How to dry Water Damage Carpet (Cleaning in Brisbane & Sydney)

Thankyou for visiting water damage carpet cleaning Brisbane In this case study we will explore how we
dry out water damaged carpet and structure Here we can see 6 inch deep water throughout
caused by a burst pipe from a hot water system Therefore in this scenario it important an
electrical professional checks over the property, here we can see there was possibly about 1000
liters which needed extraction We were able to extract the bulk of the water
with high volume water extraction machines Later on in the day we installed 49 air movers
15 dehumidifiers to remove the 2000 liters of bound water in the structural components
In addition, we have yellow hoses directed into wall cavities to dry out water damage.
This will reduce the risk of future mould growth.
The dry down took approximately 8 days. If you have water damaged carpet, please call
us now on 1300 346 988. We have 24 hour response to the Brisbane area, or visit us at the website
at water damage carpet

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