing right now tell me are you talking about Jesus my Jesus or
you or your ASA your Jesus my Jesus is talking at you right now your answer is
a fiction look at me is nothing at the book it says stupid things as you see
because you are not you are not sure you’re not you are not sure hit the hand
I’m not sure if Jesus alive or not so what are you sure about just tell me in
the Bible where did Jesus look I mean right now tell me where is Jesus he said
Jesus he said every two of you mention my name I will be between them I mean he
looked at me really yes he is laughing at you not looking at you only he is
laughing at you and he said how dumped this women is actually your prophet he
said that women are half a brain so he is laughing at you and Lafayette
believing and Muhammad saying that you’re half a brain we don’t want to go
to this place why audio for the brain or half a brain do you okay let’s go back
to zero now so Jesus was not a created by be sorry he was created by B Adam was
not so why the Quran saying that Adam and Jesus bothered then they
are the same created by B Allah he said to them be
and he was how the who Allah says both of them how to created from dust he said
to them be and they were okay just listen I will just one one one minute
when God created Adam he quit Adam from you said dust and Hebrew it in him pray
now right right we agreed about Adam I don’t wanna talk
you with Allah he breathed into the dust or the claim what Allah he went to
breathe into the dust or the clean clean clearly the claim a mud mud did Allah
breathes to the dust okay Allah Allah breathing the dust or the
clay the clay no my so why are you saying this verse dust because we will
we are origin from dust created from dust people the human soul the human is
slag okay we are not know what do you say clinically is not a dust no more its
a mix between yes yes but you say earlier that God when he created Adam he
bring water and he bring the dust when the two together when you when you mix
the two together it’s gonna be clean the name will be that’s wonderful that’s
wonderful so Allah he mixed mixed the dust with water and then he made a clay
after that what he did he breathes in genera no you miss you miss something he
fashioned and right he fashioned him in the look of a man right yes he make a
star to Allah as an artist you know is the museum he fashioned a from the clay
a look of a man like the Roman when they used to do that yes okay yes actually
yes actually Jesus unguardable okay hold on hold on then then your God
Allah he put his mouth in the lips of Adam and he breathe into him is that
correct we don’t know how he British so what
here you used it you think it would have to we don’t know this is a magical thing no God no when he cried Jesus did you
have sex with Mary according to her own mind holding took wrong okay let me show you then the Quran says
that God he have six men marry why because if we go in the cross yes here
we go okay is it your God he says how Allah can
have a son and if you never have a girlfriend but the Christians the
Christian from believe the Christians never believe that Jesus have a mother
she have a boyfriend they do the Christian believe that God have sex with
Mary no so why Allah saying that how Allah can
have a son if you never have a girlfriend you spring the Arabic do not
say to me my friend you can read Arabic okay okay no I say it he said sorry but
you know what I mean what’s I have I mean because what I mean translate to me
what’s I have I mean what’s I haven’t mean for translate from you first what
what the words are have I mean Sahib Sahib I yeah I said I have a cipher I’m
decipher a friend friend what the frankerq frankerz so what do you but
you’re somehow what you were Lord and Allah who will add well I’m talk on
Lahore sahiba yes okay what it’s translated for us is it to the Christian
how could God have a son and he have he don’t have a wife but the Christians
don’t believe that God have a soft wife do the Christian believe God have a wife
no they so why is why he’s not thinking about God don’t have a wife if the
Christian Billy don’t believe in God have a wife
listen listen if I say to you if I want to correct you and I say to you how you
believe that I have a son if I don’t have a girlfriend that’s mean that
Christian believe that God have a girlfriend and have a son otherwise this
is a stupid to say none of the Christians believe that God have sex
with Mary none of that okay have you ever heard of a Christian saying God
have sex with Mary and they have a son his name is Jesus no
so why okay why are you saying why you say that why you say oh no no who create
manner tell me did you just Mary yes
and she says create you and create Muhammad the create the earth and create
the heaven no what did she said that in the whole Bible the whole Bible is know
from the beginning if chapter 1 verse number 1 it says the Word was with God
and the word is God how God created everything you are the one who said to
me he said chapter 1 verse number 14 is safe and the word and the word became
flesh God created the heaven and the earth by what by saying be my god in the
book of Genesis say to the light be and it was
show me one thing in the whole listen listen I have a challenge for you I have
a channel I have a challenge for you guys I have a challenge I have a
challenge to miss any to Hemi can you show me one verse where Allah created
something by saying B just anything I something B yeah by saying B and it
created just one equate happens and earth did not rise knoweth in two days
not by saying B how do you know that the cross is that what’s wrong with you
angels howdy howdy t quite dangerous well God doesn’t say how he created the
angels however the quran the quran speak about the ant
is in very funny way as an example your God Allah he told the Angels he
discussing with them occur yet in a person and then he said to him how we
want to create someone he will not do mischief man and then Allah he punished
them for saying that how the angels they knew that Adam would do mischief meant
but what did Jesus what is just quite actually we don’t want everything
everything everything everything don’t you the topic for me one thing Allah
created by CNBC ayah created you people and if this great people how did Jesus
get killed by his own creation so are you deny are you behaving are you
denying that the Quran says that Jesus he created from the mother bird and he
breathe into it I don’t listen you what did Jesus
according to Quran created living things Jesus yes
no no are you sure no yes so how the Quran says that Jesus he created from
the mud the bird and he breathe into it he made a fashion of a mud the same as
your God he did supposedly and obviously your God is trying to copy Jesus and he
breathed into the mud yes you know obviously you God the one who made the
jesus is that he’s not okay so words boy the boy how you deny that
Jesus created it from the mother bird your God is a God what in clothes right now
is your God Woden close ally is really the panty people take take a nose Allah
is wearing a panty so what are you talking about
if you all say to me if you are saying to me that God cannot be Jesus cannot be
God because he was high hanged on the cross Snicket and by the way they don’t
have the NICUs didn’t have men they can make it this is this is listen listen
men at that time even when they work in the field this is what they wear however
if this is what will make Jesus naked and that will not make him God Wow okay
that that means that Jesus is God because God because God should not be in
the cross okay deities do you agree I agree are you saying honey no God your
mouth God your mouth as mad as you got it up by Johnny listen listen Jesus
Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus he can’t be God because he was in the cross you said
that correct what Jesus cannot be God because he was
in the cross yes okay and he is not in the so if he is
not in the cross as you said nobody can crucify him that would make him God so
that in the Quran because Jesus was not crucified in the Quran so you your logic
is a stupid because you just admitted that Jesus should be God in Islam
nothing Christianity when I speak you don’t you don’t hear well I know you
said that you said that Jesus can be God how Jesus can be God and this is the
floor this is the this is the heart this is the Quran it says why is that look
minute li neka a tape or a player who is the one who created from that from the
mud this is Jesus I create for you that yes from himself the man the man the man
the man jesus said to them why me as a man so much you talk too much you say
nothing jesus when he said this everything I have is from my father not
from God okay did he say did he say everything I
