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Houston and Dallas Space City and Big D The biggest and third biggest cities in Texas, which is impressive, because everything is bigger in Texas. To say there is a rivalry between the two iconic cities is an understatement. They are 240 miles, or 386 km apart. About 3 and a half hour drive. And yeah, both are huge.
In fact, with around 2.4 million people, Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States. With 1.4 million people, Dallas is the 9th largest. Houston actually is the biggest city in the country by total area. Orange: Now hold up man, what about metropolitan area? I know, I know. Dallas is part of the 4th largest metro area in the country (7.6 million). I mean, it’s close to Fort Worth and Arlington. Their metro is also known as DFW, or simply The Metroplex. Houston’s metro area is 5th (7 million). And for the rest of this video, I will give you statistics based on their metros areas, unless I state otherwise, mmk? First of all, Dallas has a lower population density. Ok next, so apparently there are these rankings by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network that look at global cities. While it considers both Dallas and Houston global cities, Houston is ranked Alpha – and Dallas is ranked at Beta +. Have fun with that in the comments. Houston is a short drive from the ocean. More specifically, the Gulf of Mexico or even more specifically, Galveston Bay. It’s a Gulf Coast city. Dallas is…uh…a longer drive from the ocean. It’s at the edge of the Great Plains, and you’re not going to see as many palm trees there. Due to this, Dallas gets more tornadoes and Houston gets more hurricanes. Dallas is at the southern end of what’s known as Tornado Alley, where tornadoes are more common. Dallas has been directly hit by tornadoes multiple times in its history. Houston has been hit by hurricanes multiple times. Most recently, in 2017 Hurricane Harvey caused parts of Houston to flood. Flooding is actually a regularly occurring problem in Houston, but not in Dallas as they’ve figured out a way to tame the mighty Trinity River, for the most part. Related to this…Houston is sinking. Literally. Dallas is not. This is partially due to Houston pumping lots of groundwater. Both cities technically have the same humid subtropical climate, but you wouldn’t know it being in the two cities. First of all, you generally don’t want to be in both cities during the summer. They are hot. Although, the humidity is worse in Houston and its summers drag on longer. It can be miserable. Both cities have four seasons, although the winters are pretty mild. If you visit both, obviously you should go in the spring or fall. This may be no surprise at this point in the video, but Houston gets a lot more precipitation than Dallas. Both don’t get much snow, although it does snow in Dallas more due to it being further north. Both are flat…and nowhere near mountains. But at least Houston has seaside beaches nearby. Houston has been around longer than Dallas. Before Europeans arrived, the Caddo people lived in the area where Dallas is today. The Karankawa people lived in the area where Houston is today. Land speculator John Kirby Allen and his bro Augustus Chapman Allen founded Houston on August 30, 1836, and named it after Sam Houston, the hero of the Battle of San Jacinto during the Texas Revolution, which only happened a few months before. Five years later, in November 1841, a dude named John Neely Bryan founded Dallas. Supposedly, Dallas was named after Vice President George Dallas, but this is disputed, as there are a lot of other Dallases it could have been named after. Houston was the capital of the Republic of Texas until it relocated to Austin in 1839. Both cities became American cities after the United States annexed Texas in 1845. By 1860, Houston was a big commercial and railroad hub for exporting cotton, while Dallas was still a tiny town only notable because that year there was a big fire that destroyed most of its business district. Even though they didn’t have any evidence, Dallas residents blamed slaves for it, and ended up lynching three slaves and ordering all the other slaves in town to be whipped. After the Civil War, both cities grew rapidly due to industrialization. Dallas surpassed Houston to become the biggest city in Texas after it annexed East Dallas in 1890. It also benefited from being at the intersection of the railroad and the cattle drives and cotton producers. In 1900, after Galveston got hit badly by a devastating hurricane, Houston residents made more of an effort to turn it into a deep-water port city, eventually improving the Houston Ship Channel. In 1914, the first steamboat service began going back and forth from Houston to New York. Today the Port of Houston is one of the country’s busiest seaports. Meanwhile, Dallas had transformed from a mostly agricultural economy to become a booming manufacturing city. It led the country in producing horse accessories, cotton gins, drugs, books, jewelry, and wholesale liquor. Later it got into banking, insurance, fashion, and retail. Houston began to make a lot of money from oil, with twelve oil companies located there by the time the Port of Houston opened. By 1930, it was once again the largest city in Texas, and it’s been the biggest ever since. Despite both cities attracting many African Americans to live and work there, both were guilty of discriminating against them with Jim Crow laws. Today, just over 25% of residents in both Dallas and Houston identify as African American. Houston has the most ethnically diverse metro area in the country. Around 145 different languages are spoken by its residents. Dallas is pretty diverse, too. In fact, a higher percentage of Dallas residents were born in another country compared with Houston. (25%-22%) This is probably due to a larger Hispanic and Latino presence in Dallas. 