How Not To Ground an Electrical Outlet – Correct Way to Wire Outlets

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  2. Hey Jeff. I believe the outlets in my apartment are not grounded for the following reason. When i use a microphone plugged into my computer there is a lot of feedback but when i touch any metal surface/component on my computer the feedback instantly stops. I believe this is because of lose current that is being grounded through me. Can you confirm this? Additionally I would like to know how to resolve this issue. Is my property manager obligated to send an electrician if i ask? will i have to pay for it? OR can i fix this myself? Thank You for the content

  3. Thanks for sharing this! We just moved into a house that will need some TLC, including some new outlets and switches.

  4. What happens if you need to install a new switch mid-run and the grounding wires are all pigtailed above the box? Do you need to install a new box and reconnect?

  5. can i use white or black wire as ground but will strip about a foot or more of the insulation before it comes out of the box? have too many extra black wire that i want to make use of

  6. what if I don't use any kind of grounding system? in my country is not common to use those, how to ground an outlet that doesn't have any wires going to a grounding system? where should I ground to, EACH outlet, since my house is not made out of drywall but blocks instead? Can I run a single wire from an outlet to anywhere in particular and be grounded, and do that for each outlet?

  7. Our lightswitch in our bathroom just recently stopped working, it's beside a an outlet. Our house is pre-1900, been remodeled a couple times over the century. My girlfriend wanted me to change it out, so I went lowes and got a switch, rewired it, bam works, but then all of a sudden the gfi outlet (3 prongs with a testing button) stops working and she can't do her thing in the bathroom, so I go and take the cover off again and guess what I never realized which is crazy. So, it's "wired" for both the outlet and the light switch… Here is where things get nuts. The ground wire for the light switch is actually the black wire that is supposed to go to the outlet, but they snapped that off with just an inch of black wire left in the wall and basically looped it around the ground wire that goes to the outlet… and the outlet had worked since like 1994 when my girlfriend bought the house, but here is the kicker, there was no black wire hooked up, it just had the ground wire attached to the ground screw where it should be and the white wire where it should be…

  8. got into a problem trying to install a switch that requires a Ground Wire, which later I discovered we don't have any. Do you recommend installing a Green Screw to Ground the Green wire coming from the Lutron Switch seen in my video please Thanks

  9. Did you remove the box to see if it was grounded from behind? I have a electrical outlet with no ground and I am stuck.

  10. I live in an older house and was checking some stuff out recently. I noticed a switch, a light fixture and an outlet that are all connected together (as different fixtures where the switch turns off power to the light and outlet) that none of them have a ground wire connected to anything. There are 3 wires coming into the switch and in other boxes where the outlet and light fixture wires were connected to so I assume this is all 3 Hot, Neutral and ground where 2 of them are connected to the switch and another connected to a screw directly on the metal box. Should I put a ground wire on all 3 of these (light switch, outlet and light fixture) and connect them to the metal boxes?

  11. Godbless, do you work around NYC? Would love to hire someone that cares nothing but overpriced half-assed job electricians/contractors around here.

  12. Wiring around the screws needs to be CLOCKWISE! When wrapping the screws it should always be for ground, white, black in a CLOCKWISE DIRECTION! #2, The NEW GROUND should be on a PIGTAIL, NOT wired directly to the receptacle, that is NOT CODE!. Receptacles should be TAPED around all screws to prevent the WHITE SCREW from touching the GROUND SCREW = FIRE! See my video on HOW TO WIRE OLD METAL BOXES CORRECTLY:

  13. This is NOT WIRED SAFELY for an old METAL BOX: see this video instead:

  14. My outlet in the kitchen, I just noticed, is housed in a metal box with the ground wire attached in the back of metal box with a screw but that same ground wire is not attached to the actual outlet. Is this correct? Or would I need to run that ground and attach it to the outlet (green screw)?

  15. Hold on, if you are grounding an outlet, why do you need a GFCI receptacle that shuts off at the receptacle and not just a normal 3 prong receptacle with a ground wire that shuts off at the breaker

  16. Jeff, I have a 66-year-old house with the old 2 wire system; however, there have been some modern plastic handy boxes installed in various places with 14 AWG cable w/ground. Is pigtailing my ground wires in those boxes and connecting to the outlet ground terminal of the receptacle the same as grounding to a metal box?

  17. I don’t understand how ppl take extra time to strip the middle section of a wire, it’s extra work Just to do it wrong!

  18. What size is the ground wire and what is the minimum size ground wire can/should you use on 110/120 outlet? There's little space inside the electrical box so pushing it all together and back inside is difficult. Thank you.

  19. Quick question and you seem to answer queries. If I install a CAFI GFCI breaker and somewhere in the circuit there is an open ground will the breaker still work

  20. Jeff, we need to prove the line side before connecting to the GFCI?
    Nice video. Never BUY a Condo. Old conversion jobs from former apartments
    to condo are the pits. Walls between units, noise, smoke, bug infestation etc.
    Thank you.

  21. beginning at 7:55 … let me see if I got this right ….this looks like one continuous section of Romex with a duplex outlet affixed to it (using the loops). It's not that there is no ground conductor, it is present, it's just not being used to ground either the box or the device …. until you came along and cut the Romex at the loops, AND also added a green ground screw so that the copper wire could be screwed to the box …. plus the pigtail grounds the device …. It's a head scratcher when you first look at it … hope i got that right. Thanks, Jeff.

  22. i am from the philippines, are the grounding wire inside the metal box is bare no pvc insulation ?

  23. just subscribe and clicked bell, just read the comments below. is it bare copper wire. so far in this video what is the size of the ground bare copper wire used ? my brother in law is renovating his house, and i would like to incorporate grounding in his house.

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