How To Charge Batteries Using A Solar Garden Light

these are the solar driveway lights I
got a little solar panel on top and on the blog I go to survival this blog met
a guy named River rider said that you could buy these at Walmart and they’ve
got double-a batteries in them that are rechargeable and I bought one and sure
enough it’s got a standard rechargeable double-a battery in it so I’ve got some
old rechargeable batteries that I used to use in a digital camera I’m going to
put them in here and I’m going to set these out in the Sun and see if it works
if I can take the batteries out and use them in my flashlights will that be cool
a free way to charge double-a batteries okay I just can’t stick these things in
the ground like they were intended to no I got to make it a little more
complicated that’s just the way that’s just how I roll these stakes are
intended to be driven in the ground and then this to be set on them like that
but I’m going to screw these down to this 1 by 4 and it’s hard to do that
looking through the viewfinder I just I missed it there so those will be screwed
to this board like that and then I’m going to mount this board in a way so it
can be swiveled to follow the path of the Sun you know like in the morning
have this oriented north of South and tilted a little bit to the east and then
about noon come out set it straight up and then in a afternoon turn it towards
the west to get full charge out of these little solar panels so I’m going to set
this up and and I’ll show you what it looks like okay I’ve got the little
spikes mounted on this board here and looks like it’s finished but wait is
there any way I could make this more complicated I think I can well I’m I
managed to make it a little more complicated and mounted it to a pipe
with a wingnut that you can loosen and aim this towards the Sun and not only
that but you can turn it as the year progresses and as the Sun settles in the
West you could point it towards the West just to get that much more direct
sunlight on those little solar panels and now the real test is going to be to
put them rechargeable doublea’s in here and see just how well it does and
that’ll be my next clip well here’s the thing I made I pulled it
back out of the ground because you couldn’t turn it like this and the
reason is I cut this point on the end and then hammered it down to the ground
and it wouldn’t turn easy enough so not not wanting to make this as easy as
possible I’m making a little rod here for this is going to be hammered in the
ground right here and then this is going to slide over it
like that and it’ll rest on that big washer and it will be able to turn
without any problem and I got these boxers just tacked on here right now
fixing it well them washers on good and grind the
diameter I’ll have to grind the diameter a little bit in order to fit up in here
but I’ll show you the finished product okay and my junk drawer in the kitchen
I had these rechargeable batteries that I used to use in my digital camera and
they’ve been in there God probably a year and a half maybe two just sitting
there so I’m pretty sure they’re completely dead or nearly dead and I’m
fixing to put them in the solar lights and the my next clip will be of me a
hammer in this steak in and showing you my my latest complication to this thing
Breezie you’re hugging my shot alright there it is
I’m fixing a slide the bracket I made over that now
you see the way the shadow is I’m going to aim this perpendicular with that line
of that shadow and I won’t aim this up you probably won’t be able to see the
Sun but the Sun is just a little past noon it’s probably one one thirty
something like that like a little wrapped up there in my shop complicating
this so I’m going to lean this towards the Sun there we go
and in about four hours when the Sun goes down I’ll come out here and pull
them batteries out and stick them in a flashlight and see if they’ve charged
them up well the sun’s getting a little lower it’s 5:00 in the afternoon and I’m
going to pull a couple of these batteries out and stick them in a
flashlight and see if three and a half hours of sunshine has charged them up
enough to light a flashlight so I’d only go I only got one available hand then
it’s going to take two hands to undo the lids off of these and pull the batteries
out so while the next clip will be of me turn the flashlight on and see if it’s
got enough juice the batteries okay I got the lids off I got the batteries out
and look at this it’s not a hundred percent bright but for just a couple
hours of charging that’s pretty impressive so in the event you don’t
have electricity and you need a way of charging up some double-a batteries
using solar these were four bucks each and you know a couple hours of
fabricating this little thing but you don’t really have to have that you could
Jam these in the ground and they do just fine so that’s a pretty handy thing no
and I Oh River Rider a debt of gratitude

66 thoughts on “How To Charge Batteries Using A Solar Garden Light

  1. Great video, How about installing a switch to turn off and on the LED when needed inlew of the photo sensor? then the lights themselve could be used as needed without additional battery loss. Just a thought

  2. @moparmanpete you know,thats a good idea! i love the internet. you meet the smartest people. ill have a look tomorrow and see if i can see away to add a switch, thanks ,brad

  3. @DIYMakerman i noticed that they sold some that didnt have batteries that you could take out. be sure to get the ones that sayAA on the box. they are 4 bucks each,the one without replaceable batteries are 2 bucks each.i cant believe i didnt think of this myself.

  4. Keep your video making coming. I enjoy taking a break and watching someone else work for a change. I haven't taken a day off in a couple of years. I think I'm ready.

  5. I just paid a man to pour some concrete in the grave yard for me and he told me that he got a bunch of these and when the electricity goes out he just brings them in the house.

  6. @abushua you need a vacation! two years of work is not good for you.

  7. @SustenanceNCovering you have your own graveyard? now thats what i call prepping from start to finish!

  8. @bctruck Ha Ha Ha no it's not my grave I just formed up a coping for a girl that me and the wife went to school with. She lives about 150 miles from here and I just told her that I would take care of it. I did it for free and it ended up taking me all week. When I die I told my wife to just tell everybody that I was dead and let the authorities figure out what to do with the body. That's my burial plan.

  9. Good idea. Make sure the rig is properly driven into the ground, otherwise it might fall over when it rains.

  10. @cipmars ive used a 5/8 inch rod driven into the ground. it will be there for a while.

