Hey guys, welcome back to Fishing Simulator. So today, I will be showing you guys how to clean the river in Ancient Shores, which is the newest update. So first, you are going to head to Goliath, the giant on this island. [MUSIC] You have to press “E” and complete his quest, 20 rare fish. I have already complete this, and he will give you a Dumbell. And you have to hold them on your hands and stand yourself on 3 pressure plates. The 1st plate is… here. The 2nd pressure plate is… here. The 3nd and final pressure plate is… here. After the color lights up in each pressure plate, a door will open. Here it is. And now, you will be facing 3 quests The 1st door Now, here is the challenge. There are 8 plates. Your job is to jump into each plate in a specific order to open the shield around the central crystal. This takes a lot of time. When you jump on a plate, if it highlights red, you’re wrong. If it highlights green, move on to the next plate. If the next plate highlights red, your jumping progress will restart. So, keep jumping until you get all 8 plates highlighting green. One more, my plates order is not going to be the same as your order, so you have to figure it out yourself. [MUSIC] Finally, i have found my jumping order. 1 plate 2 plates 3 plates 4 plates 5 plates 6 plates 7 plates 8 plates. And done!!! Press “E” and let’s get on to the 2nd quest. Welcome to the Puzzle quest. Your job here is to rearrange the pieces into the perfect picture opposite this one. I have already done it, so you will have to figure it out yourself. Again, my puzzle is different from yours. [MUSIC] Well, by the way, here is the perfect picture. The gate will open, then you can press “E”. Let’s move on to the 3rd and also the final one. [MUSIC] This is a parkour challenge, so you will have to do it yourself too, although mine is exactly the same as yours. [MUSIC] Great, you have finally finish the last quest. Now head outside and a secret sewage will open. Here it is. Now, you have to go straight until you fall down into a sewage. Now go around and find the “Clean the sewage” (I don’t remember it exactly) Or just follow me until you can find it. When the sewage is cleaned, go to the exit And voila, the river is cleaned, and you can fish in this river too. [MUSIC] And that is it guys, I hope you enjoy the video. As always, be sure to leave a like, smash the red subscribe, and turn on all notifications. See you soon!

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