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How to buy outdoor lighting. This series
will help you find the right outdoor lighting for your needs. Consider the
outdoor lighting types. There are many different types of outdoor lighting. Wall
lights serve as classic porch, garage or patio lights. Ceiling lights and hanging
lights are the perfect option for covered porches or patios. Posts lights
and pier mount lights. Post lights are fixtures that mount on top of poles,
they’re usually placed in open-air settings such as driveways and pathways.
Post mount lights can also be placed on top of columns, but you will need a
mounting adapter. Pier mount lights are similar but are specifically designed to
go on top of flat surfaces such as columns. Security lights are the best
solutions for creating a safe and secure property. Landscape lighting is a low
voltage system separate from outdoor wall lights and outdoor ceiling lights.
To create a rich layered look in your garden or outdoor space, use a
combination of spot, paths, and flood lights in your garden or outdoor space. Outdoor lighting size guide. Front porch wall lights are the most visible fixtures on your property. If you have space for only one light, choose one
that’s about one-third the height of the door. If you have room for two lights,
choose fixtures that are at least one-fourth the height of the door. If you
have double doors, the fixtures can be a little larger than one-fourth the height
of the door. When choosing hanging lights, choose a design that is in proportion to
the dimensions of the covered porch or patio. Make sure your space is tall
enough to accommodate a hanging light. For spaces that can accommodate hanging
lights, ceiling mounted lights are a great solution. Security lighting, motion
sensor, and dusk-to-dawn. When shopping for security lights, look for features
such as motion sensors and dusk to dawn. Motion sensor lights are triggered to
turn on by nearby movements making them ideal as security lights and for low
traffic areas. The range and detection angle of motion
sensor lights vary by design. Dusk to dawn lights have special photo sensors
which automatically turn on and off with the setting and rising of the sun. They
are a hassle-free way to ensure your outdoor lighting is on only when needed. Outdoor lighting wet and damp rated. Wet rated or wet location lights are
designed for use in areas directly exposed to wind and rain. Outdoor wall
lights, spotlight,s deck lights, and post lights are all wet rated. Damp rated or
damp location lights are designed for use in covered patios and areas not
directly exposed to water and moisture. Now you can choose the perfect outdoor
lighting for your space. Thanks for watching.

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