How to apply for FEMA assistance/grants

Hi, this is Jason here from W.A. Building
Movers today we’re going to talk about what you need to apply for a grant.
Just some basic information that when you do go forward and apply for a grant that
the information you need to have prepared for you to have your full
application ready to submit. Just in general, of course your name,
you need to have your Social Security number, the address for the damage
occurred and also the address that is your primary residence. This is the
key sticking point as in the grant for a lot of these programs are only available
to primary homeowners on the front end and sometimes there is applicable programs
that will be available for maybe a rental property or a second home.
Past that you will need to reply and provide your telephone number email address your
insurance information a bank account basically your routing number just if
they were to basically have a grant be be available for you to be able to send
over and lastly a description of the damage. A lot of these programs and a lot of
the work coming up is that if you are substantially damaged, meaning your
property is damaged of more than 50% that triggers a another ratio and
another level of improvement that needs to occur on your property basically to
meet the FEMA guidelines and also map out how to dictate what kind of
federal funding will be available for you. Again, this is Jason from W.A. Building Movers.
You can reach us with any other questions at [email protected]
Thank you.

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