How To Cold Smoke Fish, Alewife / River Herring Day 4 of 8 Maine W.L.C. / Catch And Cook Survival

100 thoughts on “How To Cold Smoke Fish, Alewife / River Herring Day 4 of 8 Maine W.L.C. / Catch And Cook Survival

  1. I hope you are using water purification tablets cause you are drinking from still water.

  2. Love you Guys this is good
    Thanx for the daypack Malcolm it is moore than great God bless you brothers

  3. I bet you his shoes smell so bad lol i guess anyones would doing what he does.

  4. I've always said cattail tasted like cucumber/melon cross but yes more fiber and juicy.. Very good stuff there.

  5. Awesome! 👍 I gotta try that toothpaste. I love lemon

  6. experience through trial is best loving u like the fish now. great stuff as always.

  7. What's the name of the piano instrumental playing during him building his new fire system?

  8. How do you people do that thing were you can click on it and it takes you to a part of the video

  9. Anyone else start the series at 11pm and continue till 4:30 am

  10. Does your apprentice have a channel I would love to watch him???

  11. cat tails taste like celery Not water cress That crap is just NASTY

  12. American car ads sound so depressing… Its just weird for me to see them. Australia's car ads look so much more upbeat compared to the American ones. Other than that, good video.

  13. That's the difference between IFS and SAS, and ladder frame.

  14. I’ve always been told using river stones for a fire pit is dangerous because the water in them may cause them to explode. Is that something you’ve never had a problem with?

  15. Did Zach quit using the Cold Steel shovel? I must have missed if he mentioned that. Anybody??? 👍

  16. One of my new favourite channels! Absolutely love this kinda stuff, quality content.

  17. 44:00 Why wouldn't you want fluoride in your toothpaste? Unless you're drinking unregulated well water, you need fluoride to help protect the tooth enamel.

  18. Love your vids but that isnt really off-road its just a back road or a logging road.

  19. How is this catch and cook survival but there is coffee out of a prepackaged bag?

  20. Hey Zach I know your done with this series now but I feel that you should make mud and use it kinda as cement for those rocs leading out and above the fire. Just my opinion I wanna try and do this stuff so if you have any pointers itd be great.

  21. i looked up and see you sticking your hand in the pot, first thing that pops into my head is, man you cant even show lobster heads in a pot o.0 lol too early. great video man.


  23. 38:20 “ if it’s cooked through it will be safe to eat”
    Not necessarily true. Rotting meats produce a toxin that cannot be removed by cooking that toxin can make you sick

  24. You should get Bath Subaru to sponsor you with a Subaru Ascent next time, mo' room.

  25. i swear everytime i watch one of these videos i want a shovel, a hot cup of coffee and i get this urge to build a yurt and get a fire going hahahaha

  26. Please don't use that to face makes your teeth small because of the minerals

  27. I wonder if people drive by and are like, “What is the crazy man doing eating grass??”

  28. It’s so weird to realize that we can watch it in little sections and they have to go through this

  29. Love it! I miss home so much that when I find something or someone like you that does the things that I grew up doing, it creates envy lol! I am going to subscribe to your channel just to get the New England fix that I need. I grew up in Presque Isle / Fort Fairfield ME, then moved to New Brunswick Canada for a couple years then back again to the states. We sold our home in Wiscasset ME, 2 years ago, to come to Florida as well as many other states for work. So when I watch your videos it makes me happy just to see the beautiful country side " the best New England has to offer". The drone shots are stunning! Oh by the way…when you went to Gardner to dip thoes alewives it looked exactly like the place where my father in law and i went to set up the fyke net for the elvers as well the presumpscot river and many other locations. I beter stop talking before I crash YouTube. Take care and keep the videos coming.

  30. If Cast Away 2 wanted you to play the role in an island will you grab the opportunity? I feel like you could do good surviving in an Island. 🙂

  31. Again…new…but I noticed in the first video you mentioned doing woodwork in certain boats…etc. So you have some carpentry background. Ever Consider building your own Cabin? I mean…you are in the samish…kind of area (environmentally) as I am. Lots of trees big rocks, mud…I wonder what it would take to make your own cabin out of the materials around you like our ancestors. And I'm not talking about a temporary shelter but a full-scale camp/home, fixins and all! (sorry…a bit of a dreamer here)

  32. The wooded beardsman really grow on ya.
    I didnt like the dynamics of these 2 on the earlier part of their earlier trip but as time goes by they are less competitive and more matesy and it is a lot of fun to watch.

  33. The moment the boys came back you perked up like a dog waiting for his owner to home home from work lol

  34. When he started getting in his feelings about what he could have been doing was so relative I felt it

  35. Just found the channel man and I love it. Love that you're an unashamed man of God. Love that you're based out of Maine which I hope is my future home. Just moved to Mass so I'm just pumped to know there are people like you man. Anyway, God bless and maybe we'll run into each other

  36. watercress is yum dude…you can eat it in a salad or make Maori boilup with pork bones or any meat you like plus pumpkin, spuds, kumara or sweet potatoe and thats it

  37. If you dig a small tunnel from outside your shelter to under your fire pit your good. Like an underground chamber around a foot deep. Come on bud it’s awesome.

  38. 21:40 the whole time it sounds like you describing callery is that what you meant?
    Edit: celery*

  39. Love watching your adventures and Miranda the soundtrack from this should be the top music you play on all of yours awesome

  40. man really makes you appreciate when we were born like we are all so blessed im literally watching this high as fuck eating food i ordered from my phone lmfaoo

  41. I know your sick and would rather be doing other stuff but I want to thank you so much for doing what you do so we can enjoy watching and so much enjoy what you do! I feel like your my best friend lol…. probably cause I have no one but you tube but I wait and watch for every one of your adventures!!!

  42. I see you guys could live year round like that out there. I would get a little bummed at the lack of plant based food though.

  43. I mean, I get the whole god shit but it’s like showing your wiener in public. Keep it to yourself, you know? Not everyone wants to see that shit, but I’m glad you have it.

  44. Haha I grew up right near the Redmond salt mine in utah. We still use Redmond salt and clay all the time.

  45. I am wondering how you became a You Tuber/Vlogger? And you got sponsorship from so many companies? The videos are top notch.. Enjoyed each and one of them. Great Job.

  46. Great videos Zach! I've watched texas and the rockies series so far now and started this one and there amazing man I really hope you make a good living off this and follow your dreams. Btw subaru's are the best 🙂

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