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one thing y’all gotta do, that’s hold tight. – [Narrator], home of find your plumber. – So then guys thanks ever
so much for popping over and watching today’s video. I know it’s a bit echoey, just try and bear with us a little bit, ’cause the sound is
gonna be pretty mental. As you can see today, we’re changing over a little basin waste which has got a slightly flip plug basin waste in here. We’ve actually got about
10 or 15 of these to do. And we actually put up on
out Twitter and our Facebook. And we popped out Plumber’s Mate which is a tool that you’re
gonna have to use soon. It’s a putty that you can actually use and we popped that in the fridge earlier just to make that cooler because it’s about 30
degrees outside today. It’s pretty warm. That stuff can be an absolute nightmare when it comes to, gets warm. It sticks to your hands and dribbles about. Be like Slimer in Ghostbusters. In a minute I’ll go into
why I’m using Plumber’s Mate and not some of the other variations that there are for actually doing this particular type of job. So let’s have a quick look now. We’ve got our little one
eye lens camera in there so we can get you right
underneath the sink as well. And you can get really
good views to what to do. I hope this video helps you. Remember everybody, to hold tight. And I’ll see thee very soon. First things first, is
obviously making sure there’s not water running into here, anything like that. Take it, oh my God, what is? This is the kind of thing
you have to deal with when you see this sort of thing, it’s horrible isn’t it? I take this out the hole right there, in a minute we might need to stop this from twisting around
and to do that you just sort of stuff a big
screwdriver in there like that. And you can hold the screwdriver like so and then don’t have much of a problem with that moving around. If we go underneath,
really it’s quick a simple job this is not a very difficult one. First thing we’ve got to do is just undo the two nuts that
are holding our trap on. You might have a different sort of spin type of trap on here. Undo that now, obviously we’ve got lovely installed in here we’ve got this nice bit of things. What we’re going to do is just twist this out. This is where it might
bet a big manky this job. Usually you’ve got, yeah, look at that. Isn’t that beautiful? Usually at this point you can see, I’m just gonna get this. Look at that, beautiful,
come with me darling. Oh my God, that is manky. So I’m sure you can see how
manky it is under there, not nice at all. So anyway now we’ve got all
that horrible stuff out. It’s making me really _. The next thing you’ll wanna do is just get your trap and just pour into, if you’ve got a toilet nearby, pour whatever you’ve got out of there. And if you so want to
now, get that nice clean, just look at that in that dirty _. Right, so now we’ve got the
trap emptied out like that. We’ve got the trap out and everything. We’ve dependent on what sort
of plug guys you’ve got, you might just be removing the plug, really easy to do, it’s not a big deal. Let’s get under there
with a pair of grips, what you’ve gonna find
under there is a nut, a big black nut that
just looks just like that under there. And what we need to do is we’re just gonna grab our grips and slacken that off. And then we might need to
grab the little screwdriver we’ve got on the top to stop the actual body of the basin waste
from spinning round. There you guys can see that slacken it off there. Just a little bit. One more to do is to grab that. And then basically we can
just take this whole nut off. Now we’ve got that out we should be able to just lift this out, just like so. Now we’re onto pretty much
the next stage of the job. So it’s really important
that everything’s dry when you’re doing this. So what we need to do, we go up here, we got to clean this down. It makes a good idea to
give this a good clear off so when you’ve got your
new basin hole in there it looks nice and clean. But also, while you’re getting
ready for the next bit, it’s really important to get
all this nice and dried out. Just stuff that up there. Stuff it under there. Make sure that all that’s nice and dry. So the next thing you’re
gonna want to think about doing is actually getting your new basin plug prepared
and ready to go in. And this is also where
I’m gonna come round to the different ways you can
seal up new basin plug holes. Because there are quite
a few different ways and everyone’s got their
own kind of way of doing it. Number one, a lot of
the time, you’re gonna have a little nut and screw like that. That is to cover up the old chain hole so if you’re taking out a basin waste that’s got a chain in
it, that’ll cover that up and make that good. You want to try and keep this clean because if you get _ on this, if it’s wet, it’s impossible to get off. You need to wait for it to dry out and then you can rub it off quite easily. Often, if you’re lucky, you
have a big washer like this one here that’s underneath the old thing and you can reuse that. We’re gonna drop in our
basin waste like this so the porcelain of the
base will be right there. As you can see, we’ve got two slots here. Now what they do is they allow water to come down from the overflow. So it’s a good idea you
can make a mental note of where them slots are and try and point them as best you can to where the overflow comes in. So if there is ever an overflow problem, like a kid leaves the tap running or something like that, then you know it’s gonna drain away right and not flood the room. Now the next thing, you’ve
got this stuff here, Plumber’s Mate. Now a lot of you guys probably aren’t gonna have this because you’re DIYers and you’re not gonna have
a specialist plumber’s thing like this. Personally, I just absolutely love the
smell of it for some reason. The more you put on, the better. Now the reason I put mine in the fridge if I’ve got a load of
these to do coming up. Say I’ve got, you know, second fix on a house,
second fix on a few houses and I’ve got a few coming up then I’ll put it in the fridge and make it easier to work with. What we do is we put it into sort of like a centimeter round sausage. We’ll wrap that around the actual thread once we’ve got our new
