How is DAM transforming organizations?

DAM specifically in our business is
revolutionizing our business. When you look at CPG and FMCG in general we’re
really catching up and DAM is allowing us to not only own the moment on the
physical shelf but also owning the moment on the digital shelf and it is
more important now to both own the moment on both the physical and digital shelf
than ever given ecommerce and really the apocalypse of retail. Really what’s doing
is expanding its footprint within most of the organization’s so what
historically had been a marketing only discipline has expanded more over into
operations, sales, even non-aligned groups like finance or other industries. Digital
asset management is transforming organizations by enabling people to find
the assets that they need when they need them. So having a DAM will enable you to
save costs by not shooting assets more than you need to, not duplicating effort,
being able to find the things that you’re looking for and also being able
to reuse the things that you’re looking for. I believe radically these days
because there’s more collaboration features in the DAM
and it’s helping companies not only leverage their assets and reuse them but
also understand what they can do with them better throughout the organization
and outside the organization. So damage transforming of the
organization at the Boy Scouts of America by becoming the one source for
the most sought-after content for our digital experience team and for our
digital revolution at the Boy Scouts of America. Particularly right now we are
concentrating on the DAM being the one source for all of the vector art and for
the most sought-after images to promote and increase membership.

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