How Do I Prepare My Outdoor Pipes For Winter?

(upbeat music) Good morning, Jim Bauer, with PuroClean Restoration Specialists here in Frisco, Texas. It is a beautiful fall morning. Nice and crisp and clear. We had our first light
freeze about a week ago and harder freezes are soon to follow, and that’s really the purpose
of today’s discussion. There are things around
the house we need to do that we all do. Raking some leaves, maybe
cleaning our gutters. This is something that
sometimes is forgotten though and that is, hidden behind
our shrubs sometimes, or around our home, we have
several exterior faucets, sometimes called hose beds or spigots. So we wanna spend a moment and think about what could be happening
if we do not detach our hoses and we do not protect those faucets. So here we’ve got in front
of our office here in Frisco. All we wanna do is disconnect
the hose, the hose itself. So couple of turns, lefty
loosey, and we’ve got that off. That’s gonna protect your
hose through the winter. You don’t wanna leave water in the hose. It could be subject to freezing
and thawing and expansion, and in the spring you go to use the hose and the hose is split. That would be, you know,
an inconvenience, 20 bucks. The bigger issue we’re concerned about is what that hose does with
holding water in the system, defeating the purpose of
the frost-free mechanism that’s inside the wall. And that’s a much bigger issue, and we’re trying to avoid
having a copper line that freezes and splits, and causes more significant water damage. So the second step in this process, after we’ve removed the hose is to put a little
protective styrofoam cover. You can get these in a big box store for just a couple bucks, and
they’re really easy to apply. They’ve got a little loop that
you wrap over the disconnect or over the spigot. Slides on, and has a little
mechanism that we tighten. So that’s it and it takes
a couple moments to do, but it’s gonna give you
protection through the wintertime. It’s very, very effective, and it’s gonna help avoid these problems with frozen pipes in your wall. If you need to use the faucet
sometime during the winter, no worries, you just take
it off and reassemble it. Now you can see here in
this particular case, the copper from the supply line projected just a little
bit beyond the masonry on the front of our building. So there’s an armor flex which is a protective cover
that the builder left in place. You can purchase this if
you have any exposed copper to easily wrap over your copper, or some people just use
a duct tape or something. But you’re trying to protect this area just to avoid having to call us in the spring or the summer. So any questions about how to do this or the process, don’t
hesitate to give us a call. We can help. (upbeat music)

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