have from my father yes is it that okay so Jesus had a father that is gone so
Jesus have a father so you just admitted that Jesus said
Jesus said I have everything from my father who is the one who gave me what
they have that authority is my father so don’t worship the man or ship the
authority on me the Word of God the Word of God became a man we don’t worship a
man his name is Jesus we worship the world of God in that man and that is
what meant by everything I have is coming to my from my father now why
Jesus can create from the mother bird as the Quran says in the front of us in
chapter 5 verse 110 but Muhammad and all your profits cannot do and why are
looking up to what the same as Jesus can do your God your God listen listen
listen your God say to your God you your God he said to
by the three-time read was muhammad’ able to read and this is the Merkel here
you bring a break break Ron so you are trying to jump is it true is it true
Mohammed receive Satanic Verses yes or no no what do you mean no no are you
okay if I show you the proof right now in front of you what you do you cannot
show me any proof you cannot prove to me that Jesus even God he’s not even close
I just showed you I showed you from the horn he can create from the mother bird
and he breathe into into the mud and he make it a bird who who is the one who
breathed who is the one who is the one okay hold on
who is who listen listen me who is the one who breathed who is the one who
breathed into the bird Jesus or Allah who was who is the one breathe into the
bird and make it a living bird Jesus or Allah but this miracle by God so Jesus
can breathe what the breathing mean what what to breathe what the breathing is
okay okay how come no okay name for me name for me made for me ma’am name for
me mail for me one person he breathed into the mud and he make it a living
creature except Jesus it is a her one there is someone known it name for me
don’t tell me other not not you you are a Muslim you know if there is someone he
can do what Jesus do okay so how okay explain to me name for me one person he
can breathe into the mud and make it a living creature addition of Jesus you
want you want just Marie could just like Jesus I’m talking about creation because
this is a unique miracle solution this is this is the collage and he created
from the mother birds how Allah created Adam you said he fashioned
from this amazing so you admit you admitted you had met you at man okay
she’s talking to himself okay bring cheering verts and cut their heads and
but I know the story the story is a stupid actually because what a big deal it is it we are talking about we are
talking about making we are talking about making a clay and they buried into
the clay if there is someone did something like that ever in the history
of Islam additional to Jesus yes or no I didn’t do excuse me Cara Peter King if
there is in the history of the slab any person who made a clay breathe into the
clay and he made the clay a living bird additional to Jesus yes or no no Jesus
did not make a clay for the birds is the first for me read the first then go
ahead I don’t have the first you can’t read it in well here we go on chapter
three chapter five verse number one I want them okay kit saved okay I’ll read
it oh Jesus son of Mary etcetera etcetera account etc etc let’s go to the
clay they mixed dough mixed out of the clay door mix out of the clay as it were
the figure of a bird by my leave okay okay okay I would even take away from
the beginning I will read the front of you better stuff together then Allah
says or Jesus son of Mary recount my favor on D and D mother behold I
strength thee with the Holy Spirit Jesus was stirring with the Holy Spirit take a
note so there do did speak in to the people in the childhood and in maturity
behold I thought I thought thee the book and the wisdom the law and the gospel
behold though it mixed out of a clay as it were the figure of a bird by my leave
and though breathe into it who is the one billion who
Oh breathe into it Jesus and breathe into it and it becomes and so who is the one who is the one who created you and he he is the one listen
listen no no no you cannot tell me just believe in Matthew listen no he will
kill the truth he would not came for the Christians when the crisis go to him he
will say to him in the Matthew did you say that Jesus would come he could you
just say did you just say that Jesus would come back did you just say that
Jesus would come back no in the first command you said to me said to you all
Christians coming back is Jesus is Jesus Kaname is Jesus coming back is Jesus
coming back yes Muhammad he gave him the second
mission to kill the Jew you remember before you remember you remember for you
remember before what you say you say if you do not know if jesus is alive or not
and now you are saying he’s coming back he took him off the Helen so you were
lying to me you were like too much okay let us go back to zero let’s go back to
zero is Jesus alive no no what do you mean so how will you come back and he’s
dead I don’t see it yes okay he is dead or alive he is dead
in heaven it is that people in heaven he’s not a dude she’s alive but we don’t
know he said why is it okay how many times you said to me how many time you
to me I don’t know I don’t know if this is life or not and now you’re seeing is
alive because I corner you now let’s go back to zero so jesus is alive
jesus is alive jesus is alive Hoka Hoka jesus is alive until now what what the
age of Jesus according to you what is the age of Jesus according to you right
now what is the age of Jesus okay if Jesus is God why he died it’s another
question why he is alive until now his age is 2,000 years have you ever heard
of a man he is alive until now and he might believe to work for the coming 10
years why he’s a life until now he is just a man like everybody are
going to his number why why God don’t want Mohammed to be alive but Muhammad
is dead and the rat I ate him already okay why God did not want Adam this is
the question why not Adam what about all of them I compared
all of them all of them why only Jesus why all of them are dead except Jesus
can you have an answer for that no this is the question I wanna ask you
what because he’s God who is who is the one who killed us who
is the one would destroy Satan a Christian who is the one who is the one
it may ask you know even hunters will kill your God your God Allah will kill
them all do you want me to show you the reference that your God Allah he will
kill the engine of this Allah will kill guys hello hello will kill Allah will
kill the Angel of Death and he will kill you breathe and he would kill me KL I
mean what these guys are crazy listen why all the Jesus why okay who is
the one who will kill Satan who is the one will destroy Satan Allah Mohammed or
Jesus why you ask that this is very important because the one who are lower
because the one who have the power the one who has a power the one the one who
however power is the one who can destroy Satan who is the this is embarrassing
for you Muslims what Allah you have who is the one where destroy seeking at the
end of the time I’m asking you a question who is the one
with destroy Satan Jesus or Allah or Muhammad what do you mean II don’t
I’ll help himself you Muslims are stupid Jesus is right away right now is in
heaven in your religion in my Bellinis in heaven what do you mean you can’t
believe himself himself in your religion nobody can kill him nobody can overcome
him nobody can arrest him nobody can touch him so the new religion his God a
new religion muhammad killed by poison like a rat what do you mean in my belief
Jesus resurrected himself he is right now in heaven now one way Oscar why
Jesus is the one who was destroy Satan she have no answer she why you ask that
why not Mohammed will destroy Satan why not Allah whose God supports the Allah
how come Jesus will do what Allah cannot do they have a big mouth and when you
cornered them with the question didn’t want to answer Jesus is just a man he’s
a man he created like herd and then will you get them busted how he is created
like Adam he said baby and he was Adam wasn’t created by B Jesus was not
created by B it’s a stupid Quran there is nothing in this book is real they
flood you with words and they don’t want to answer
show me where Jesus said I am God worship Me
show me where Jesus said I am the Creator I can show you tons of verses
when you’re caught for me from the book of Matthew do you believe in the book of
Matthew book of Matthew full of verses you speaking about Jesus of God Jesus as
a creator so are you are quoting for me from a book of Matthew or only you take
one verse the verse you wish which verse you like you like one verse from Matthew
or only Traverse this is a book either you accept the book only let accepted
