How To Choose The Correct LED Driver For Your LED Lights

LED Lights Are Great! They Last Around 20x Longer… And Consume
Up To 90% Less Energy… Compared To Halogen Or Incandescent Lighting Which Helps You Save
Money On Your Energy Bills… …Whilst Still Maintaining Similar Levels Of Light Quality. And they also come in a wide variety of unique
colours, meaning you can achieve a great look to your rooms. But Did You Know? Most LED Lights Require
An LED Driver In Order To Operate Many retrofit LED Lights, such as GU10 LED
Bulbs… have drivers built into them to help make your transition from traditional lighting
to LED lighting much easier. Other types of LED lights, such as LED strip
lights, require an external LED Driver in order to operate. Why? Because, unlike traditional lighting such
as incandescent or halogen lights LED Lights operate on lower, more precise voltages such
as 12 volts or 24 volts. They also operate on DC (which stands for
DIRECT CURRENT)… rather than AC (which stands for ALTERNATING CURRENT). There are two main types of LED Driver… 1. Constant Voltage LED Drivers which convert
the incoming mains voltage of 230 volts AC into a lower DC voltage, such as 12 volts
or 24 volts. Constant Voltage LED drivers are ideal for powering LED tape and other
low powered LED lighting setups. The output voltage from this type of driver
always remains the same and doesn’t fluctuate. The other type of LED driver is… 2. Constant
Current Whilst these types of LED Drivers also convert 230 volts AC into lower DC voltages,
they also maintain a constant current output. This ensures that the sensitive LED chip achieves
full brightness whilst also preventing it from being overpowered, which would damage
the chip. Electrical Current is measured in milliamps
and amps. Common milliamp ratings for Constant Current
LED Drivers include 350ma and 700ma. Whilst less common milliamp ratings are 500ma,
1050ma and 1500ma. Constant Current LED drivers are usually required
for more high performance LED lighting setups such as Ground Lights… & decking lights.
Most of the integrated LED downlights we offer such as the Halers H2 Pro are fitted with
a constant current 700ma driver. This driver is part of the fitting and is
non replaceable, meaning that in the very unlikely event that the LED driver fails,
you have to replace the entire fitting. So How Do You Know What LED Driver You Need? Here are “Four Golden Rules” to follow when
choosing your LED driver 1. First and foremost, you need to know if
your LED lights require a constant voltage or constant current supply. If your lights need to be wired in a series,
like some LED ground lights, then you will need a Constant Current LED driver. If your LED lights need to be wired in a parallel
circuit like LED strip lights… they will require a Constant Voltage LED Driver. 2.
Secondly, make sure the milliamp rating on your LED light matches your LED driver. Although there are many different milliamp
ratings, the most common ratings are 350ma and 700ma. If you have established that you require a
constant voltage LED Driver, you can skip this step and move onto Step 3. 3. Thirdly, make sure the wattage of the LED
driver is higher than the total number of lights. This means if you require 4 three watt LED
ground lights, the LED driver you require will be 12 watts or higher, because 4 times
3 watts equals 12 watts. If you’re specifying an LED driver for LED
tape, you need to multiply the wattage per metre of the LED tape by the length of your
run (or runs). So, If the LED tape is 14.4W per metre and you have 3 metres, You would
require an LED driver rated at over 43.2W which could be a 60W LED driver such as the
Mean Well LPV-60-12 or LPV-60-24 depending on the voltage of the LED tape. 4. Finally, make sure the output voltage of
your LED driver is compatible with the input voltage of your LED lights. Some Constant current LED drivers have a very
wide output voltage of 6-26 volts, meaning they are more universal and compatible with
more LED lights. However, there are many constant current LED
Drivers that output a very specific voltage, which may not be compatible with your LED
Lights. And if the incorrect voltage is used… it
can cause irreparable damage to them. It’s very important that you check. If you remember these Four Golden Rules on
choosing your LED drivers… you will have no problem installing the desired LED lighting
in your home. We have also detailed a few of the most commonly
asked questions below this video to help you see how other customers are using LED drivers. Should you need further advice, please don’t
hesitate to contact us. Our team of experienced lighting experts can
be reached by emailing [email protected] or calling 01706 521188.

