House in Water | Mangla Dam | Mirpur Azad Kashmir | Flood

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42 thoughts on “House in Water | Mangla Dam | Mirpur Azad Kashmir | Flood

  1. Mashallah Nice video brother, how is this possible with the house? Is because it was built on hill??? take care brother

  2. load bearing wall in water???it should be rcc frame structure. yeh kisi bhi waqt gir sakta hai.kisi baewaqoof ney is tarah sey banwaya hai

  3. Pata nai kis itna piyara ghar dhub giya. Lagney mein toh ye scenes bahot piyara lag raha. Mager js ka ye ghar hy us ke dill se pucho.

  4. Please type “Pakistan toilet solution” and see an important video . Building mansions is pointless if sewage systems are failing

  5. i m from mirpur azad kashmir where is this home its fake plz dont share this kind of videos.

  6. Ye ghar kis side ha ? Jari kass side ya asfa bhutto park side???

  7. What is the use of making such house in the mid of the lake!!! Do they really live in the house? How did they build the house?

  8. ya harnauu ma haii panyam dam ka andar ab to bilukl he khrab hou gya hai ya ghar

  9. If you want to see the beauty of my Hometown Gilgit Baltistan then check my Vlogs ???

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