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Peace be upon you Best wishes for all of us see you again with me on channel bang kedan this time i will share tutorial about how to calculate volume study case in two ways through dem and also through data that we consider to be field survey data or data collection directly from the field alrighty input DEM data i already have a DEM data like this change the color so as not to oversize the area to be calculated in volume I already made river parameters area that to be volume calculated first thing to do is…. cut it first so it isn’t too broad extract by mask rater enter parameters as the cutter ok so here we already have piece of …. DEM this section of river to be volume calculate for more detail i will you in 3D like this… okey i also had made river surface water level invisible its below adjusted for the surface water level of the river about 950 meters base height unit in meter change the symbol change it to blue which will be calculate is inside between the riverbed to the surface now we return to Arcgis arc toolbox us 3d analyst tool then open.. click functional surface surface volume make its name because what will count is below water surface than we choose below that becomes a reference here the water level is 950 meters type 950 meters ok here has come out the volume of the river in tabulated form open it There is z factor, 2d area 3d area and overall volume the unit is in cubic meters that is the first way now we try the second way which we consider to be the results of a field survey I already have point the grid code represents the elevation height from the points of what we consider to be the results of a field survey this data we changed to TIN data management create TIN coordinat input feature class here we have to select elevation data i haven’t change the name of it ok its the same in principle results from field surveys has been changed to TIN data we have to change it again to raster click 3d analyst tool conversion TIN to Raster output stay the same i think nothing needs to be changed ok same principle for this two methode is calculated through the raster so… after that calculated again functional surface input surface we make it here river volume 2 below because we already have a reference river surface 950 meters above sea level ok nah we can see here open nah the result is comparison with the first result thats it the different beetween TIN and DEM that is all for this tutorial hopefully can help and be useful for you always remember for LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE and also comment comment if you have questions or what so ever Peace be upon you

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