from the big of the book of Matthew to the end of the
book of Matthew speaking about Jesus as God this is how they tried to lie to you
when we showed them what their Quran says they run away who is the one who
grieved into the bird and he make it a living bird
it is Jesus they will say to you by Allah leave who care Jesus I became a
creator allah by allah leave allah is sharing his ability to create with jesus why allah made jesus can create if you
don’t want us to believe that He is God if he if Allah is good but why he made
Jesus able to create don’t Allah knows that by too much miracles Jesus would
become like a God for the Christians F Jesus cannot do his miracles nobody
would believe that He is God they will believe just he’s a prophet
give him a miracle fit with the Prophet Jesus is the only one is born he have no
father why he have no father de sitio will Adam doesn’t have a father are you
stupid or what Adam is not born therefore he will not have a father
anyway religion however will have a father he will not have a father he
don’t have a mother who is the one who is the one who
created Adam they say to you Allah how he created me he said to him be and he
was then we go and check and we find that Allah he made he brought dust if
mix the dust with the clay with that with the water he made a clay he
fashioned the clay then he breathe into the clay so why you lied to me and you
say Allah he said B then we says okay is it she said to me that Adam is a
similarity between him and Jesus is the same as Adam and he Jesus how he said to
him be and he was then I asked her that Allah say to Jesus B he said she said
yes that Allah says to Adam be she said no so the horror was a stupid book then
she said to me you know God does not have a son okay so
do the Christian believe that God have a son because he have sex with Mary she
said no so why Allah and the Quran says Allah don’t have a girlfriend if Allah
is not a man anyway did any of the Christians believe that God has sex with
Mary no where Allah he breathe into Mary oh he breathed into her womb really it
says their vagina what is the womb coming from in order to
protect the cult of Islam and the stability of Mohammed who created those
verses they start saying things which is crazy yeah any what do you want to say
to us I want to say to you Christians and all the one before he goes before
you go before you go I want to kiss the blackest honey honey I want to kiss the
blackest tone – honey – honey – honey I want my sin
I want my sin to be forgiven Heather say listen listen pagan sihanouk pagan pagan
pagan pagan pagan – honey I wanna kiss the blackest stone can you help me to
tell me how I should kiss the black stone if you have if you have a lipstick
if you have a lips a stake hold on hold on if you have lips a stake in your lips
the black is gone can your case the black is stoned listen listen why is it
Christian Abdullah Abdullah listen can you kiss the black stone or not can you
kiss the black stone for me when when the next time you will go to Hajj I want
you to kiss the black stone for me Oh to bring this okay why why you kiss
the cross show me where you show me where it says in the Bible kiss the
cross no I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t kiss anything
show me where why you’re the Prophet why are you the Prophet the pagan prophet
why your pig in the Prophet kiss a stone your prophet is a pagan man why he
consists on white because the Holy Spirit God in the heavens I know I know
all this okay I live in Arabia you know what you know what you know why you get
why profit is the Blackistone he’s a big
game you are a pagan did you kiss a stone or not historians who created the
black stone who created the black stone who created the black stones Jesus Jesus
no Jesus don’t create the stones he create the whole world but you must time
squish it you must times kiss his ass stones right
why why your prophet kiss the blackest on dick is the black stone Jesus kiss
nothing your prophet did why you’re perfect kisses stones okay Jesus
justice do more actually worse actually play with your mother tell me why he’s
doing you play with his mother welcome you must be okay you see guys you see
guys you see guys you see how you see how selfish they are look what she saw
look what she say okay show me show me show me show me show me ever saying that
Jesus he played with his mother show me is a verse show me a verse saying that
Jesus he play this in the same you are obviously a trashy person you just
insulted Jesus for no reason you say Jesus he play with his model boobs right
okay yeah listen you’re a liar number one number two it’s your prophet you or
their women to give their boobs to strangers is that true or not no can i
suck on you guys can i ii i circle you i can i circle you can i you ii can i suck
on your boobs is lawful for me can i circle you listen as long as you are
talking about boobs and whereas i there’s no curse person let us sit
together saladin to sighing sighing I’ve been too
sure I’ll let me let me let me let me mute you you are you’re so dumb listen
guys look at this salary too so I came to the Messenger of
Allah and said I see a displeasure in the face of Abu Hanifah when Saleem
enters upon me the messenger he said breastfeed him she said how I can
breastfeed him and he is a growing man the profit is saved I know he’s a
growing man so listen can you any friend of yours the last time the last time you
did in your life the last time you did it say thank you very much so look at
the screen shut up shut up a bigmouth bigmouth like Aisha it’s an affront of
me it says a grade Sahir surah an-nisa hadeeth number three three
to zero in in book reference book number 26 hadith 125 valium in English valium
for book number 26 hadith number three three to two and you said and everybody
heard you saying that this is a stupid hadith
so you just admitted that your prophet is a stupid I agree with you what do you
want to say go ahead I said this hadith is weak no you said
stupid this hadith is right you will find Muslims do this I’m sure you do it
I’m sure you do it’s prove it to me you didn’t do it what that you don’t do
breastfeeding for a dog do you have a proof oh my god
okay how come how come you believe in the horn how come you believe the Quran
that Mary she got at her vagina do you have a proof she got a tepid Donna what
do you believe that Mary she got at her vagina yes or no
got it got God the guarded she guarded her vagina do you believe in that
what’s your carted the Quran says that Mary she guarded her vagina she got her
vagina okay now do you got your boobs no no please hit in honor your God do you
guard your boobs no no what’s me up got in Ohio guard
guard you protect you protect your boobs do you protect your books Mary she
protective Aegina your boobs don’t change about like
moment they covered their head we are talking about showing your books idiot
what cover they had you see what you talk about why the Bible says women
should cover their head we are talking about a crazy prophet who is ordering
Muslim women like you to give their boobs and Aisha
Paulette Jared Saladin – so hey yo Sully lawyer salallahu alayhi wasalam for
Khalid in the auto see what gob ho de fer mean – holy said him in an alley
paul early poet what he follow the huarache lanka bu o allah muhammad let’s
– Alamo in the hole Raja Lanka beer so the women she came to Muhammad she
said to him my husband he have a problem when Sally me enter upon me so what I
should do he said give him your boobs and let him suck it
so what you sir what is your answer what is your what is your answer with the
followers of the shape of the sheath on a person a person no Jesus okay now
listen listen if I show you that Jesus said
worship me what you will do if I show you if I shall I show you listen listen
listen listen if I show you if I show you Jesus said if I show you Jesus
if I show you Jesus big machine man I mean you see why must a man they commit
suicide you see why Mohammed tried to commit suicide many time he’s Rota
himself from the top of the mountain imagine yourself marry four of those for
one of them she would rather crazy – honey why you are changing topic about
your prophet ordering you to give out your boobs and why why you all change
the topic nobody is listening to you why you are changing topic why you are
changing topic why your topic what what kind of a prophet listen listen you we
are debating about Jesus if he is God or now because she’s so good we are talking
about your God your Prophet Muhammad as a filthy man do you see how we different
it what we compare about you are discussing with me if Jesus qualified to
be God or not and obviously is a qualified in chapter 19 verse 19 says
