How COBRA violates Constitutional Rights & eats up Unemployment Insurance ! August 2, 2019

okay here’s the question it is a Twitter
question about Cobra Cobra is expensive because there’s no employer contribution
and it only lasts 18 months and that’s one of the things I dealt with after I
got divorced my dad when I moved he’s yelling and screaming at me telling me I
need to get Cobra and I said okay this is how much I make are you gonna pay for
my insurance and so Cobra was five hundred dollars and so might even my
current husband he got Cobra after his job ended for himself but I wasn’t
included and so yeah and so let’s go down here and there’s a person on was on
Twitter who’s had a similar experience that they’ve gone many years without
medical insurance employed or unemployed and it costs more than they can afford
to get health care that’s the same thing for me I root for some remarks in here
it says divorced single women rarely have benefits if you are a stay-at-home
mother to a u.s. military active duty soldier but that would be any person in
America you know so you can take that apply it to yourself any woman in
America who’s been a stay-at-home mother is a contribution I put you get zero
medical benefits if you get divorced before 20 years that’s you know and so
the same thing would apply if you’re any American any American woman you would
get zero medical benefits and the benefits would stay with your ex-husband
you get nothing and and so I said and an it cost me about twenty five hundred to
get divorced to get a judgment for her retirement package with the military so
that’s that was off when I was transitioning I had no money I had no
job I had I might have had a couple thousand dollars saved in the bank at
the most and and so and then this other person writes when I went after ten
years in an industry wages let’s put random stranger random stranger
anonymous wages are still aren’t adequate to support one’s livelihood and
it’s not acceptable my career tosses me into unemployment regularly and so I
have to wonder if it’s someone in the entertainment industry or someone who is
unemployed unemployed self-employed not unemployed and so I put a response I put
can on employee low income even apply for unemployment
how can unemployment even have an accurate number when they don’t count
women as a contribution in the home and self-employment has no benefits or
pension and so yeah so so yeah that’s that’s my you know it’s like if it gets
really old and frustrating so when you have men who have had all these benefits
women haven’t had them and men lack they have zero zero compassion maybe the
younger ones do the older ones have zero compassion and and they’re just like
that’s the way it is and that’s the way it’s gonna be that’s the way it’s always
been for them they’ve had the they’ve had the perch they’ve had the pensions
they get pensions and Social Security at the same time so they’re getting a
pension from their company and Social Security now if a woman is single thrown
off into divorce and there’s not enough jobs so let’s say that I’m going to use
this example again let’s say we have five people in a community and one
person is retired one person is disabled but there’s only one job that leaves out
to people and so so the thing is is that there’s not enough jobs and there’s
people who are not even being counted like women in the home aren’t even being
counted as a contribution to the society there’s not enough jobs and so I’m not
sure where they’re getting the statistics from but they’ve never been
accurate they’ve never reflected the country as a whole and so that’s the
problem that we have with capitalism it’s not accurate it’s not an accurate
picture of the country as whole when you actually ask women what
their what our lives have been like and and I think it’s important to ask older
women yes they might be scared but hopefully a lot of them will open up and
I think that they will as they see as they become empowered to speak out and
so they talk about things that have happened to them as well because it’s
because we are in there have been in a place where we were taught to stay
silent and not talk about anything that is the First Amendment that we’re in in
the midst of right now that we have a right to speak out and talk about things
that are negative happening in this country but if we don’t speak out then
then nobody’s gonna know and so I don’t know any other way to do it then on
video we’ve never had a place we like when I was a military spouse we never
had a place where we could submit feedback and tell them what’s going on
in the home you know and it and it might not even be something that would be
actionable by the police yes maybe they might respond and then go away but it’s
not something that you know so what what what is the point of just consistently
calling the police so at the point of American intelligence is to gather
information on civil rights violations which is happening to women that’s
that’s a different matter and so so the thing is is like when you have someone
who is consistently yelling at you to leave or that I’m gonna send you away or
I’m gonna send you back and then the more that they become empowered by some
things happening or they’re using that as a means of control over another
person and so money is financial freedom and so when the money is taken away then
again then that it’s kind of like it gives men a right to use that over women
and oppress women so right now men are the oppressors
that’s just how I view it in my and that’s how it’s always been women
have never had rights equal rights or equal pay and marriage is indentured
servitude it’s nothing less than that it violates the Thirteenth Amendment
marriage has been used to discriminate women there’s nothing nothing less than
that marriage is discrimination and even the church the faith-based group that
groups have been used to to push marriage and and so as though the more
women that we have that they talk about well you need to get a job you need to
get a job well then there’s not enough jobs actually to go around for everybody
because they’re not knit and they’re never gonna make enough jobs for
everybody but then the work that women do in the home which is hospitality
doesn’t even count as a job and then they’re not paying the people who are
working in these jobs in the hotels and food service and things like that
they’re not even paying them equally you know so and and so then it gets old
hearing someone like well don’t get around it’s like okay so can everybody
be a wall board supervisor and make a hundred thousand dollars a year and how
many houses do we really need that’s how many houses do we really need I mean are
we just gonna pave over the whole country tear down all the trees and just
create a concrete jungle across the whole country till the United States is
completely covered in houses and concrete and that’s just the only thing
that’s done that’s the only thing that you focus on is building houses and
disasters and building houses in FEMA swamps so they get built over and over
and over again is that that just sounds like you’re just shitting on people
that’s what you’re doing is just shitting on people and primarily the
United States military and low-income people but I mean the thing is it’s sad
people lose stuff that they have to lose stuff to you know you know because
there’s a there’s things that might be important to them
you know a few things that might be important and it’s no answer to say oh
well you got out of it with your life well yeah you already know that because
some annoying person is there well you got out of it you should be happy you’re
alive you know and it’s like we shut the fuck up I have I can’t I lost my house
and I have no insurance and so I can’t afford to rebuild my house so I had
start over with nothing and and so then oh well you can go get help from church
are the people doing fund right well that’s a bunch of crock of bullshit
you’re never gonna be made whole and so in 1969 or whenever that was that
homeowners insurance and flood insurance separated and the FEMA was created they
just created another service on top they just created more split insurance just
to raise more revenue for a wall street for the wall street Nazi industry fee
industry then Wall Street Nazi fee industry let’s put it that way the the
wall street shadow banking the shadow government so yeah that makes sense to
me now because I know I said a few years ago when President Obama was Obama was a
president that I didn’t understand the Occupy Wall Street movement and so then
somebody showed me that well you actually live in it yeah I didn’t know
that you know I mean what what it I know when wouldn’t we moved here there was a
guy named Jason Newman kitty-corner in a house well they have people always
moving in and moving out all the time there it’s a rental unit that’s what he
told me he says well twenty percent of the houses here are he did tell me that
he said are ours already sold to investors he did tell me that I had no
idea what that meant though he just said twenty percent of them are sold to real
estate investors and I’m like oh okay I didn’t think anything of it because I
thought well I thought okay so the real estate investors buy the house they sit
him sit on the house a little bit and then they sell it to a homeowner and
they make a little money that’s what I was thinking
you know I wasn’t thinking that it’s just going to be
rentals and then there’s just gonna be a bunch of people moving in out moving in
and out and that they raise the rent price and you know to try to make their
profits so anyway yeah I’m I’m gonna shut up now before I go too far off
topic and someone’s your topic and I’m gonna have man-baby temper tantrum give
me my bottle and pacifier and change my diaper
that’s what anyway that’s it

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