basin waste popped in. And then we push that up and punker up as well as we can. And what that does,
that seals up the thread as it goes up through
into the porcelain basin. Then the overflow and that won’t leak, won’t get any water come out. Now there are a few other ways. You’ve got Basin Mate. In fact the Basin Mate will
work on this particular system but if you’ve got a pop up waste, Basin Mate is usually a bit too deep for you to actually be able to get on the end of the thread
of the pop up waste, so that sometimes can
be a bit of a problem. Obviously a lot of you are
gonna use silicon as well. The reason I don’t like using silicon is purely if I’m on a job and this is the last bit of the day, I can’t test whether the
silicon is actually sealed up straight away until sort
of 10 or 15 hours later when it’s cured. Whereas with Plumber’s Mate,
I can test straight away and make sure that the
installations are right. I can move on to the next job or _ or whatever. The other reason I don’t
want using silicon is just thinking about the next guy who’s gonna come in. If it’s all siliconed up,
it’s a nightmare to get off. Sometimes it can be welded in. And it’s just not, you know, it’s not the done if
you’re a proper plumber. I hate to say it, or maybe a bit old fashioned. But if you are, you’re gonna use a bit of Plumber’s Mate. So anyway, let’s pop on to now. You’ve got a good idea
about what we’re gonna do. You can just watch this as we go along. That will give you a great idea about how to complete this task yourself. We’re gonna pop this in like that. And if we actually look
right down in here. I don’t know if you can see very well, but there’s our slot there. There’s our other slot there. There’s the slot inside the basin. We just put this down like so. I’ve got a good idea now which
way that slot is pointing and that should drain nice and easily. We go underneath, get our Plumber’s Mate. Roll our Plumber’s Mate
into a sausage like that. Then I’m just gonna pop it round on here,
just like so, like that. I’ve got a little gap there to fill in so I’ll just get a little bit more. There, now that we’ve got it in, you can put your
screwdriver in there again. Just be careful you don’t score or damage the top side of the basin waste, you’re gonna get that wrong. Then I just use my fingers just to push this up for now. Get this in sort of the
right kind of position. Get it so it’s nicely
on the thread itself. Now very importantly, in the knowing enough, they
don’t seem to supply it with these new sort of wastes, go into the plumber’s shop and get yourself some of these washers. If you know you’re gonna do this job or you’re thinking about doing it. You want to figure out how grab yourself some of these washers. They will save your bacon when it comes to using Plumber’s Mate. So then what we do, we slip the the plastic on here like so. And then we really put a
bit of force on that now. Push this up around like so, like that. Really get that in. The good thing is about
Plumber’s Mate as well is it just pushes out what
it doesn’t want to use. So it’s not really wasteful product. It’s not like, not like silicon. There you go. Then whatever you’ve got
around this bit of thread here, just try and pull that out of the way. Because in a minute,
we’re gonna be putting on obviously our plastic nut, our new nut. And that as much Plumber’s Mate, if it’s in the way, it’s
gonna sort of impede that nut tightening up. We’ve got our nut to go on. Just gonna pop that on here. You will see now why that
plastic is so important. Because it stops the nut from chewing up all the Plumber’s Mate
that we’ve put underneath. Let me get this as hand tight as possible and then use what leverage you’ve got at the top to keep it in the position
that you want it to be in. Then get your set of grips. As you can see there, it’s
pushing out what it doesn’t need. Get this pretty tight now to be honest. Right, once you’ve got that tightened up, run your finger around. Pull off all the Plumber’s Mate that’s been splurged out. Pop that back in your tub
for use next time around. So now this is sometimes the problem you’ve got when you’re
changing over basin wastes is the actual depths are a bit different. Now this is great actually that this happened on this job because I can show you the
complications you can have. What you think’s quite a simple job now we’re gonna have to make a bit of a moderation to this piece here. Maybe even take this shelf out and just speak to the customer and see if they’re happy
with us doing that. If they are, we’re just
gonna remove the shelf. So, I’ve got the go-ahead, thank God, otherwise I’d have to be doing quite a lot of butchering, wood butchering at the moment. That’s plumbers never really want to do. We’re not fans of that. So now I’m ready to put this back in. As you can see, lovely, hairy bits there. As you pop that in like so and then look, if you see how the, it’s very important that you make sure that that gets a good seed,
that’s the first thing. If it doesn’t, you’re
never going to seal it. That needs to go perfectly. The fittings, the compression
fittings are this. Really they only need to be hand tight, don’t go completely crazy. Now all we need to do is, moment of truth really. Just start running some water in here and then just test for any leaks. So there we go, we’ve
now finished the job off. We’ve tested for leaks
and everything’s okay. And now there’s a lovely new
shiny basin waste in here. I can close up my Plumber’s Mate ’cause I know that everything’s okay. You see how easy it is to use that product and I don’t know why people think it’s a bit archaic. Anyway, if you need anymore help or anymore information, please do visit our website Please do subscribe to our videos. Remember if you’re already subscribed to select notifications
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and new bits and bobs that are coming up. Anyway, I hope you’ve
enjoyed today’s video. I hope it’s given you a bit of a better idea about how to do basin waste, how to change ’em over,
how easy it is to do. It’s the sort of thing you can
do yourself if you need to. Please come back and watch
us in next week’s video. Remember until then,
what’s it you’ve gotta do? That’s hold tight. See ya soon. – [Narrator], home of find your plumber.

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