he’s a holy the holy son of Mary you’re a prophet obviously he is a bad person
disgusting person he order Muslim women to sleep around to open their legs to
anyone want to use them to put their penis in their garage and he allowed
muta and now he’s allowing you to do prostitution by giving your breasts what
do you say do you do matter do you do ma Santa do you do ma be honest with me
have you ever thought of breastfeeding your your you know that you know that
this is not it’s not a god okay you can say whatever you want about Jesus no
problem but that will never change that will have to change anything that your
prophet is making fun of you as a stupid person what kind of a prophet you order
women to give their best what kind of a decent man what kind of a
decent loves is Muhammad oh this is mine is Muhammad was Muhammad a decent man
when he order you it’ll rank your vagina no you will not you know she would talk
over me was your prophet a decent and when he ordered you to rent your
vagina and da matta do you have an answer to honey deal they are free no
honey honey you know that no no listen to me
Oh do you have a proof that your prophet was a decent man when he said to you you
can do Mota no this is not in Islamic this is in the Quran chapter 4 verse 24
please really dissing Arabic all right so this is the CEO to at least the Shia
okay the shock is from where the shot from where actually they invent their
own Islamic way they invented that the sister you can can you retain her okay
can you read for me the Quran chapter 4 verse 24 okay let us see if the muta is a from the
Shia or from the Sunni I don’t kill you hi can you hear me yeah I hear you now
go ahead chapter 4 verse 24 I lost you again as a note having are you there yes
sewer for 24 yes okay okay
this one yes okay I would be initiated a regimes menorah him almost a
non-civilian me say a llama malakut a mannequin ilaha il-allah kunavaram and
scepter will be a molecule muzahim the mr. Dez would be even if I don’t
know your own every lesson will Arjuna highly convey my parrot I don’t believe
in bad if a diva in a lock and a demon hakima all right so what is the
interpretation of you know pay them for enjoying it first time taught on be he
what does that mean explain to us today no it isn’t no you don’t you you cannot
take custom tattoo and you say all this okay I’m elected a medical work
the Virgin’s woman’s okay if you want no this is version this is a version women
the word maha’s not mean version one I don’t hear you saying I lost you I lost
you are touching your microphone okay okay what what so not mean what must not
mean diversions gears are you sure yes my dear the word must not mean the
married one I will I will send you the the Tufts your right now okay okay
please I want to learn from you yes I will put the link for that at them okay
okay I will give you 2 second to give it to me
two minute 5 minute so we know it isn’t YouTube what you can you can send it
here in Skype if you want and I will operate in the front of everybody so
everybody would love okay okay okay this this verse I will complete it so we can
read that interpretation both on both of us so you give me the leg please
okay give me because I want to put it enough
if everybody so everybody can see you remember the word must not mean the
versions yes the woman who kept himself steps from right right the versions yes
but they can’t give a breastfeeding right okay give me the name they come do
breastfeeding from Mary actually Yeah right I’m waiting where the link I have a link
here is open but if you want I wanna I want to show them your link because open
no you will open just like a hate site okay yes the site I have an affront of
me is the official government website of Jordan owned by the king himself oh yeah
the minister of whole coffee in Jordan what do you want which well you have to
open the Quran or I’m okay the silver one I have to say I had to sell Quran in
front of me this is f sphere this is the facility this is the facility LaLanne
which one you want no we don’t we don’t follow JD do you think they make a theme
that’s wonderful okay okay let’s go to Brigadier hold on
guys did she say a big a–there that you saved me Kathy
we heard all right okay I will go to America here in a second hold on they
are us well you know because I want to I want
to be sure that everybody is witnessing I know I didn’t say yeah if you want you
want people look at just look at the screen this is a big affair okay this is
your stomach website look with me please go on
XCOM and we will go to a maker Theory chapter 4 verse number 24 424 here we go
and this is Anika Thea it’s already also forbidden or women already married so
while you are foreign in yourself and you speak that’s you
you claim you speak or they can you say those are diversions they are married
women have you ever heard of married versions
I didn’t dismiss wait I didn’t see this verse in
and then the Europe what what I didn’t ask it what do you mean I have it in
front of Mainers clean it might take a minute I will read it in Arabic okay not
no problem but you said you want to make a theorize America theme in front of you
taste also I’m reading also forbidden or women
already married except those who are real right hand process no no no I sent
it with Arabic please please read it in Arabic where I don’t see it where I
don’t see in the same the same link I don’t see a link video re posting Skype
or in YouTube know what you are posting I’m posting stripe I got nothing no not
known I didn’t I didn’t insist this link to you you did not send it to me so okay
you did not send it to me okay okay let’s go to a make a theater from the
Arabic website hold on no problem we go to Arabic okay and we go to Emeka
theater this evening Athiya where is Ana get the year and here we go this is a
nick is here this is the link actually I posted any YouTube nothing is
showing sorry I see nothing anyway this is a mega thing in front of us it says
like I see you clean for 24 is taking time to help in Arabic I’m not
sure why taking time sticking Travis okay hang up and give me the link and
call me when I get the link hang up so it maybe maybe because your internet is
slow give me the link in Skype not in YouTube hang up okay let us see the
versions actually it’s open right now finally the page open let us see all
right all right let me call her back because we have no
say it’s busy alright Danny I have a bigger fear in front of me or a big open
and I have a I have a big problem here what’s the problem the problem is Amica
theory is saying the following that the hadith you told me it’s weak about women
breastfeed in the same chapter saying he said the following didn’t wait for you it’s speaking about that about the
breastfeeding as a news it’s a weak hadith and that’s all you’re
the one who saved not a nigga Theo because he is saying it’s fine hadith no
it’s not a fine there is nothing nothing in Islam what why are you saying that I
told you this hadith is a light so and you did not believe me you have to read
it from the real source not from hate websites like what hate what hate is
there’s nothing in the breastfeeding in Islam never never okay okay okay okay
let us see let us see where we go so this is ebony ‘kathy or the one you
asked me for to open its in front of us let me go there’s many pages this is
okay alright alright say it’s a new Messiah power who will maja Sinatra mean
Anissa Paul Hoonah the tool as word omaha’s not really sir is the one who
they are married why you said to me their version me no sir give me a fear
okay the Gigabyte do you wait a minute I think you studied
Arabic in Afghanistan maybe that’s why you Arabic is funny okay so you are wrong right what you are
wrong you admit that you are wrong you said to me those are versions I said to
read the verse please I read stuffs you do not just take cherry-picking or this
verse oh no this is not not that doesn’t mean you cannot understand your Arabian
and you know because he doesn’t stand – you told me to eat tuna Kathy we already
make a few technical because you’re just playing the word game you okay okay I’m
waiting only Allah Almighty mean Anisha alarum
allocate a miracle a WA Salim Ali Kemal is Navy yet okay
not wanna lose over that malakut america me any in lama malik moon abbis a
disturbing new ruler come what ona it’s almost an art and must not mean the ones
who are married is not the single one the version has your claim do you
understand arabic i’m asking a very specific question does it say they are
ok does that the sales married women how it says they are virgins
married women they are version it says listen listen what’s wrong with you
stop drinking camel urine it says that those are married women no you’re not
eat pigs you sleep with them no you don’t eat pigs but you should be you
