How Ongawa Rebuilt After The Great East Japan Earthquake

I used Google Earth to tell this story 
focusing on how locals are rebuilding the town. Through this story, I want  people to know 
there is such a creative city like Onagawa. Due to typhoons and earthquakes, many people 
have been struggling to rebuild the town. I would like them to refer to our project 
as an example of the town development.  The eastern Japan Pacific side suffered 
severe damage.  In particular, our town was the hardest hit 
by the  the tsunami. Approximately 70% of buildings were lost. 827 lives, about 10% of the population was lost. 
It is such a disaster that many lives were lost. The recovery effort involved rebuilding our town 
from scratch, including reconstructing local residences 
and reopening businesses. Now, the town has been redeveloped. We can
focus on what we want our town to become. And we can give citizens the chance to 
be more involved in building  their community. The mayor says input from locals will
lead to a town designed by the people who live there. Everyone says “I have a vision to do this,
and the town will  support it”. Even if everyone wants something different,
the vision of Onagawa itself can be unified. I can clearly see the Onagawa’s potential. Eight years have passed since the earthquake,  and the l needs of the citizens and
children from Onagawa have started to change thanks to the recovery efforts,
reconstruction, and rebuilding phases. I hope people in this town and children 
who commute to Kogakukan get to see people working to rebuild  the town 
with such strong feeling and learn something. Since the earthquake, we’ve been on the ground
continuously, uniting efforts.  We now have Kosei’s story on Google Earth to recall 
the past and plan for the future. Up until now, the experience has been painful, but we’ve learned 
many lessons and learnings from it. By remembering and sharing our experience,
we can share the process of our recovery. If this story helps people get to know 
Onagawa as an unique and interesting town and encourages them to move forward
I believe this project meant something.

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  1. Video showing the damage in that area :

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