42.4% of Dallas residents identify as Hispanic or Latino, compared with 37% of Houston residents. Dealey Plaza in Dallas of course was where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated right in front of everyone on November 22, 1963. NASA opened the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston around that same time, and it brought lots of jobs to the city. Dallas had a real estate boom in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but that came crashing down in the late 1980s. It was around this same time a show called Dallas was really popular on TV. Since the show featured millionaires who made their fortunes in the oil industry, you think it would have been based in Houston, but I guess there are cattle ranchers in it, too, which is more associated with the Dallas area. Speaking of beef, and I don’t want to start a beef, but both Houston and Dallas are known for their tasty beef. Today, top industries in Dallas include technology, financial services and defense. Top industries in Houston revolve around oil and gas exploration, refining, and production, but also it’s known for health care, biomedical research, and aerospace. Houston has the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical complex in the freaking world. Overall, Houston has a MUCH higher GDP than Dallas. And yeah, the average annual salary is slightly higher in Houston. (Dallas- $51,250 Houston- $53,820) However, the unemployment rate is lower in Dallas. (3.5% in Dallas, 4.3% in Houston) Both are still fairly affordable cities compared to other global cities. And both are a lot cheaper than nearby Austin, Texas. Overall, though, it’s a little cheaper to live in Houston than Dallas. Taxes are also 3.4% cheaper in Houston. U.S. News & World Report ranks Dallas as #21 on its Best Places to Live list. It ranks Houston at #30. Dallas has a lower crime rate. The poverty rate is almost the exact same in both cities. A higher percentage of students graduate high school in Houston. (74% in Houston, 72% in Dallas) but the student to teacher ratio is lower in Dallas. (15:1 in Dallas, 17:1 in Houston) 73% of Houstonians and 78% of Dallasites identify as Christian, with Evangelical Protestants making up the largest group in both cities. Overall, Dallasites are more religious. Both tend to have younger residents compared to most other cities around the United States, although Dallasites are slightly younger on average. Houston has a much better skyline…the fifth tallest in North America as matter of fact. Both are car cities, and thus commute times are pretty bad in both. Thankfully there is acceptable public transit. Dallas has Dallas Area Rapid Transit, or DART. Houston has the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, or METRO. Uh, no that acronym doesn’t work. Anyway, both DART and METRO provide both bus and rail service. By most accounts, the light rail service in Dallas is much better and more expansive, although METRO plans to greatly expand its current rail system. Both have two major airports. Both have a bike sharing system. What about pollution? I know you’ve been waiting this entire video to hear about pollution, right? Well while air pollution is horrible in both cities, it’s worse in Houston. How about some other random facts?
Houston has a better variety of food choices. This is probably why Houstonians eat out more than residents of any other city in the country. Ok, here’s a weird sentence. Dallas is ridiculously centrally located. It’s a four-hour flight from nearly every North American destination. Houston apparently doesn’t have zoning laws. This is why you see pictures like this. Dallas has one of the biggest LGBT populations in the country. For all cities with more than a million residents, Houston ranks #1 for total park space. Dallas was where Walker, Texas Ranger was filmed. Uh, I kind of just wish I could show footage from the wonderful show for the rest of this video. So good. Get ‘em! Ok, anyway…let’s.uh..let’s move on. Oh yeah, what about sports. Let’s see if I can make some folks mad here. First of all, for Major League Baseball, Houston has the Astros, Dallas has the Rangers. Right I know they actually play in Arlington but come on now. Stop. For the NFL, Houston has the Texans…well geez that’s a bit arrogant of a name…claim the state for yourselves…and Dallas has an obscure little team called the Cowboys. For the NBA, Houston has the Rockets and Dallas, the Mavericks. For Major League Soccer, Houston has the Dynamo and Dallas has FC Dallas. Right I know they are in Frisco but come on now. Stop it. And let’s throw the NHL in there. Dallas has the Stars and Houston…well well well. Houston doesn’t have an NHL team. Interesting. In conclusion, both cities are amazing places not only to visit, but if you can stand the summers, wonderful places to live. And if you want to move to either one, you’d better hurry, the cost of living is still actually reasonable and that’s not going to last that much longer. Mr. Beat: So, I’m here with Will Fox from the channel The Exploration He grew up in Dallas, so he has a perspective between the, or about the differences between Houston and Dallas. Will: The main thing is, that people, that Houstonians think that there’s this big rivalry between Houston and Dallas, and the reality is that, you know people from Dallas, we don’t even think about it. You have friends in Houston, right? You guys ever talk about this? Will: Uh, no. (laughs) . Mr. Beat: (laughs) that’s ok What about the drivers? Will: Oh, they’re…the thing is going down to Houston is a nightmare So Dallas for the win again. It’s strange that, you know you might think I’m biased, but it’s just objectively a better place to be. Mr. Beat: Thanks to Will from the channel The Exploration for letting me interview him and for reading over my script. Don’t worry, I also had a Houstonian read over my script as well. Jared from the channel Wisecrack He grew up in Houston. Be sure to check out Wisecrack, for crying out loud. So which is better? Dallas or Houston? I’m sure there will be plenty of trash talking in the comments for this one. Which two cities should I compare next? How many of you actually watched this video up to this point? Let me know. And yes, I do try to read as many comments as possible. Yet another reason why I do not sleep. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Which is better? Houston or Dallas? Which two cities should I compare next?

