How to Easily Diagnose and Fix Engine Knock

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  1. Thats amazing 166000 miles with the same spark plugs.

    My car is 20 years old and it has only 122000 miles on it. And yes I replaced the spark plugs. LoL

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  3. Your videos are among the best out there! Always very informative and clear. Thank you

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  5. Hello, I have a 94 corolla 7AFE 1.8L with 98k miles. I get error code 52 (knock sensor) – the check engine light turns on after the engine is warmer and has idled at a red light. I took the car to my mechanic and he replaced the knock sensor, same problem. I removed the EGR valve, cleaned it – removed and cleaned throttle body and IAC vavle – same issue. Tested the EGR and EGR solenoid – both fine — still get error 52 – and computer retards ignition — Do you have any idea what it can be ? any info would be greatly appreciated.

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  7. Thanks my mechanic.My Toyota Hiace 1rz engine had this problem recently and was fixed by correcting the ignition timing.The distributor was over advanced.thanks good video.

  8. Octane is also relative to altitude. If you buy fuel in higher elevations, it will have 86 or even 85 octane rating. So if you regularly fuel in the mountains and work every day close to sea level, you will have the same problems. Be mindful of your fuel habits.

    If your computer is firing too advanced, you got problems. Run the right plugs in your vehicle. You can adjust the heat range simply by running cooler plugs. I'm not gonna hash that out. I'm sure this guy knows what I mean. Also, nothing wrong with blowing a can of sea foam through the tank. The videos on Sea Foam I've seen here aren't controlled well enough to believe. I've had awesome success with it. If you run short trips every day like less than 10 miles each way, you're gonna run into carbon buildup. Get that sucker good and hot once a week like run down the highway at 70 for a half hour if you can to help burn off some carbon. Yeah its burning money but in the long run beats a new engine. I'd rather burn a gallon a week of gas than buy a new 4 banger or even 8 which means buying a new car is cheaper. Parts and labor for a F150 engine swap is about it's worth relatively. DIYers have at it. I'd just spend and extra 3 bucks a week and run hard and high to keep it cleaned out.

  9. This video was super informational and explained in very easy to understand and terms! Thank you for explaining so comprehensively what can cause engine knock, I feel much more confident going into the mechanic now instead of just driving up and saying 'there is a concerning noise, fix it!'

  10. can I ask you a favor I need to understand the comparison test in diesel cars how the ecu know the values of each sylnder. I am talking about the test in the scanner device

  11. Watched a whole bunch of people trying to explain knocking on a whiteboard. Didn't satisfy my quest for knowledge. Luckily a proper mechanic knows how to explain!

  12. Dude you are a life saver thank you for makeing this video its amazing how simple you made things when you explain thrm properly

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  14. Would be great if all engine knock problems were as simple as old plugs. Good list of possible causes. For the purpose of evaluating fuel trims for rich or lean condition, it should be check at varied engine speeds and loads. I recently switched from 87 octane in my Ecotec, GDI engine to 91 Octane, Top Tier fuel and it significantly reduced my positive long term fuel trims. Before it would run nearly 10 percent, but now it is 2-3, with STFT fluctuating between -2 and + 2. This is consistent through all engine loads.

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  16. That scanner, is it a DSO?
    Did you lab scope the ignition system?
    Is raster an option in the scanner?

  17. That is a fundermental point of contact for the better part of the repair,and expert knowledge.

  18. Thanks. I think I will buy the truck I saw , with that problem. Thanks a million !

  19. I have 2000 f250 6.8 only knock when starting in the morning when is cold when the truck warm up the knock go away

  20. I have an 05 GMC Yukon that started doing really hard downshifts after I had the rear main seal replaced. Not sure exactly what's going on, I checked the transmission fluid level after I got it back and it looked a little high. It's generally ok if I take it easy so I've been putting it off for other jobs (like the front end it needs). Today I was going home trying to pass some jerk on the road and it did a really hard downshift, my rpms jumped from like 2k to 5,500 and I heard a really weird rattle as the rpms jumped, I'm not exactly sure what bad pre-ignition or detonation sounds like but it definitely sounded bad enough for it. I don't think there was any catastrophic damage, just wondering what the hell that noise was and if it was pinging or one of the other two how much damage a single event like that would cause in general. This thing is pretty old and I need it to make it to my next vehicle. I generally don't try to dog the thing but sometimes it just happens.

  21. Thanks for the video!

    Based on what I understand here with my Toyota v6 I'm going to simply try higher octane fuel as a 'dumb' diagnostic to see if it helps. Of course this doesn't fix the problem, but gives me some time before I have to worry about fixing it. Then I'll probably do some Seafoam, easy to do and not a whole lot of effort (possibly will clean out carbon.)

