How To Clean Wicker And Baskets- Cleaning Solutions Tips Tricks Hacks

how to clean wicker and baskets green cleaning hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you have wicker furniture or baskets it is important that you clean and condition them it is very simple to do with this natural cleaning solution take 1 cup of water and 1/4 cup of salt stir it together until the salt is dissolved use hot water to help it dissolve but let it cool before you begin take a clean brush dip it in the salt water solution scrub it it will take off dust dirt help keep it nice and crisp and clean without using chemicals another thing you need to know if you can do this outside especially on a sunny day let it dry in the sunshine especially if you have white it comes out even better dip your brush in your 1 cup water where you have dissolved 1/4 cup salt do a little scrubbing wipe up any drips your wicker and baskets will dry and be just as beautiful as you could like with this natural cleaning solution please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

4 thoughts on “How To Clean Wicker And Baskets- Cleaning Solutions Tips Tricks Hacks

  1. Granny I know this may seem like a strange request but, are or would you be able to teach the importance of knowing how to sew. My wife watches your videos, and we know so many people who cannot mend clothing or create it, I feel this would be a good skill in an Disaster/SHTF scenario. 🙂  

  2. Great video!!:) I got a few storage basket from Ikea, all smell strong(woody), do you have any tip to remove the smell? soaked them for a night in water, lots of yellow color came out but when dried, still the same 🙁

  3. Cleaning them with a brush and all natural dish washing liquid in the sink or bath tub is so much easier (depending on the size.) Gets them cleaner too. Works well if you have a sprayer in your sink or bathtub. I usually take large objects out side clean and just hose them down after I clean them with dish soap.

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