don’t eat eggs but you give your books to strangers with drive it through are
you gonna throw up and drive through don’ts talk about honor and food we
don’t you don’t eat things but you drink it but your during clearing your drink
urine did you drink reward do you drink your f be honest when the last time you
drunk urine so why you mohammed ii said drink camera
urine bring the hadith actually ok let’s finish this one Ka’ala who nazar – azwaj
what does that mean what are you reading this is not this is not the link that i
give it what are you talking about this is an ethereal quran al-karim it maketh
a here no I sit to you from the link I gave it
to you I don’t see a link I don’t see any length what what is the website what
is the website what is the website what is the website you are reading from wait
it’s me f0 kurani Karim I know I know but what website ESO my favorite ok
my cousin here is the mister also sorry now this is this is the website this is
the website okay III know when you translate this to the English okay
listen this is a mica theater in front of me from the from the official
government website of Saudi Arabia Quran dot kiss the key s u dot e ducation
dot sa okay well ma so now – – er – alcohol hoon the word tool as George yes
read it I just did well maja so not minister called hoon has a word will as
word harem harem a la una caja wound illa ma mother cat a a menachem Fabio
Fabio hot-rock wa totemo armour so if you say low a slave if you sell a slave
huh the second you say it she is divorced don’t write this aren’t you the
one okay one who said to me read it okay wait for me know if you don’t bring the slave in world
you’re a liar okay okay hold on manicotti Amina Amina Kerr what might
occur to me like I mean let’s me this is a slave yes it’s honest oh you are you
dog what you come even in English read it in English okay let’s go to English
here we go this is American English what’s wrong with you when I showed you
an English one you said to me I want to go to the Arabic river here we go okay
except those whom your right hand possesses those are the slaves you see
it except whom your right hand possesses and this is a figure in English it says
also forbidden or women already married already women are married do you see it
do you see it so you are lying to us so there was all married women okay Islam
look this what the verse is saying is now you okay okay listen listen potato
potato potato potato I love into so high listen I want you to
open this link and I want you to read for me this is your Islamic website in
English don’t bring me hate it go on go on but
calm this is your website open it open it Oh bear really right for me just
bring the slave this except except those who had possessed what was what white
hand possessed me what right hand possessed me what right hand possess me
tell me you tell the audience its accept the slaves slaves accept the slaves I do
not sexist lame they said except slaves slaves so those are the slaves
his right hand possess the slaves or not huh which one you want we see not in W
did you okay this is in the link I use and the thing here we go let me said
you’re editing I’m sending you one in English and the one in Arabic and this
is the same one you give it or the one who said you have it you want
to send it to me but you are trying you could not it would not receive it it’s
enough front of me it says that the right hand process your opinion if you
is view now look what it says an empty mr. hood order by over palapa if you
sell a slave she is divorced automatically what kind of version this
version is if I send a stray and she have a husband she is divorce already
can you boast this hadith in the in the screen in the YouTube it is already
there everybody can see it oh and we must hold this is a bleak
Athiya an MMS old call by Yahoo hollow poo ha wah ha etc and then he said
animals Hotel is a beer to Emma Weller has always if I say you do her no
no what’s this Christian for instant news what is this what do you want to
kiss em prints in yours listen have you seen the screen yes I see the screen is
the website does this show on the website okay this is go on that come on
here we go do you see the hadith you see the
website address you think this is the same you gave me where did you send it
in sky be alright look at the screen I send it to you and Skype to you look in
the screen you see it Quran dot keishon dot sa do you see it the serie
me Kathy oh yeah it’s not no it’s not judging me yes do you see it there from
your side in the screen do you see the address is it showing your side guys yes
can you please yes can you read from the beginning okay so now you see it right
okay that’s wonderful okay so here it says let us see do you wanna read
well heck either Allah ho Muslim I would I would when we say Baba bah bah bah bah
bah kut Roboto Bharani hunter you got the hawk and it may have burst and
another that fisa by a high bar it was like sent down by those who are
kidnapped from high bar from the women from high bar and then he came to me he
says ok ok well not to me sir no this is for just can you read what’s mean of say
by a high bar in English the one they could not from high bar
ok ok yeah what do you what do you say you have a problem with that no ok and
then he said in the Bell Emma yeah Kunta la caja LaHaye means ogia
correct yes this is yes ok so if a woman she’s a slave she been sold she is
divorced automatically that’s wonderful Islam no he’s not talking no he’s not
talking like a black slave only black slave if you sell a black
slave she is divorced automatically huh only black slave the white slave if we
sell her she is not divorced automatically is that correct really
the other one who said that you said the black slave I said that people what did
you hear me I said that yes no he bit it he tried to play this word okay okay in
the bay I’ll translate yes what’s what what did the the word
meaning slave what kind of slaves you tell me I don’t know is he saying if the
cells if they sell a slave I mean this kind of slave there’s guys okay what
what what can you tell me it’s okay hold on what kind what this woman she have
three boobs she is a slave if she is a woman slave what do mean what kind it
say is there if if okay what kind of woman tell me tell me what kind of woman
what car what kind of women is slam sell what kind of woman as a Muslim you sell
in the market these days like if we go to the store if we go to the store of a
slavery what kind of the slaves you have to offer in your store what do you mean
what kind how many kind of slaves you have listen to me Christine I’m listening
listen to me if you want to read happy how many kind of stages you have you are
the one who asked me come on the one who asked me you are the one who asked me okay so you set yourself up okay you
said women from all Cho Muslims and they said so yes you are yes you are you are
you are an idiot it says to use this is it because here
you are forbidden from marrying or women already married
this is what mahasin at me you said to me maha’s not me in version this is
number one everything you say hold on you just say it you just said that those
are the success claims you can have sex with name you can have sex with them it
says there it’s forbidden for you to have sex with women already married
except your slaves so what do you do what you say is you have sex with them
are you stupid or what Salafi – so listen listen okay okay
there’s a guy there’s a guy he’s asking about the rest with imitator listen it’s
an affront of you says forbidden for you Mary
women y-you said to me the word mahasin at me inversion what if niggas here
saying they’re saying the automatic a few is lying you or oblique Athiya it’s
in front of us everybody can see it it says already married
okay so mahasin odd mean women already married so quran says you cannot have
sex with married women except the slaves or slaves who are married you can sleeps
with them are you there sigh let me to Sohail are you there hello I don’t hear
you don’t keep the mic from your you know don’t do breast feeding now later
the mic is not working Jesus say go and kill every women and children and leave
their versions slaves for you okay your God just to show you just to show you
just to show you how is stupid you are you just you just just just to show you
how is stupid just to show you how is stupid law just to show you how is
stupid you are you are changing the topic the O’s because you are dumb and
stupid like your prophet the verse you are saying doesn’t say that we will go
we will go back to it and that will make everybody laugh at you I will everybody
love you you are done listen listen listen listen shut up shut down big
mouth go and do a breast feeding relax go and do breast feeding or do what