  2. I live in Houston in my opinion, here’s the bad part it’s humid as hell trump supporters and ghetto areas but on the upside it’s beautiful for the MOST part it’s a good community better malls

  3. How can u compare Dallas to Houston but Dallas not even better than San Antonio or Austin

  4. Dallas is a bigger OKC. Dallas has more in common with Oklahoma then tx. It should be Dallas Oklahoma.

  5. Except Dallas has no real culture. Cleaner city but Houston is more authentic and well-rounded.

  6. First and foremost
    No other place comes close to Houston
    But yeah rest of texas is fine too.
    On the topic of rivalry, yeah if you talk smack about houston then we beefin

  7. I have lived in both (currently in Houston) I FREAKING LOVE IT HERE! I will never leave.

  8. I grew up in rural north central Texas and have lived in both Dallas & Houston for my job. Houston is trash. Period. DFW is nice and clean, Houston is trash with a huge drug, crime, and homeless problem…. it also smells bad too and the traffic in Houston is way worse than Dallas traffic.

  9. Lived in Houston for over 10 years, been in Dallas for 5 years now. Dallas is great, Houston is better. Weather is terrible in both lol

  10. The writer of this program clearly is not very familiar with Dallas, Dallas doesn't have much defense industry within it. Fort Worth does and so does Garland TX but not Dallas.

  11. Been to Dallas once, it sucked. Been living in Houston now for 17 years, it sucks even more. People here are arrogant and half of them pretend to not know the English language. Worked with several people from, shall we just say "another country," that get paid cash under the table. Yet we claim to not have an illegal immigrant problem in this country. Overall, it's not the city that sucks, it's the people that make the city suck. If I could afford to pack up and leave right now, I'd be back in Savannah, GA in no time at all

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    When Christ voted, Jews are in Aucherwitz.

    Larry Sabato knows the Future and he still cannot win. His theory is, a body at rest is Hell. A body in motion is Hell, what else could it be? He is food, clothing and shelter only in Virginia and Tabled as a Jefferson anti-Christ Jew self actualized, dies without Love ❤️.


