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influencer Academy I am your host Charles Watson the founder and welcome
to another episode in our social light series just basically a series where we
bring on entrepreneurs life coaches influencers and let them share their
story with you our audience if this is your first time to our channel please
consider subscribing and today we have a very special guest with you miss Christy
ket’s who has recently gone on the road as a full-time inspirational life coach
and a digital nomad and here is a little secret for everybody we have known each
other for over a decade and we have both been able to witness each other and our
lives just grow and evolve over time and she’s really a great success story and I
know she’s super busy we’re really lucky to have her here with us so Christy hey
how you doing Oh Charles thank you so much for the introduction I was so sweet
and yes I cannot believe we’ve known each other for over a decade and how far
you and I have common we are both versions of this success story and I
still appreciate you having me on today thank you so much I know that you are
super busy and you do great things so thank you for taking time out of your
out of your busy schedule to sit down with us so the first question that I
want to ask you is tell tell me and my audience what made you drop everything
because as I understand it and I know this is the first time we’ve been
talking in over a decade so this is kind of cool for for me and it’s kind of cool
for us but in following you if I have the story right you sold all of your
possessions and you decided to hit the road
to live life on your own terms and really inspire other women to live on
empowering and self propelled life tell us about your journey and why you
decided to do that yeah so essentially I did get rid of more than
half of my belongings I have a house in Denver that I’m currently staying at
right now because I just got back from literally almost the past year on the
road going up to Alaska last summer and Oregon and Washington and was in Mexico
for the winter and it was amazing so I just kind of landed back and I’m
grounding down so my house is in Denver but I got rid of all of my possessions
or half of them more than half and I just know that there was so much more to
be seen in the world and I was really excited to connect with other people on
the road just to see other cultures other influences what other cities were
like how I could ingrain myself into each different place and then also stay
as motivated as possible on the road to create my programs to work with my
clients which is something that is just tremendously important to me man that is
a great story and I know that you come from a place um I know that you’ve had a
lot of trials and tribulations in your life is is that part of the reason why
you decided that hey listen I’ve gone through some stuff in my life and I know
that there’s probably other women out there that have gone to the same thing
when did you make the choice to turn back and help empower people to to like
deal with their struggles their similar struggles that you dealt with oh my gosh
I just such a great question thank you for that so it was about three years ago
after I first bought my house I had just turned 30 I’ve always had a very giving
heart I’ve always wanted to give back a couple of short stories when I was
younger my parents would give me like $20 on vacation to buy myself something
and I would always buy things for other people and nothing for myself I would
buy my sister gift my grandparents a gift in high school I started raising
guide dogs for the blind because I just knew in my heart I was here for a bigger
purpose a bigger reason I had to give back so when it came to this life
coaching endeavor I essentially lost my job in sales that I was in for over six
years and it was like everything dropped out from under me had
just bought my house I just turned 30 was like what do i do but i knew that my
heart and my passion wasn’t helping other people and so I started going to
personal growth and development conferences I started taking workshops
on the weekend I went through different online courses and it led me to just
really stepping into that power into my own power into a feminine essence of
understanding like everything that’s happened to me in my life you know
through a divorce through the loss of a job through breakups through moving
through losing friends and so on and so forth that that doesn’t have to be our
story ray it doesn’t have to be and so that’s what I love to inspire women to
realize is that you don’t have to be stuck in the past or what somebody might
have said about you years ago because you’re so much more than that
man that is awesome advice and that that’s great I mean that came from the
heart I appreciate that that was touching
that’s awesome so I know that you were doing exciting things so tell us a
little bit about what you’ve got coming up and maybe some opportunities that our
audience has to like jump in with you and and and get some coaching or kind of
you know join your journey you know and I mean walk hand in hand with you on
your journey yeah it’s for sure for sure so right now I have two spaces open for
May for one-on-one coaching so for any woman who’s looking to really dive deep
with me one on one every single week receive email support workbooks to
assist them on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves start
living their best life and you know work through the deep layers peeling back the
deep layers of that onion to get to the good stuff then I have two spots up and
for that and it and and so excited my course happiness unlimited is launching
in a six and this is an eight-week online course where I’m holding space
for only 11 women in this very sacred energetic container and so it’s really a
chance to look into different things like forgiveness is the first module
that I have on that course the second one is habits and patterns because we
don’t realize that the things that we do day to day affect everything our future
