How to find out if you’re in a flood zone in Manchester MA 01944

Hey, Kenny MacCarthy here from Gloucester,
Massachusetts with another in my series of find the flood map videos. We have so
far looked at Gloucester and Rockport to find the current as well as the proposed
FEMA flood map, and now we are going to take a look at the Manchester current
and proposed flood maps. So, to find the current flood mapping in Manchester, go
to the Manchester town website which is, and right in the
middle of the page you’ll see the mapping button that will bring you to the GIS
map server where you can plug in an address, and I want to just show the kind
of a downtown area, so I’m gonna pick 6 School St, which is the old Hooper’s.
So, plug in your own address here obviously, and then click the search
button. It will bring up a nice map of the property and locate it for you. Then
I usually zoom out a little bit, so I can get a better idea of what’s going on in
the area, and click on the interactive mapping link down here. That will bring
up the different layering that can be put on here, so you can check off
easements or you can see all kinds of information on here. Anything that the
town has on record will show here. But, if you scroll all the way down, it
goes to the FEMA flood zone. Click on the FEMA Flood Zone box, and it will bring up
and show you the 100 year and 500 year flood marks. And, these are the
current maps, so that little bit of inlet behind the fire station and Hooper’s, you
can see here the flood zone is across on the other side of that little inlet. So,
that’s the current mapping for Manchester, and you can easily find your
own address on here. Plug it in and click search, and then like I said, scroll down
on the interactive mapping and check off the FEMA Flood Zone.
Now finding the proposed maps is a little bit more involved. The way to do
that is to go to the website, and then what are you looking for, right
up here in the right hand corner, just type in the word “maps” and then search,
and scroll down and you’ll see here the Map Service Center search – that is what
you want. And then, type in an address, and all I’m gonna do is put in “manchester ma” search, and it brings us to Manchester. Now these… it’s showing the
current maps here which will… which you’ve already found on the Manchester
town website, but the reason this is important is we need this number, we need
this panel number, because when we go to the FEMA website to find the future maps,
they show the list but they don’t show a key as to which different maps. So,
for example, if you live downtown, if your property was here, and you know it’s
on this particular panel, this is the number here that you want. If you live
over on Raymond Street, you have to click the Select tool, click a point and then
click on Raymond on this map here, and it will bring up the FIRM panel. You can
click on this too, by the way, to see it and move around on it. It’s very hard to
do, and it takes a couple of minutes to load, so I’m not gonna click on this here,
you can, because we’ve already found the current maps. And, if you notice these
numbers end with an F. That indicates the current maps. The future maps, proposed
maps end with a G. It’s the same panel number, but it ends with a G. So this is
the panel that we’re going to be looking for for downtown, and it’s 0434, and
the way to find that particular map we have to go to a different website, and
the website is the website, and at the bottom of this
scrolling area you’ll see new flood maps. You can click on new flood maps, and then
search your area. Don’t bother putting in your zip code, just click right down here
where it says Preliminary Flood Map Search Tool, and
then pick the state, the County, and get preliminary flood map FEMA products, and
if you’ll notice on the government, on the federal site it lists all the maps
in Essex County, but there’s no key as to where they are, so you need to get that
map number here. Once again we’re gonna be… we’re looking at downtown Manchester,
so that’s 0434. So, we go back to the list here, and look for 0434, and then go over to the right here and click on the Adobe link
to download the map. I have already downloaded the map so we’re not going to
bother doing that it’s on my desktop here. And, let’s see… there’s the map, and
if we double click, the map will open up, and it’s the full panel. There’s the area
in question, and yes, you can zoom in on it, and it’s very easy to zoom in on, and
the detail is actually quite good, so if we zoom in on that area… let’s go up one
more step here… there’s School Street and there’s number 6 which is the property
that we look we were looking at, and if we scroll back over to the… you can see
there it is. Now notice there’s the old flood line, which is on the other side of
the banks, and they’ve moved the flood line to the School Street side of the
banks. Now, whether or not the line goes is right along the breakwater there or
not, I’m not sure, I’m not here to interpret the maps, I’m just pointing out
that they are very different than they were before. So, that’s how you find the
current and future maps for Manchester by the sea. My name is Kenny MacCarthy. You
can always find me at [email protected] Take care.

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