Homer used to do you know what Elmo used to do I don’t want to show you the
hadith is very dirty listen this is this is a lawyer this is an example of the
Muslim lies she she is the one who asked me to read the Bleeker fear this is a
Nicosia this is not my website this is the zero Avenue kathiria we show it to
her in Arabic from the website of her choice we show it to her in English from
the website of her choice she lied to us saying that those are version women
those are married women this is a poster while talking about the
motor and now we are stuck that except that mamalakat imanakum is not as slaves
they are slaves and they are sexist slaves because here it says rid of me we
captured some women from the area of Altos who we are already married and we
dislike having sexual intention with them because already they have husbands
so we asked the Prophet about this matter
he said it’s forbidden for you married women except your slaves so they are
sexist lanes now let us see what if Nika Theo said about the Motown I think she
is doing breast feeding right now taking a break so among those among you who
have enjoyed give them they are required to require do so in Islam if you enjoy a
woman she have a required do it she have a payment means to enjoy them sexually now is that about the muta let us see he
will give us more explanation so those among them who have enjoyed give they’re
required to was revealed about the Mata this is stupid women she said to us that
muta is what the Shia we don’t have that in the Quran let me call her back so we
hope that she did breastfeeding I relaxed it says she is busy maybe she is
doing Matan let’s try again hello tehani yeah did you cool down now
did he quit down okay I have an affront of me right now Annika theory says that
this is a verse about da Matta what do you say everybody is loving because of
God because he’s gone why the loving God did the flood of Noah did he kill boys
and children’s – what did your God did the flood of Noah and he killed every
human being including the babies no you don’t believe in the flood of Noah no I
didn’t I didn’t say no you don’t believe in the flood of Noah
don’t deal I know you don’t believe in it do you quiet
okay now y’all quiet let us go back now do you see if Nicosia said that this is
about the mutiny oh do you see do you see you’re a brigadier saying this is
about the motor marriage do you see it in front of your eyes yes were stomach a
marriage it says there was made for you so those among them who are have enjoyed
you have enjoyed this is you know no just no bring to me slave work do you
see it or not preview see it okay we do me this is the website you choose for me
it says Walker this site in the you chooses the website this is a website
you do you this is the website this is the website okay okay my karate to be him daddy
Farida in a lot an element okay finished
finished reading by yourself and take your time
what a stupid idiot no but she I do that we must have seen you don’t do that we
must have suddenly were in a war vagina for seven days the Shia they do it only
for three days they get paid for sex this is this is the reality about Islam
her husband he can marry her for 5 min and divorce her Sunni or Shia doesn’t
matter and look how they lie she said to me no
I don’t like this website I want from this website here we go to see the
website you want this is your website this is the official government website
of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia if you go in the top hmm not only I showed you the
address okay let us go a click at the at the main do you see the pain the main it
says here pain I made a main version we click alright this is what this is
jahmiya telomeric Saud what language you want all line
witches to a Tokra denoted a Turkish Indonesia militia Bosnian bla bla bla
bla bla they have all the English at the scene English so this is this is the
Islamic website of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia I mean how amazing their lies
those people give me from the website of the one I like oh this is a hate website they are ashamed of their religion this
is the fact she don’t want to admit that her prophet was a scumbag who allowed
him to do breast feeding for adult doing muttering in their vagina the she had
the Shia do that they fabricated this is not in the Quran okay how you know I
read you not read okay what is color you want me to read it from Amica Thea okay
we will go to America Thea and why Jesus killed all the babies how Isis has
killed all the babies then I said to her did Allah kill all the babies when he
did the flood of Noah she was shocked why is this has killed the babies huh
your loving God killed the babies what kind of loving gods he killed the babies what a loving God oh boy alright let us
see if she found it I would call her back dr. Hannah did you find it now in
Arabic yes I found it so it says now it’s a different from the tissue it you
say the captive of Kaiba right no no just being this disturbs you from a hate
web site I read it in Arabic and you will explain it in English okay to the
people okay we this is not okay sorry–but I smell a
bit you are along muesli deciding mean hadith sure bamboo that Kalama and I
believe Salah Schmidt happy evening medium and every sale included for the
kokuboro aa AB divided and officially an enemy say ADP other Amin which offer and
I believe me and every state can admit this is Alabama this is not Prophet
Muhammad what we can contain or even everything everything and say it out put
that and every salad and every look man let me say if you could attend the
Siloam Assad was a bio Matas known as royal tomb in a hellish shit
I cannot as women as happy rasoolullah sallallahu wasallam comfortable minute
Oceano eleven easily travel eiope Dalek will
Musa not even an essay in Lama malakut America welcome Vera Wang was him abu
dawood when the same and had it say never ever said a Muslim this I will baby I said Emma will a hazard so say
you know why you jump while you jump it says there jump dear sir that feels
about a high bar do you see it yes okay so what you are saying to me while you
are saying to me at that’s like why you are saying say and do it to me I did lie
when I say this is from sabaha favor no it’s not from Sabbath – okay riddle me
that why you stop there you see where you stop it says O’Hara kadar Oahu
Muslim with the wood when you say and hadith Asahi Dubna rubra go from there
yes ok we continue yes continuing hadith hmmm Benigni maan karate biz 1900 a
little mini had a hadith – this is not continued hadith ok this is reliable it
says her son has done are you stupid continue continue no ok this is not a
reliable ok has a name what has a name with Hasani before you continue what
what hasn’t mean it’s a Zohar the hadith on Hasan what – thought has a man hasn’t
mean good right no it’s not it’s not like stage so what husband has amazing
reliable hustle okay so this one is not so he okay until you continue okay let’s
write okay no warm-up on could you this one is not sorry okay okay shut up to
that why you said to me is lie why you said to me I did lie when I said this is
about to buy affable apologize chapada stupid lawyers like your apologize for
lying this is from sabaha faber does it say
that this man does it say that or no does it say
Abhaya fiber yes or no this one but you did not read it I did I said to you this
is a light I said what I read for you and you are the one who accused me okay
now let us make a condition let us make a condition if I show you from the same
page I will always stay with you always stay with you always stay with me until
tomorrow I always stay with you until tomorrow we
will keep okay I will make you read the whole page it’s fine if we find if we
find in the same page or even from it says this is about the Mota how do you
go to the person if release it’s the same listen listen listen if we see in
the same is the same page you are reading from hold on hold on if we read
together in the same page while reading from we will read the all of it if we
find there it says that this is about Mota do you promise me to do breast
feeding for me yes maybe marry she will join us okay no problem let’s continue
guys she said yes she said yes yes yes Mary look Mary the cook you will join us
no problem continue Oh Mary Mary first okay okay Mary the cut and you and so
you would do breast feeding for me no problem continues Mary okay continue
continue reading continue reading okay I want to read the whole page and you will
see the motor in the front of your eyes and you will give me your breast you
like it or not because you made a promise
go ahead okay you feel just if you are a liar what its gonna be you will be a be
Muslim no yeah if I am alone I will be almost