38 thoughts on “How To Choose The Correct LED Driver For Your LED Lights

  1. I purchased DC12V 5050 LED Strip non-waterproof 60leds/m 5m/roll LED strip 5050 white/warm white/blue/red/green from aliexpress. Which power supply should I use for 5meters? It came with a 12v2a dc power supply, it doesn't seem right.

  2. hi im really struggling with picking a dimmable driver and seen your vid can you suggest a driver for 8 of these please tht will drive them fully but not over,Maximam
    drive current: 3000mA
    Low thermal resistance: 2.5C/W
    Maximum junction temperature: 150C
    Viewing angle: 125`
    ANSI-compatible chromaticity bins
    Unlimited floor life at <30C/85% RH
    Reflow solderable-JEDES J-STD-020C
    Electrically neutral thermal path

    Technical Parameters:
    Quantity: 1 pcs
    Model Type: Cree XML-T6
    Emitted Color : White
    Color Temperature: 6000-6500K
    DC Forward Voltage (VF): 3.1 Vdc
    DC Forward Current (IF): 3.0A
    MAX Power: 10W
    thankyou in advance

  3. hello. if I have 6 cree leds 3w 3.3v I can use a 30w led driver 22-38v (constant current)? summarizing the voltage of the leds we have less than 22v. it can damage the leds?

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  5. hello,I want to make a projector headlight for my car ,I am using 10W led ,now should i use resistor or led driver to it from the battery..if its driver then what driver to use

  6. is it possible to change the 1watt led on my downlight into 3watt led without changing the driver?my downlight used 12 led and rated 1watt per led..iwant to replace the four. 1watt led into 3watt…do you think the driver can handle that?my driver is using only 350miliamp.

  7. Hello, I have a lamp that contains 5 LED lights (COB LED Strip 7mm x 48mm). One of them is no longer working. I have to replace it. My Driver says:
    Dimmable Constant Current
    Output Max. Voltage 36.8Vdc
    Output Max Power 16.8W
    Output Regulated Current 470mA
    I intend to replace the 5 LEDs to have the same heat of light. Can I put 5 x:
    P0wer 3W
    Input current 300mA
    Voltage 9-10V
    does it work???
    thank you for the answer
    P.S.: I am a novice!

  8. I'm looking at running 2 Cree CXB3590 3500k but am having some trouble finding an adequate constant current driver. Specs are as follows
    36V input

  9. Drink un-fluoridated water and maybe you can use correct symbols for electrical units. Amperes requires a capital "a" because it's named after a person. Did you even go to electrical school?

  10. Hello, I have 9x G4 2W 12V LED bulbs, I want it on 230AC to 12DC what driver can I use?

  11. I have 0.1W 2835 led in strip 5 parallel and 15 series
    How much total forward current driven from it

  12. Ohms Law. V=IR
    Voltage is equal to Current X Resistance.

    So for a given resistance, the constant CURRENT driver will change its voltage from zero to maximum if no load detected, but if there is a load, i.e. resistance, the voltage will stop rising once its drawing the stated Current, i'e. 500mA for example.

    If you have 2 lamps connected in series, the resistance will double and the voltage will also double in order for the current to flow at the right level.

    In summary, ALL constant current transformers vary their voltage to match the resistance of the load with the correct current.

    Never heard such rubbish that some are a steady voltage and some are variable, how is it supposed to provide a given current if it doesn't know what load is about to be applied?

    So if a LAMP is 0.025 ohms, to draw 500mA through it, the driver will start to increase the voltage and monitor the current being drawn. for this example it will stop at 12V. If you had 4 lamps, then it will need to reach 48V for the same 500mA.

    This is why you should NEVER connect a constant current LED while the power is on, or have a switch in the secondary low voltage side, as the driver will sit at maximum voltage trying to get to 500mA but as there is no load it wont stop. As soon as you connect the load on, it will get maximum voltage and current and it will simply be fried internally and will never work again.

