HOW TO: Catch European Carp | Murray River, SA

hey guys my name is Alex and you’re
watching Alex’s fishing on Today Show we’re going to be targeting Murray River
carp as you can see that’s the Murray River in the background we’re in the
middle reaches in South Australia and we’re just going to be using simple bait
to catch a simple fish they’re quite easy to catch bring your family down
people who are starting out just fishing it’s awesome fun easy to do and just
take a look at this spot breathtaking alright guys so the simple baits were
using I just canned corn and white bread they only cost probably $2 max and the
reason why we use plain white bread is because you want to mash it on the hook
so what we want to do is with both the bread and the corn you just want to with
corn you put 3 corn kernels with bread you just mash it on like so and make
sure the hook shank is left exposed so you get that increased hookup and all
I’m using is a size 4 hook down to a couple of split shots about 20
centimeters above the hook and I’m just running about 12lb fluorocarbon leader
you don’t really need fluorocarbon leader for carp only because the water
is really murky but that’s as simple as it gets
so all you want to do is just cast out hope for the best all right so what we want to do is
burley up the water now I’ve got bread and corn so you want to use that same
bait for Burley you just chuck it wherever you want to fish and hopefully
it brings the fish towards you so in this case I’ve chucked it about ten
meters offshore and I’m going to cast right where I’ve burleyed so I’m just gonna
leave it there let it sit and because I’m using two little lightweight split
shots I want to give the line a bit of slackness so you can see if this carp
takes it it’s mostly visual fishing in this case and once a carp takes it you’ll
see the line going tighter I’ve got a big one guys
So I was just letting the bait sink Ah sit actually and I was just about to reel in as soon
as I started reeling in I felt some weight and this big guy was sitting on
my bait Jezzzas this is a good fish guys look at that you can almost see my
backing he’s ran that hard and for those who say carp don’t fight just
take a look at that that is unreal and awesome fun on light tackle so I
literally just casted then had my baiting for about less than a minute and
this carp which is sitting on it didn’t realize until I started reeling in felt
the way so slowly but steadily get this fish in hopefully it doesn’t shake the
hooks or anything like that oh right that is a good fish
that’s a good fish have a look at that for a carp that’s pushing eight pounds I
reckon and 70 centimeters or so oh he’s going around the Reed oh look at him run and that burley has
definitely worked it’s attracting a lot of little ones and you just got to dig
through the little ones to get to the bigger ones so that just shows how much
it’s worth throwing out a bit of burley Far out this guy’s giving me a bit of
curry so because I didn’t bring a net today I’m just gonna try support his
belly and Chuck him on the bank may have to even climb in the water to grab him I
reckon that’s what I’ll do Still not ready yet
leave cut just don’t stop fighting till they’re on the land every time it sees
me run so it’s gotta be gentle and don’t put too much pressure on the line
otherwise it snaps this is usually when it happen so you wanna grab the leader not too hard just
in case it run just like that alright guys there we have it so that is
the result so Chuck in a bit of burley up and chucking your bait exactly where you
burley is and that is a beautiful looking big mud sucker all right so the tackle we’re using
today is just really light tackle just for extra fun so we’ve got a 1-3 kilo rod where you can go up to 2-4kg and that’s still a bit of
fun all the way up to 3-6kg even for the bigger carp and I’ve got 2500 size reel and that’s spooled with six pound braid and I believe
8 pound or 12 pound leader I’m just using fluorocarbon leader and I’ve
got to split shots down to a size 4 or size 6 hook I’ve just added that bead
for extra visibility in the water so grab yourself a combo a really light
tackle combo it’s awesome fun so let’s get fishing so John’s just hooked up to a nice
little carp getting one with every cast – or at least take every cast and that one unfortunately just fell off but it’s a pretty good way to catch him just
throwing out a handful of Burley hook with a little weight just to keep it on
the bottom and hopefully one sucks it up so John has just landed himself a little
mirror carp these are a different sort of carp compared to the common carp just
because of those scales that almost look like little mirrors just have a look at
that cool looking creature so guys when targeting carp you get a lot of bycatch
as well especially in the River Murray there’s callop, tandunus catfish, cod and
this little guy he’s a silver perch and this one’s an Australian native so
we got to throw him back and as nicely as possible hopefully doesn’t get hurt
too much or stressed just want to get that hook out there we go so that’s a
little baby silver perch only a tiny one but they get up to about 45 centimetres
or so so we’ll get this guy straight back in I’ll give you guys an example of what I
take looks like so right now you can see the line slack and as it hits the water
you can see a bow in the line that’s caused by the wind and a bit of current
as well and what you want to do is just keep an eye on that bow and when that
bow in the line tightens that means you’ve got a take so John’s just
reeling it in a little bit right now and there we go you can see those little
tiny bites those are little takes where the bow in the line is slowly getting
tighter ah it’s dropped the bait Oh John’s just missed a hit so that’s
pretty much what you want to do just keep an eye on that bow in the line and
set the hook when you see it get tight thanks guys for watching I hoped you
enjoyed this episode of how to catch a carp in the River Murray just go grab
yourself a can of corn or a loaf of white bread and enjoy the sunlight down
this beautiful Murray River easy to do fun to catch good for people who are
starting out fishing or just a bit of fun with the family please leave a
comment suggesting anything that could improve my videos and yeah Cheers for
watching and stay tuned for more

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