100 thoughts on “How Japan Overcame a $200 Billion Disaster | Stories from the Tsunami

  1. People of Japan has always been inspiring me i feel sad that this country and its people always have to suffer some kind of disaster from the nuclear bombs to constant earthquakes but they always do rise up and heads forward for the better future . Maybe or indeed that is the reason why Japan is called the land of rising sun .also thanks Chris for this inspiring video

  2. This is like somthing you would see on the BBC. Amazing story telling about a diffacult subject.

  3. If they could build a sea wall with the strength of Ichiyo's spirit they would finally match the sea in all it's fury. Such a small form to house such monumental resolve.

  4. I couldn’t help but feel very nostalgic Chris. You’ve come so far. I remember a few years after the tsunami I found your channel and your humor. How I laughed so many times over the years! Hope you keep uploading forever!!

  5. Fantastic piece of work here man! You guys should be proud of this.

  6. Great video as always.
    Can you please give some tips about how you convey the message from the video. I try to but the end product becomes very different.
    I am motivated 💪 Thanks.

  7. Sometimes I wonder why they havent already made a anime about Chris and his youtube channel. You've done so much, you have character and many of your videos are done beautifully. (if you ever get animated Chris I hope itd be a good 1)

  8. No doubt quality work but ………. when you build an audience who enjoys sarcasm/humour/food and travel flogs it's tricky to switch that audience to a more serious subject, which explain the number of viewers were much lower on the first video about this subject. Not a criticism just an explanation.

  9. Alhamdulillah I have been blessed to go to Japan 4 times in the last 3 years. Insha'Allah the next time I go I will make a definite effort to visit Ichiyo's Inn. She is a strong and beautiful person and I want to meet her. Thank you for showing how she has got on since your last visit Chris!

  10. Wow. The pacing, editing, and music…when did Chris surpass travel channel docs?

  11. Fantastic documentary, definitely something I'd expect to see on the BBC News channel or similar. I really do love when you do videos like this, Chris.

  12. Your not just a sarcastic Englishman in Japan you make brilliant content like this 👏 👏 👏

  13. Utterly magnificent documentary, Chris. I hope you'll keep on returning to this community every few years. It's wonderful and inspiring to see how it's changing and responding.

  14. i wish youtube would notify me faster and not 1min late… i watch your content like a methhead!

  15. This is really high quality Chris. I can't wait for the next documentary you do

  16. Beautiful mini documentary 💜
    Ichiyo's reaction when she saw you was so legit. Her story made me cry.
    Great Vid!

  17. Chris getting more and more like Sir David Attenborough. Great video. Greetings from Finland!

  18. this video is so beautiful, chris. i hope you don't feel a pressure to always create such difficult videos, for lack of a better word, but i want to applaud you for creating so many beautiful and meaningful things like this. both styles of video you produce – interesting things you like/found as well as these amazing documentary style stories, are both entertaining and very much appreciated by everyone 🙂 thank you so much for your work

  19. What an amazing documentary video! If only the reporter didnt look disturbingly unhealthy…Next time hire someone more presentable! 9/10!

  20. That was absolutely fabulous Chris – a fitting tribute to these people and their resilience in the face of unthinkable tragedy. Thank you for sharing their inspirational stories with us. We need more storytellers like you – keep up the good work!

  21. Why not build a high sea wall flood barrier out at the mouth of the harbor? Wouldn’t that require less material?

    As for the chopsticks, why not just washable stainless steel like the Koreans do?

  22. your have a great sense for choosing awesome topics to make videos about!

  23. 6:03 only Chris would make something so unhealthy out of the healthiest thing.

    Jokes aside, this is a touching tribute to the tsunami. Your first video on it finally got the follow up it deserved.

  24. Wow, was Ichiyo Kanno's story ever moving. I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear or two.

  25. Chris, I love your snarky content, watching your adventures around Japan, etcetera. It's pieces like this that really make me respect your filmmaking skills and your great love and connection to this beautiful part of your adapted home.

  26. This looks like it would fit on the Discovery channel, I love the quality of your videos!

  27. The Japanese are so beautiful,so strong and so resilient .They have much the rest of the world can learn from. 強く生きろ!

  28. This is such a huge leap from the Chris Abroad I joined all the way back in 350k subs. This video was excellent, informative, and even though it is such a dire subject it made the subject matter interesting and entertaining to absorb. Well done, I truly am thankful I subscribed to this channel when I did.

  29. The Japanese are so beautiful,so strong and so resilient .They have much the rest of the world can learn from. 強く生きろ!

  30. Chris you really did a great job uncovering this keep on rocking my friend.

  31. you should try to get a contract with netflix, your documentations are really good!

  32. I am so happy you went back to do this update! As much as I appreciate your lite hearted videos, this was truly great.

  33. I want to thank you for this tribute and keeping the conversation going. It brought me joy, but also sorrow. I lost a dear friend to that tragedy.