  11. @bctruck
    Yea…..but what the heck would I do with my time? I'd be worrying about how everyone was messing things up for me when I got back to work.

  12. another neat idea,you never cease to amaze buddy.btw,how is the anti-christ?

  13. @philmcc3 hi phil! no im afraid i wouldnt even make the C team! LOL

  14. @simonfrmgb hello simon! the anti christ is still draining me financially but i keep waking up thinking i may have dreamed the whole volvo buying thing and find myself back in my kenworth happily riding down the road.

  15. did you drill the holes in the board with those CCI's in the background?

  16. @tnjeffofalltrades good god man! thats insanity! no i use them as punches. they are the perfect diamter to hammer out pins and such. of course im typing this with bloody stumps.

  17. @bctruck – Good, 'cause to drill a hole you know the best tool, right?
    A trowel

  18. @montagecrazy4u you are the only one to recognize my tools of death and destruction. i take it you wont be accepting the invitation to join me in my workshop?

  19. Just this week I thought about using the solar lights for recharging bateries. It would be great for camping with as well.

  20. @MobyDave1583 well i went to walmart today to buy more of these, i expected to find them cheap since they are an out of season item now. not!!! no sale so i didnt buy any.

  21. @bctruck i was wandering if someone took the cells of the assembly and linked a few together would they charge up something bigger?I would be nice to be able to power a cb radio in the woods.

  22. @therandomdot i recharged completely depleted AA batteries in one day of sunshine. i ran a 6 watt florescent for 8 hours on those 2 batteries.i dont know where you live but maybe you dont get as much sunshine as i do here. plus,,,they are only 3 bucks at walmart. itwas an experiment to see if you could use tghose batteries for a flashlight or anything else. no big loss if it didnt work,which it did.

  23. yes you can but you will need more then 5 and you are going to need a mosfet or a voltage regulaitor.

  24. well this would be for when a methead copper scrapper broke in while you are away at walmart giving them the obligatory 50% of your paycheck,and stole all the copper wiring from your house.

  25. LMAO I see the box of 22 bullets and I am wonderin if this dude shot the holes in the piece of wood lmaooooooooo

  26. Thanks. Really helped your video. I am from India with sunshine all through the year.

  27. Technically this is a rechargable flashlight. I am considering converting a flashlight, solar panel and rechargable battery into a floodlight for my shed. Solar Power is cool!

  28. i love solar power. im just dabbling in illumination by solar but ive used solar to cook with extensively. thanks for watching!

  29. thanks! ive since redesigned this and did that very thing. great advice!

  30. the fn batteries you buy for $3.00 are not rechargeable. the sun is free. why are you so dumb?

  31. the funniest thin on this video is the box of .22's in the back ground. I love it 🙂 I did put my rechargeable AA battery's in the to them. your upgrade to the tilt and yaw is a bit better.. Thanks for the upload and thanks for your time. great video..

    p.s. It does work…

  32. I agree BCtruck…I rather buy the 3$ solar light one time instead of 20 batteries over and over…makes sense to me!

  33. lol you've said it all… people this days are sooo stupid

  34. haha and im from malaysia with just the same weather but currently living in uk with sucky weather so cant wait to go back and use this 😀

  35. Rip the led's out so if you for get it out it won't drain the battery's

  36. I like u roll? Good battery recharge method thanx

  37. He can't freakin' help it, he's like a moth and stupid is the street light. Liked the vid!

  38. I just picked up a few of these today, while looking them up I find that you did a video a few years back!  We will see how well they work.  You have to look through them at my Walmart because most of the batteries were stolen out of the units.

  39. My roomates' buddy rides his bmx bike around the neighborhood late at night collecting all the lights he can find!Calls it goin 'yard sale'n'! 

  40. Jiust saw this, three and a half years later, LOLOL. Better late then never, eh?  I guess you prolly figgered out if you use the adapter sleeves to go from AAs to AAAs, you can charge AAAs too.  I used one of these as a driveway marker, cuz I'm always losing my driveway when I'm out on the road after dark. Ripped the flag off of a bike safety flag, then mounted the solar light on top of the pole, wormscrew-clamped the whole now-4 foot tall unit up onto one of my wrought iron gate sticks, and….tada, I don't get lost any more!

  41. Couldn't you line a bunch of these up and connect them to a inverter like that runs of a car battery?

  42. A while back, after a huge storm, we were off the grid for a few weeks.  My wife hated being without electricity and she wasn't too hip in loading ammo in the dark, so I mounted our solar walkway lighting to the fence that had the most available sunshine. There were about 12 miniature lanterns.  My wall in the living room has about 16 feet of book shelving, so I spaced these out and our living room was well lit for almost 6 hours a night.  Some of our neighbors had noisy generators that kept them up all night long and also attracted riff raff that we didn't want.  We were prepared for the robbers who thought the house was vacant and chased them away.    I like your vid, that's really smart to pivot or angle the solar panel to get the most of your charging time .  Thanks!  Jb.

  43. I had 40 of this use for nite lights some one stolen I'm omg people are ads holes try to save and they walk in you

  44. I wonder if the $1 ones at the dollar store would work as well or at least well enough? That might come in handy if you had nothing else, it would work even better if you ran it through a joule thief, I don't know if there is already one in them or not. .

  45. Jesus Christ ….. make a mountain out of a mole hill! Could’ve gone about that in a very simplistic way….. but ok. Good job sir

  46. Nice video!! To much work for me lo. I just pop off the tops and place them where the sun is.

  47. Way 2 much complications, the solar lights go in the ground easy, point end in first…….

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