    Then after I've wasted my time and gas money on that I'll go after the real problem which I'll bet is probably EGR, spark plugs, or lean fuel.

  22. Its pretty important to show what the knocking noise actually sounds like.

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    Edit: Great video. I'm showing a bad knock sensor which is why this came up in my feed. But I really like how well you covered the range of issues.

  26. My 2002 ZR2 has this issue right now. I have the acdelco spark plugs but spark wires are from auto zone. Would the spark wires be creating the knocking?

  27. Your dog looks like, damn hooman stop talking boring shit pet me instead ? btw not boring to me at all, you have saved me to junk my Toyota Corolla 99, with a lot minor problems which I was able to fix by myself of course with your help, thanks for your classes man

  28. My mechanic said the knocking in my engine is due to not changing the oil on time. Sludge oil was the cause. This one is not on your list. I just want to make sure.

  29. Hey RnW, i get knock that goes away when completely hot engine. After about an hour of driving non stop it goes away. Otherwise it knocks at steady pace. Any information you may know about that behavior?

  30. i have a jeep 4.0 that had the bosh platinum plug in it (wrong kind of plug). it was getting almost 10mpg (should b getting 18-20).
    when i put the correct plug in, it ran better and brought the mpg up to what it should be. but then the slight tick turned into a knock 🙁 …
    could changing the spark plug to the correct spark plug (after running the wrong plugs for years) cause a spark knock ?
    i am thinking that i have a broken piston or piston skirt 🙁

  31. This is one of the best ten min. video. Good explanation and good snack while you watching. You know, about timming belt and the bored dog. Hahaha. I really enjoyed this video.

  32. What cause to lost power on a 2003 ford ranger 3.0 liter. the warmer it get the less power. No codes. I have check everything i can think of need help.

  33. Great show. Hoping you can help me. I have a 2008 Ford Edge with less than 95k. Check engine light came on registering code P00112. Mechanic said the engine burned the oil and I need a new engine. Check engine light only came on the day before the mechanic saw it. Oil light never came on. Any suggestions before getting a new engine?

  34. Ratchets and wrenches, you are awesome bro thanks for the advice from WA state and Santa Cruz, CA , keep wrenching!

  35. Thank you for uploading this video it's the most comprehensive coverage on what could cause a P0325 code available on YouTube. I recently had my head gasket replaced on my 2005 honda civic lx special edition. Three days after getting it back I'm getting a P0325 code thanks to you I at least have some steps to take before I spen a ton more money.

  36. Exelent te felicito muy profesional la explicación.
    Gracias desde Argentina .

  37. Well, I wouldn't want THAT to happen to my ignition timing! Thanks everyone for not being offended


  39. Is there anyway i can contact you? I have questions about my car and was wondering if you can help.

  40. Detonation or pre-ignition doesn't sound like a knock. It sounds like a screw bouncing around in the combustion chamber.

  41. look at those old plugs WOOOW! ppl are so dumb…maintain your cars !

  42. Dude you are the Best. Excellent teaching. Now i have a more detailed idea about what to check in my car that is knocking. I realiza i never change the spark plugs. Easy solution. Thanks

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  44. My engine had 300k on it. Just bought it. It didnt knock when i bought it but today i changed the oil and turned it on. It knocked, and knocked in nuetral, but when i drove it stopped then after driving around the block the knock stopped. Update I think its an EGR problem or something. Like a diaphragm that isnt working properly till it heats up and it may be messing with the o2 sensor bank 1
    Update pt.2 The bank 1 sensor one replaced from a junker, it killed the code, the deep wierd knocking sound was coming from a rectangular unit behind the EGR valve. It had lost all of its screws and blown open. I bailing wire tied it back together and now have an egr code but the sound stopped

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  46. So how do you diffentiate engine knock due to detonation from rod knock due to bad rod bearings? If it ping at idle and no matter the RPM then it's a rod knock, if it pings harder at acceleration or under load, then it's due to detonation?

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  50. These guys are always mechanics. They own a lot of there here. I love his hair and he look good. Oh. Point I'm here to see what's going on with my dang truck. Sigh. Always something. Thanks for the video/ explanation!.. ????????

  51. My car wont start and i dont hear anything when i turn the key the right pressison and i tried the other pressison i did not hear anything its probley from the engine, Sparkplug and Battery And Its Shows That I Have 0 Fuel And The Arrow Form The Fuel It Shows Emety My Dad All Ways Put The Diesel Oil Beacuse This Is The Oil For My Car But When I Turn The Key Over The Correct Pressison You Can't Hear The Engine It Wont Start ?!?!?!?!? I Am Confushin!!!!!

  52. I remember an old mechanics trick to stop or reduce knocking by adding a gallon of diesel fuel to the tank (summer driving in hilly areas). Ever heard of that?

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