    Always switch on the primary high voltage side so the driver can start at zero.

    And I'm not a so called LED expert, just an electrician who knows what he's doing!

  13. 12 या 15 ledबल्प के लिये ड्रायवर कैसे बनाई

  14. Hi, well done, good video.

    I'm Serena from China, working in Shenzhen Fushuo Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., we are good at producing flicker free high efficiency constant current LED power supply, hope we have chance to supplying your CC LED driver, flicker free 50-250W~
    LED driver suitable for street light, high bay light, grow light.

    Serena Yee

  15. i have this specification in my broken led light driver
    Output:DC36-108v 260mA+5%
    TC :75'C TA: 50'C (Max)
    it was a celing led light
    its soo confusing because it have two output with 1 led strip and the other one is led solder in a round white board so i cant determine and i was confuse because it has so many led lights


  17. Hi , I have 50 watt constant current with 1400ma with 34-40v so can I use driver with 44-55v with 900ma

  18. Hi, can you please help?
    I want to convert a light fixture ( from halogen to LED. I've been told by Searchlight that it would need the transformer to be replaced with an LED driver, but I don't know which of your products would suit?

    Can you please advise? The fitting currently powers 10 x g4 halogens 7W, and I would like to run at least the equivalent LED power, if not brighter. It also runs off a dimmer switch.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  19. Hi am planning to make a led light setup for my aquarium ,3w smd led chip light number of lights is 90 (50 white 20 pink 20 blue)what is the resistor I have to use and how to series the light ,can you please help me on it …and this is my what's app number 9840260851

  20. some of this infomation is incorrect, constant current drivers vary the voltage by the amount of leds its driving

  21. We got an expensive LED chandelier but its too bright for our room (Its non dimmable in current configuration). I am wondering if I can replace the drivers in it now with dimmable drivers and add a dimmable switch to replace my current on/off switch to make the chandelier dimmable. Any advice would help..

  22. I want power four 10 watt led so can you please suggest dimable driver for my project …..

  23. Leds can last well over 50 years if they receive the correct power, i have a hifi thats 40 years old and its full of leds and theyre all perfect

  24. Is miliamps important? The drivers in my country are mostly not 350ma. If I put higher or lower miliamp, what will it do?

  25. hello im a bit stuck on this ive got 23m flexi strip lights they run at 30w for every 5m … not sure of the mA ?? I need to connect all together … im sure I need a constant voltage they are a 12v output … can you recommend a driver for me please

  26. Hi there. Need some advice pls . Can i power 5x mr16 12V bulbs , each drawing approx 5W with a constant voltage 12v 45W 3.75A driver ? I know it is well over the power needed of 25W and just over 2amps, but here i would like to have some power reserve in case i need stronger bulbs eg 8w ? Will it be ok to have this much reserve in Watts and amps ?
    Many thanks 😉

  27. I have a 50w flood led that does not work, it's rated 25-45v but when measuring it give me 51-52v, does this mean the driver is damaged?

  28. I am running a string (12) of fairy lights using 2 AA batteries (3v) in an HO model village, what driver could I use to do the same job, save constantly changing batteries.

  29. hi i bought a led light kit 5050 rgb 5 m long with a 12v driver/transformer with remote my question is this to anybody i only want to use 1 meter length which would be cut into two pieces two legs of 500 mm can that be done or do i require a smaller driver / transformer

  30. The one bit of info I wanted was not covered. For the power supplies with variable voltage, how do you actually set the output voltage? Is there a knob? A screw? A selector switch? How does it work?

  31. Wow, I cut my 16ft LED strip into 2 halves as a portion near the incoming power supply from a 12V, 6A unit, changed from the blue to a yellowish color? Any idea why? The incoming Voltage drops from 12.32V (No Load) to 11.85V when the 8ft. Strip is on, and, the Voltage at the other end of the 8ft. Strip is 10.30V. Is this the norm as I presumed in a parallel circuit the Voltage remains constant? By the way every section where it says U can cut the strip has 3 LEDs.

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