How to Become an Event Promoter

hey guys welcome to expert in hoods were
Academy and another spotlight series interview today we are here with Ramona
Dave Perry and he promotes a show called infinity con which is a comic book
convention David thank you for joining us today but thank you for taking time
out of your busy schedule and being with us so what drove you to become an
entrepreneur a promoter especially in the and so that’s kind of a recommend and
been working in – I am working on an event while I was coming
or indie musicians and I ended up helping out and it started become where
I was on TV event by the end and realize how about that back then to find the
same stuff that had long story short we somebody started one of our town needs
help and I voted by I came alongside but that’s six years later River and the
sauce was a great story yet so like if anyone would be interested in like
becoming an event promoter or promoter yeah I guess event mentions different
shows but what advice we can paddler them to get into the industry like what
and one piece of advice do you know now that you wish you would tell you’re
starting out himself think small I mean you know it’s okay to
dream big but make sure that you know being able to think big but but give
yourself you mutations you know put at least one person with evil and that’s my
wife all the times then that will say like hey it’s a great idea but you just
start here do you have the money to do that you know yeah that’s a three point
and I think that cuz they’re necessarily about the opponent the quality of the
event that you put on maybe one year you have twenty eight people but at least
you had twenty eight people that amount to a good quality high quality event
planning start early you know and I would say I mean this is something that
I didn’t do you know volunteer like I mean the just in time right and in turn may
someday be running the agency you know yeah you know they watch this you know it just make you really get
your heart yeah awesome thank you yeah tell us about your show tell us about and we’re growing that just about what
we carry with the baby in Lake City and then we just expanded the Tallahassee
show so we’re doing it now somebody might have but I think it’s really
important so you started with the show Lake City and you just started
ran to another location bracket right so I mean it took a lot of time and I think
that’s what people you know people today they end up on that instant
gratification they think that we live in a society of like instant results and
right but I mean you prove right now I really gotta put that work in and build
that reputation before you can expand yeah yeah I mean our third year we tried
you were actually are you came to show the bricks first year we tried to expand
our third year and I tried to be too big too quick
yeah and I tried to do something different and you know for a venue and I
always I guess as far as talking or I was trying to I’d create a venue and I
had this idea for another business but I was gonna he was a rental venue and
everything kind of fell flat that year you know in 2016 but but you have six
years in it and we’re just kind of figuring out this is how things work
into space and how these things go you know it’s kind of getting a handle on
things yeah I think it’s a thank you 10 years
that you should’ve been working on yeah before you know like this is starting to
become successful and I fully know and I say that you know the average overnight
success takes about ten years right yeah exactly yeah thanks upset
everyone else right cuz they just hurt him yeah but right yes man thank you and finally
where can if anyone wants to follow you and follow your intentions in your show
where can we go to find you out socially yeah check out infinity con FL calm
that’s our Lake City show fun tallied up it’s our show and lunar 11 entertainment
is the an attainable thing I’m doing it out working on some websites yeah check
this out infinity con Tallahassee on Facebook or infinity infinity convention
before I wake you – all right we’ll catch you next time

2 thoughts on “How to Become an Event Promoter

  1. That's a great interview and wonderful insights. I am into marketing myself and event management sounds really cool to someone like me. Also, new subbie here!

  2. What an awesome interview you had with David, watched it twice just to make sure I absorbed everything! I am an Online Entrepreneur, I've been in Business with my Sister for the last 6 years. I really agree with Dave when he stated, and you reiterated that it can take up to 10 years to see that "overnight Success"

    Thanks for hosting the interview at the Daytona Comic Con Convention @ EMBRY-RIDDLE! My Girlfriend and I have been going twice a year to Daytona Beach Comic Con for several years now, and absolutely love all the Cosplayers and being able to have such an amazing selection of collectables to choose from!

    I also went and subscribed to your channel awesome content! Thanks

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