what we’re doing in the present moment because how you do everything is how you
do how you do anything is how you do everything
so that is week three and for week five and six we focus on diving into your
passions and your purpose because the I’ve always heard that the two most
important days of our lives are the day were born and the day we find out why
and so this is why I want to deep dive with these women and let them know like
let’s take your passions let’s take your habits let’s take this forgiveness let’s
get get it all together and really see like where you’re aligned to be in your
soul and in this lifetime on earth and then the last week seven and eight we
focus on joy bliss and happiness of what that means for you because you and I are
two different people and what makes you happy what sparks joy bliss and
creativity in your life is completely different from mine
and so it’s really important to think about and through the workbooks and
through the meditations in this course I really help them cultivate and
understand in their heart what that means for them and I’m even more excited
because I am bringing in my own personal spiritual guru Chevallier who’s gonna be
assisting with this course too and she is aim a very wise lady who lives on the
island of Kauai and she’s going to be spiritually guiding this course as well
and holding a lot of beautiful beautiful space man I think that is fantastic it
you know in listening to what you were saying I think that these days
especially in a social media heavy world that we live in it is really easy to
lose yourself in the noise you know especially with like Society and
pressures wanting people to conform and maybe be something that they’re not so
it’s really it’s really great and it’s really awesome that you bring you know
individuality to the to the table you know and really
empower people especially women to really find themselves and really be
proud of who they are and what makes them go that is that’s fantastic
that’s awesome thank you and then one thing I wanted to add about that too is
you know you’re right so many of us have been on this journey where we’ve lost
ourselves and me included which is why I started this path of coaching and
personal growth and development and a lot of the women who come to work with
me they don’t know who they are anymore and I have certainly been there because
we a lot of women are very empathetic we are very we’re the caregivers we want to
make sure that everyone in our circle is taken care of and then we kind of forget
about ourselves you know we kind of forget about what is what is Kristi wine
what does Charles want because we’re so busy taking care of other people and so
it comes a point where you know mothers have gone through a divorce or the kids
have gone away from home and they’re left just sitting there feeling stagnant
not knowing what the next step are where they’re supposed to go next in life and
so this is where I help them get really clear at the base point of where they
are to where they want to be and help them rise to the occasion and that’s
awesome all right so the last question and I’m gonna do a little tie in here I
know that you said that your new course only has 11 spots and I’m gonna say
that’s because so you can really focus on the quality of help and the quality
of the content so I know that spots are limited if anyone is interested in
jumping in and claiming one of those spots where can we find you on social
media where can we get in touch route yeah absolutely so you can find me
anywhere online Instagram Facebook my website it’s all just Christie cats so
chri st y ke t z comm or social media Instagram Christie cats and you can find
me there shoot me a message if you have any any questions and I can send over an
application there’s a short application process because you know you’re right
this is a very sacred container for only a certain number of people so that I
don’t spread myself too thin and I want to
show that I’m pouring as much love and light and happiness and joy into each of
these people because I’ve been a group program before where there was twenty
thirty people and I I was just like what’s even happening this person is in
the I don’t even know them yeah no I i man to that to add to that point I agree
I’ve been involved in my learning process I’ve been involved in mastermind
groups with you know a little more like 1200 1500 people and it just becomes it
just becomes noise at that point you really you’re really not learning
anything questions and topics are getting repeated because people aren’t
taking the time to do their homework and actually read the content and I think
you’re right I think in a in a larger in a larger space in a larger setting you
you really don’t get that valuable content you really don’t experience that
self you know transformation because it’s like at that point you’re just a
number you know you know you’re not a name you’re just just a number in a
crowd and so man that is awesome I respect you for doing that that is great
thank you and it’s great to see you I want to get this on film it’s great to
see you I’m really proud of you and how far you’ve come
it’s been fantastic and it’s an honor that we’re friends you know especially
for so long I find that’s pretty awesome and it’s pretty great that even though
we haven’t talked in like so many years it’s kind of crazy how we both kind of
just fallen into the a similar path you know like different topics but but
similar paths that’s pretty awesome as well yeah it’s so wonderful I’m just so
grateful for both of our journeys and where we’re at and so so blessed amen
well Chrissy thank you so much like I said I know you’re super busy so I
really appreciate you taking the time for an old friend thank you for talking
to our audience and I really enjoyed it I wish you all the best thank you
child’s love you so much an amazing weekend and I’ll talk to you
soon yeah I love you too it’s always great to talk to you and we’ll talk soon
all right all right bye everyone

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