    I'm so glad to see people moving forward, despite how hard obstacles like that can bring people down.

  34. God these people went through so much and fought with literary everything they have to restore their purpose in life after a nightmare from the TSUNAMI……..


    I can't flush my toilet properly for months because of a sponge.

  35. That is some of the best YouTube content I have seen in a very long time, thank you Chris 😊

  36. Both of the documentations if the tsunami remind me why love Japan why it always feels like coming home when I arrive.
    I prayed at izumo taisha for the safety of Japan, desipte I arrived one day before super taifun Hagibis last year.
    But the character of the people facing this difficult conditions is just stunning and makes me proud.
    We will also get through the current Covid19 crisis with an attitude that when everyone does what's necessary we can get over it.
    Head up and mask on.
    Thanks for your work fine with great empathy love it❤️❤️🇯🇵🇯🇵

  37. I really loved this video , would like to see more of this journalistic approach in the future ❤️

  38. Currently staying in Tohoku and the gentle strength and solidarity here is amazing.

  39. I enjoy every single one of your videos; however, I think I enjoy your videos surrounding historical events the most. You have a way of telling a story that engages the audience and causes them to become emotionally invested in the places and people in regions of a country we have never seen. These videos are what make me want to learn more about Japan and its vibrant history (both good and bad). Thank you for sharing these stories with us Chris.

  40. This is put together just right. As it progresses the tone lightens without ever feeling jarring or inappropriate, until we're reunited with the lady who has one of the brightest smiles in the world and we may be moved to tears.

  41. Incredible Documentary! Really great to see Ichiyo Kanno again too. Love your work, really inspiring.

  42. Beautifully done Chris. Thank you. How inspiring to see a town come back after such tragedy and the strength and wisdom of a woman who lost everything to the ocean understand that some times life must take back to balance things. 💔🌷

  43. This was an amazing and powerful video. I wish it was hours long instead of minutes!

  44. Chris, this is so full of heart. Thanks for your channel, I've been a fan for a long time. I feel sad for the 9 knobs that disliked this video.

  45. A truly incredible documentary. I was genuinely tearing up around the end there.

  46. Chris, you inspire me to take up a camera and film. I thank you for that, and I am deeply grateful for all your wonderful content.

  47. chills all over my body as this video rapped up. So amazing and such good quality.

  48. I really loved hearing the stories about the people who overcame a tragic disaster. It is very much inspiring!

  49. N’aww man, ichiyos part made me tear up a bit. Love her outlook and that phrase Ichido ichi 👌🏼✊🏼👏🏼:’)
    Awesome video Chris

  50. This was wonderful! Such beautiful filming. The resilience of these people is truly remarkable. Great job sharing their stories, Chris!

  51. You are no longer a YouTuber, you're a filmmaker. Time to raise your sights- if you can do work this good, in 13 minutes, I'd love to see what you can do with 90.

  52. Another fantastic video! Thank you Chris. I really admire Ichiyo Kanno. She is a very strong woman to still be able to have such a bright smile after going through so much.

  53. Today I did not just learn about some very interesting History but also how to eat a strawberry, thank you very much Chris.

  54. Your videos are looking so professional now! I'm amazed, it's awesome. And I'm currently studying Japanese at my school, so I love watching your videos when I get home from class so I can learn more about Japan, Japanese culture, and it's recent history, too. Thanks for making such great content 😀

  55. Chris you've certainly come a long way from teaching Japanese people English curse words. I think I speak for most of us in saying that I'm very proud of seeing your growth as a film maker and cinematographer and cannot wait to see what's next. As long as Risotroro doesn't manage to kill you, one of these days.

  56. I feel like I just watched an Amazon or Netflix produced documentary. Great video Chris.

  57. 9 years have past since the terrible earthquakes, but I still can easily recall what I saw and experienced in my classroom in a tremendously swaying school building as a fifth grader

    Luckily, I didn't see the tsunami as the school was in the central part of Sendai city
    But the quakes on 11 March and following days themselves were so horrific
    It's way beyond my imagination what people affected by the tsunami saw on that day

  58. Amazing, i have no words to describe how good this video is.

    I felt every story like if i was the one speaking directly with these amazing people.

    Thanks Chris <3

  59. i really loved this video. its always great when you upload these types of video's bringing awareness to real issues and problems, that real people face in life. its not fake its real, and i appreciate that. thank you for uploading.

  60. The phrase Ichigo ichie is beautiful and something we should all strive towards doing every day with the total strangers we interact with. Very moving Chris. Thanks for this.

  61. This was really interesting to watch. Many prayers to those who lost their lives, but overall great video Chris!

  62. Absolutely incredible mini doc Chris. I love how you are able to tell the story and not just spit facts at us.

  63. Excellently put together, deep and moving. Personally I very much like the variety of your videos from documentary to jolly style. Keep up the good work.

  64. Ichiyo is an amazing person, I wish her all the best for the future ❤️

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