and continue okay can you reading don’t stop from way to stop yes okay I don’t
hear you where are you I’m going back okay okay go I hope she will not
promise me breastfeeding for free I mean that’s well that’s prices I wish
everything can happen to me hey honey are you there don’t touch your
your mic okay okay now okay go continue we are listening what row October on him
in buttercup the hack and even our bus in my nizzle it’s visa by a paper this
is another another hadith about the same verse okay this is the true source okay
the first one we said it’s not to rely on another country okay honey let’s
reset what will I buy a fiber whether karma that hadith ignition a Doha by
myself Annabelle Emma you’re cool palaka Allah Allah Hammond so chair she must be
divorced okay not a success sleep I heard that boom happy liya valid me
gerod Holliman now Idol fan of Muhammad bin Jennifer and sure that movie and
ibraheem and also Sue Ellen Emma what this mean I’m I mean the bow
to biohazard I like I’ll have to lawyer cool baby haha okay she must mean it
translate what by hot lava this is important she is an Emma if we sell her
she is devoted to matically correct so she is a straight if we sell her she’s
excuse divorced just by saying a woman yes but what did you say I’m okay so if
we sell a woman she’s okay okay he’s not a Muslim and she wants to be she she
wants to send free the the owner of the of the women so ok Muslims to free we
are since Bo are yes we are buh-bye oh ha if we sell her she is
divorced what’s at the fray she’s not so you are but you are selling women right
saying women by sinning them yes diversity or cope continue okay but can
you explain to me continue continue continue because I can’t wait for the
breastfeeding will you promise me continue because you will see the Mota
if there’s a moat are there or not continue reading
okay okay Dada this is another another Hadid one Ibrahim and thirty and highly
collab anonymity there be light and Emma well has Odin they say you do her Huck
Bieber they have please explain in English if you sell a women this the new
master he is the one who is have the right over her vagina where’s the vagina
so what what you bother her vagina so it’s mean what you have the right of
what I’ll talk about what we are talking about sexual intercourse it’s forbidden
for you to have sex with women they are already married correct okay so he’s
doesn’t about what I want happy about about has okay about having sex continue
so it’s about six so the new master he had the right to F this women because
now he is the master the husband he have no right she’s divorced from him because
she sought on you master yeah so here’s the one who enjoy the
divorce divorce by selling her right you’re the one who said that by your
what Allah how you forgot so the new master the new master tokoha me she is
divorced you must what I cannot use the noob that
there is a new buyer will buy her by OVA by Yahoo ha so but by selling her to
different person that is an issue of divorce so she is divorced from the old
husband now the new guy who owner have the right to enjoy her vagina continue no this is not okay continue continue
okay okay okay okay so hasanat is the most
not is not the version as you told me in the beginning you did like to know about
the translation about this story idiot idiot idiot the slaves are not mahasin
are are you stupid or what the Muhammad is the married women who the other three okay continue continue continue I cannot
wait for my breastfeeding you promised me everybody is a witness yes almost we
almost done we are almost there you can you actually it’s very long here
no it’s not it’s not long don’t worry so anyway I mean okay Phoebe yeah ha ha da say Maserati me initial remember okay okay okay it was in English in
English I am with you I can go to run away from this okay so all of this all
of this Rica theory or if this was a stupid are you saying that what you are
saying that everything we’re it and then now from the top to the today to where
we are is a stupid correct if we Kathy saying thank you very much she said she
says that although this look what you said all the other scholars who say
about this what they say is stupid this what she says are you donkey are you a
donkey we do not arrive to them what are you stupid don’t hey you stupid donkey
you didn’t we did not arrive to them what I hear – I’ll just explain now
having sex with the slave we are not around with a donkey with a nut all
right or than what I continue reading we were
soon we’re not orion’s we are not in the motor yet we are not in the motor dump
idiot continue don’t keys did you read the word Butantan no or not did you read
there’s no more time to now continue yes we did not say what are they okay
continue then you will see what are later later is coming okay Annabelle Emily
okay so shut up this disagree about only selling the
slave if it’s divorce owner this is the only disagreement continue
okay really yes what I say is they disagree about
surrender slave is here divorce anyone you meet Arabic or speak Arabic he would
know that John Thomas Luba dama dama de nanã ê in errata when it is when it is
it at Cara well let me emphasis Makaha means OD
home with Baca teracle and Festus ah – ah Monsieur let my fear and maybe sallallahu
wasallam dilemma here I had a lab a car anymore Adnan ayah and was a bit el
Moussa bedrock wallow on okay so only 100 only women okay so you okay we are
talking about you just said that only women who they are kidnapped from their
husbands is the one who they are when you sell them they are divorced
automatically continue okay continues in in Arabic you understand but okay –
analysis and if I leave competitor ku hospital
tell me please read this in English and it says that the wars who says that
meant the mahasin administer is the women who protect their dignity that’s
all okay put some indignity it’s mean you don’t give me your boobs
okay you don’t take off your panty yes okay but you take off your husband I
can’t even enjoy it aníbal area was also a rumor over beta
when Musa not even indicia man Haram Hanako LM America America okay Alec I
had a daring kitab kitab outlaw a little bit about who do the us what color was
it up and it could be any and ibrahim America
holy hill yellow kumara adela come a my other men the car diamond American holiday the city welcome now alright
that if my doing and other what I buried was come at them hello Kamal italicum
Yanomami look at America jolly Legion banal octane okay this is fear the worse
that the Muslims okay have issue with what chemical hello MA aya to Muhammad
Amin I am Holly interpreter will be Amalia Commerce in another your almost
after him I tested my luminous dot Allah
but I will share a demon but that is sherry what he had a column of singing
moose after him okay now I will give me your promise it does mean this is and
there is no problem you translate this it says a lot of you it says it says and
this is about Nicaragua and there is no dot washer on mine I told you
Krauser translate translate translate translate this is about he said and this
is about the ayah of muta and it’s not a dot that does in the beginning of Islam
what how was allowed then after that was forbidden then after that and Asha I
said and the Shafi said and some of the scholars it is allowed then forbidden
then allowed then forbidden twice yes or no yes I’m complete so what you are
saying to me but I was not why you so dry your lawyer you said this is for
this year why you said this is for the shiaa why you said to me this is not on
the horn scholars not Mohammed okay Mohammed the
one who said to me you are the one who said if an ethnic ethereal so we went to
America this is your choice do you want to shape
so now admit you say if you say they promised you promised if company can see
you’re saying this is about muta you will do breastfeeding for me everybody
heard you it’s even case you had met the one who said you are the one who said
because you say you said like you said there are this number go go coward like
you’re a prophet go take off your panty and do muta
cover the same as your prophet do your prophet says that yes this is going on
and this is a mega fear and this is the book you asked me to read a farm so I
was at all this time listening to you you idiot who do not know how to read to
arrive here no yeah only here they have that we are Muslim Sania or panty is
bigger you are the same as the rest of them and let us see if Mohammed is the
one who said that or the scholar or a because here only we can go right now to
the hadith there’s tons of hadith about the Mata
and the Shia are more wisdom than you we are more Muslim than you let us see did
Muhammad says this is it nigga feel this Muhammad say that it is Muhammad huh