    Walnut Hills

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    Welfare Rules VIRGINIA

  13. Just big cities with big city problems. Let's see, poor government, poor transportation, too much traffic, too much crime.

  14. I grew up in Houston, and my life dream was to live in Dallas, and my nightmare was CA, which is where my husband took us for a job and stuck here ever since….ug.

  15. As someone who lived in California for 30 years and only moved to Texas (Houston) 5 years ago (Don't worry- I have no intention of changing TX to CA), I think I can offer a more unbiased opinion between these two cities: Overall, Dallas or the DFW metro area seems much better laid-out, cleaner and has better weather. Overall, it is a better-looking city. Houston has horrible/idiotic zoning laws which is great for business but makes the place look disorganized and weird. You can literally have a tire shop next to a church next to a single house next to a strip center next to an apartment complex next to a restaurant. Probably due to the flooding in Houston, many areas don't have sidewalks and instead have small gullies/ditches at the side of the road to help store water so that an area doesn't get too inundated. Dallas, as I said, has a much cleaner look, the buildings looks nicer as do the roads. Also, it isn't as humid in Dallas- it feels fresher there. As for the people, I have met some amazing people in Houston. Fantastic people. I have been told that many people in Dallas can be hoity-toity, uppity, arrogant and that the area is pretty segregated where certain section of the city will have a certain race or group of people whereas in Houston, it can be pretty mixed-up with an array of races, religions etc all within the same section of a city. I guess it's all a matter of what is most important to you. Even though I have only visited Dallas a few times compared to living full-time in Houston for 5 years, I think I would PREFER to live in Dallas so that might be a good indication of how nice Dallas appears and feels at least on the surface level. BTW, Houston has amazing food- not sure how well Dallas holds-up.

  16. Both suck. Both are sanctuary cities, both have corrupt politicians, both are crime ridden. Fuck Texas!!!!

  17. I am from Dallas Texas and feel Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin are the four BIG BROTHERS of TEXAS. I am just proud to be a TEXAN y'all

  18. Houston metroplex dwarfs DFW with it's 22 million from Willis TX north to Galveston South and from Katy west to Mount Belview east.

  19. Houston thinks Dallas has a rivalry with them. It’s a lie, we have a rivalry with Austin.

  20. 10:05 best food and really huge portions! , but worst place to work at in my opinion

  21. Dallas is better! Yeah, that's right! Move there…please don't move to Houston. We're full. lol 🤣🤣

  22. Fun fact about houston zoning laws my friend lives underneath a powerline and the state pays them like half a mill a year for high risk of it falling down and it not being the states fault of not being covered for insurance and such and its the tall power lines next to it

  23. As long as you keep democrats out of both cities, either would be a great choice!

  24. So no proof of who started the fires in dallas — which i'm 100% sure it was a white person. They blamed the slaves, just like they did when rapes occurred. So they hung innocent people and whipped the rest. Don't worry dallas & houston for that fact payback is coming. Ya'll tortured and murdered our ancestors, so the descendants of the torturers must pay.

  25. I've lived in both. Dallas is a cleaner, nicer looking city. Houston has nicer more down to earth people. Both cities have plenty of job opportunities and are relatively cheap to live in. The weather is bad in both places, especially during summer.

  26. except for size their is no different they are both run by liberal democrats and both are sanctuary cities and really don't represent Texas values.

  27. I live in Dallas, that snow thing is a lie, we got ice 7 years ago , does that count

  28. Don't bring y'all asses to Houston. Or Dallas stay where you at. These guys setting yall up for failure. Crime is high even in the white neighborhoods. They don't care where you live they robbing you or killing you one of the two.

  29. Besides people born in texas don't leave Texas. Like me. We was under rated and want to stay that way. Please and thank you.

  30. Will at the end is objectively right. I don't know anyone who could say with a straight face that traffic faster in Houston. Or that it's even comparable. Houston traffic is closer to LA than to Dallas.
    The existence of this video is a surprise, in that there is no real rivalry here. Will is correct that Dallas… doesn't really think about Houston much. It's the city no one wants to visit family in during the holidays, that's about it.