riddle me to our Mota which we are not principal but only for us I eat and
purely marriage with muta with women all right I see let us see let us see I want
to show you what Muhammad he said the Mota is hella here we go they’ll come to
us the proclaimer of Allah messenger and then he said Allah messenger has a
granted us permission okay hold on hold on let me go and see show you where
Muhammad he said himself go and enjoy women and do Makar with him and you know
what even if you are the only women in the world I will not do breastfeeding
for when you from us come back you must a moment of full of AIDS listen this is
your prophet you said you see you say it show me what you processed it that’s
right we don’t need we don’t need oniy we’re doing because the boss
the Prophet says the Prophet said the Prophet said the Prophet said I I forbid
you three things and now I command you permit you for them I forbid you to
visit the grave I did etcetera etc etc etc and then dancing
you have to bigot let us show you I will complete this so so I make a thing so
i’m nick ethereal greed you agree the nigga theory so I believe nigga theory I
agree with muta correct listen listen to me what is a museum on Europeans a
problem a MIDI Johanna and Eddie I know girls I’m a versatile slrlewis inin
chemical yeah you are nesting diamond in this hour in the la guitarra Metallica
LA all of them thank you translate translate your profit now it’s your
profit not the because he is your profit it’s your affair to allow the motor so
it’s your process hey hey hey hey listen so you admitted now your profit is the
one who allowed the Mota yes or no stop stop stop stop
potato potato hey hey hey hey big bounty who is the one who is in there who has
not want to speak in there so you’re a profit so your profit did allow them to
do Moton yes or no yes or no yes or no stupid idiot
she just admitted her profit is the one who allowed the motor so – honey you
just you just wait for me you just wait for me idiot you just wait for me
the hadees’ saying your profit is the one who allowed the Matta you just did
so your office so do you admit so do you have that you’re perfect so so so you
admit so you admit ok get lost you will not talk to me she’s just wanna talk to
herself she’s just the treat for us but her profit allowed the Mota one last
time if she will continue a doctor no more so listen don’t talk
talk honey okay listen okay so now you admitted that your prophet is the one
who allowed da matta it’s your prophet now really you just threw the hadith for
me you said the Prophet he said I allow you
to do matter and now I forbid you you should be please please please read
wha-wha and it near best no it says that is you just say that the Prophet SAV did
you say the prophets so the prophets or the Prophet is the one who allowed the
Mota read it so the process is the one is the Prophet is the one with a yes or
not okay but who is the one who allowed it tell me what I wanted donkeys like
you don’t just like you yeah I don’t allow you to eat donkeys like you this
is what it says but who is the one who allowed to do Matar first is your
brought your prophet or someone else know where where’s the mood I hear in
the first please tell me you’re the one who said that to me Oh tell people and
the women and the Muslim women to show up there Pope’s tell me where’s this I
showed you I am not only shown to do breast feeding don’t you don’t you know
they don’t want don’t change the topic who is the one who allowed the matter
who is the one who okay who is the one who allowed the matter no okay who is
the one who is the one allowed the motown who is the one okay who is the
one who allowed them a seat who is the one allow the matter who is the one okay
okay just tell me right right now was gonna show her poop Mary or Jesus I
don’t know you are a whore like your prophet and this is why you are allowed
yourself to do the one who is the one so often so you just prayed for me and now
you are trying to deny it you just retreat for me you just good read for me
ghost come back go complain commies you are a whole like Oh prophet this why you
have a dirty thumb trying to insult Mary and Jesus I have no time for you
scum back like your prophet it is the Prophet of Islam who allowed the Matta
the Prophet of Islam because people they start making fun of him and actually
less many hadith says even that it’s not even him
now let me show you let me show you that clear hadith Muhammad actually made a
video of water just two days ago you see how faith in her mouth
they say – you will respect DJ’s right pieces for the Muslims he was a playing
with his mother Walkman boomed the books yeah we love Jesus will respect Jesus
bunch of scum back now let us see all right look at this hadith look at
this hadith let me show you in the screen we went out with Allah messenger
on farewell you know to go to the Hajj and then they said o Messenger of Allah
Stian away for women from women became so difficult for us he said then makes
temporary marriage with these women by the way in Arabic it doesn’t say
Temperley marriage it says da Matta there’s no marriage and this filthy
woman she is saying to us it is not here a prophet who order it it’s your prophet
in the beginning she said let us suitably Cathy I challenge you I said ok
so if I show it you from the weakest he would do breastfeeding for adult she
said yes then we show it to her fabricated a she said oh this is the
scholars opinion not the prophecy in that but it’s your prophet who did allow
that and he did to practice it himself do you see how much page
you have to do with not to be more Muslims they are filthy they are trashy
and they have no self-respect and the second you put them in the corner they
start seeing filthy things trying to install Jesus now I would give her one
more time just I want to show her in front of her eyes she’s not answering I hope she is like I was someone else hater honey yes I have a sahih hadith in
front of me if you don’t mind – listen I first listened it says this is what
they’re saying listen listen listen you are a shame you didn’t like us you did
lie to us okay get get go to hell go go go faith is come back like your prophet
phir aaja tell whether our Fotolia rasool allah in la ceiba published at
that elena all first time dear woman hey Venus o Messenger of Allah
staying away from women is so hard the Prophet said go into muta
here we go and he pointed his fingers at the women who they are there then we
went to those women and we asked them to f them with what what I mean to have
them to sleep with them but they insisted on sitting a fixed time between
us and them the image and that to the prophet and he said set the fixed time
between you and them and she said to me don’t say to me the hadith don’t say I
don’t want to see hadith so how you
the Prophet said is that the according to Muslim the Quran is a lot talking
according to Muslims the Quran all of it is not Muhammad
talking so why you asking me where Muhammad said that how long ago what to
show you what Muhammad said that unless I used the hadith trashy and now because
she felt how stupid she was when she said what she said so now she’s gonna
fight back but actually I like it when Muslims they
call us because that would make it really fun and we love better yes they
try to in so they try to call names that bla bla bla but it show it’s a great
training for those who are listening how Muslims they are deceiving people they
are not people of dignity or honesty even how the scholar look you see I
showed her the English one the English website she said no this is a website of
lies this is a website of lies then we went to the Arabic the Arabic says the
same so with those among them who you enjoy
them give them they require do was revealed about the motor I marriage this
is what she wrote for me in Arabic and what a marriage is a marriage that end a
bond predetermine the main time or date in the two sahay’s
it was recorded that the leader of the faith early evening ABI talib said the
messenger of allah forbid the muta and eating meat of donkeys and you look at
the relationship together you see Islam is really very it makes
sense how are you honey are you eating meat of donkeys or do women likewise
tomorrow we let hide up ok did you eat did you see did you see did you see did
you see your prophet saw you so you admit your prophet saying so yeah
so you had mentioned this billion abusing no you’re not no
he’s not you’re the one who said Jesus play with the boobs of his mother you
are the one you are the one who saved Jesus a play with the boot of his mother
because if I say to you O Muhammad the play with the book of his mother is that
the respect don’t call me don’t call me don’t call
me again let your dad talk to me

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