  31. Just a few months after you posted this video, Dallas got smacked by a giant f4 tornado, that ran right through the middle of the northern part of the city. From one major highway to the other. I saw it from the airport I work at in Dallas.

  32. Houston is the 4th largest city in the US and largest city in Texas by itself, but Dallas is the 4th largest metropolitan area in the US and largest metropolitan area in the State of Texas.

  33. Dallas has the worst drivers…lol. And Houston drivers just drive slow…lol. When I drive in Houston I find myself saying, “What are you doing?!?!!!” And when I drive in Dallas I find myself saying, “Why TF would you do that?!?!!”

  34. Having lived in Dallas and Houston equally in my adult life thus far…..traffic is worse in Dallas and while Houston freeways seem to always be under construction, Houston's overall freeway system seems better and as for drivers…….I think they're slightly worse in Dallas. I was in 3 not at fault accidents in Dallas and only one…..knock on wood….in Houston

  35. Very informative!, but the commentary was fag boy!, probably a but pirate!!!!

  36. I think it's funny that people say there is a rivalry between the 2 cities. I didn't know this until in the 90's I had to travel to Dallas on business and the first time I went there is the first time I heard there was a rivalry. They couldn't shut up about it. I had to break the news to them that I had never heard of a rivalry between the cities…that it was apparently a one-way rivalry, and that we didn't know we were in a rivalry with Dallas. BTW I'm here to tell you that you'd rather be in Dallas during the hot Summers. The dryer heat there is much better than the humid heat in Houston. There IS a difference. But I'm not moving there 🙂

  37. Well at least you know that Latinos in Dallas actually speak Spanish unlike the rest state. Dallas seems more like a California city then a Texas city.

  38. PLEASE Check out this interview my friend did with HOUSTON'S MAYOR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8HxZMTR3lc&t=43s

  39. OMG so true that Houstonians always think there is some competition but literally nobody in Dallas talks about competing with Houston about anything😂

  40. I wouldn't say we have 4 seasons… the fall and spring are less than a month each and if you have allergies, don't bother coming during spring cause I believe Dallas/Houston/Atlanta are all tied for the worst allergies

  41. Both cities have had citizens murdered in their own homes by police officers.

  42. Snow more in Dallas? Hahaha what a Chad making these jokes this city snows like once a year and it last like an hour

  43. Believe it or not, Dallas doesn’t like Houston because of all the blacks. That’s why they think they’re better – because Dallas is white and “richer.” But look at that average income from Houston. Dallas just has a big head. I’ve lived in both.

  44. Houston is the most diverse city in the country
    Houston has the best medical center in the country
    Houston has Nasa
    Houston has the rodeo
    And frankly just my opinion the best food.
    Beyonce. BE-YON-CE
    Its cheaper to live here than Dallas
    Our museum district is top notch
    Ask anyone to name a city in Texas and the first one is always Houston
    But in all seriousness I love Dallas, it’s the people swarming into Texas that get on my nerves

  45. We don't distinguish between DFW and Dallas, there are so many little cities within our Metroplex that Dallas would not exist without Mesquite, Garland, Richardson, Seagoville, Balch Springs, Glenn Heights ect ect.

  46. We weren't aware we were in a rivalry with ourselves, we are TEXAS period and we stand together under OUR Constitution. We anchor this forsaken Country and are the only ones who can detach and function independently as a Country. Dallas is Dallas but Houston is full of foreigners trying to capitalize on their sketchy medical degrees, the humidity is horrible and the transplants are dangerous drivers and sex trafficking is what they do. We're use to our Latino population, we will always remember the Alamo so Dallas is just chillin, Houston is much faster. If you want a fast paced big city Cali/NY like environment then go to Houston, If you want a slower more chill metro existence then DFW and you decide what vibe from Ft Worth to Frisco and everything in between but either City come correct…DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!

  47. native born houstonian have nothing against dallas probably because Houston is very diverse and most but not all houstonians are accepting of all. and i dont care about sports so maybe that's it too.

  48. native houstonian currently living in illinois of all places and cant wait to get back to texas in about 6 months!

  49. Houston used to have an AHL team called the Houston Aeros but they are now the Iowa Wild as of 2013

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