How To Find Your Target Audience

all right good morning
good morning everybody happy Sunday and welcome to the easy like Sunday morning
podcast I am your host Charles I hope you’re having a great weekend we are let
me go ahead and turn this down you know the drill so we don’t get copyright
violations hey I hope everybody’s having a great weekend you have some awesome
friends visiting us from out of town we have had an incredible time I can’t even
talk and I don’t think I’ve eaten and drinking so much in a long time
definitely near middle-age and feeling it this morning that’s why we’re running
a little late but today we are here and let’s jump into the content today I want
to talk to you guys about finding your target audience so if you’ve been paying
attention and if you’ve been watching the easy like Sunday morning podcast you
can even go back it’s all archived on YouTube it’s archived on our website but
you can go back and look we are sharing with you guys ways that you can turn
your knowledge and your passion into a real business and a viable one and
actually make some extra money and Olivia alleviate some financial burdens
and stress by becoming an influencer so that’s basically what this podcast is
about and it is a road map that kind of shows you how to do it and get you in
the right mindset and gives you tips and stuff like that to to do this so if you
look back through you’ll notice that we talked about three ways you can become
an expert how to add value to your audience and and things like that and
today we want to talk about and focus on who your audience is and and targeting
your your audience so in order to find out who your audiences are really
boils down to – this is who’s your audience and what do they want and
there’s a good saying that says when you try to reach everyone you end up
reaching no one Kevin good morning thank you for joining us Anthony good morning
thank you for joining us this Sunday morning hope everybody’s having a good
day hope everybody staying warm looks like another day of Florida winner
day two and a half is upon us so you know state stay toasty sir so who is
your audience so what are they one I think when you are starting out and
you’re looking to build your brand and building your audience this is something
that you need to ask you to ask yourself and need to realize that when you try to
reach everyone and as much as everybody thinks that our message is for everyone
everyone needs to hear this the world needs to hear it that’s just not the
case you really end up reaching no one because your topics are too broad and
people don’t know how to find you and remember the the success in all of this
is helping people that are looking for specific information on the topic that
you are offering so your audience will derive from your topic and I know that
there’s a question whether you put your audience first or whether you put your
your topic first and that’s pretty much the the chicken or the egg you know
which came first of of marketing but I’d like to say that if if you come from a
position of service and passion you’re passionate about your topic you have
been successful in your topic and you really want to show others how to be
successful in your topic and you come from a position of service and passion
that in the long run you will build a more loyal and a better quality brand you know those that are passionate will
generate more a more loyal following and and your your marketing needs to effect
change and I think that’s a powerful thing is you really have to put yourself
in the position of you audience what is it exactly that your
audience is looking for what questions or answers are your audience looking for
and not necessarily what you are looking for so topics are the best way to search
for an audience so you need to hop on Google and in your niche or in your area
of topic so let’s say that you are starting a topic on leadership or real
estate you definitely want to jump on Google or cosplay or photography or
wine a wine business or really anything you definitely got to do some research
and you got to see what’s already out there right you got to see what exists
out there in your niche you got to see what kind of shoes other people are
filling and kind of find a white space of where you think you could come in and
provide a better service so you want to find audiences that are interested and
you want to serve those people you want to hit Google you want to search for
your topic you want to there are some questions you want to answer is who else
is teaching your topic how big are the audiences of the people that are
teaching the topic what material exists in your topic what groups forums
products events popular sites social sites do these
people serve so let’s take 8-bit fusion graphics for example I saw Anthony hop
on earlier but let’s go ahead and take 8-bit he does he is a professional
photographer and he does photo composites heavy editing so he might
jump on Google and see who is offering composite services to businesses small
businesses weddings at events at conventions who are the people that are
already stepping in and offering these types of services what price point are
they coming in at and what is the value of their content like are they just
trying to to hawk you prints or are they actually taking the time to groom
and preen the next generation of photographers and Photoshop artists and
graphic designers so you see the difference on one you’re blasting a
product to somebody hey buy this buy this buy this but when you turn just a
little bit and you define your audience hey I want to market too not only do I
want to do composites and sell composites but I also want to train the
next generation I want to turn it into a more leadership way and I want to start
building tutorials and how-to videos and just a product line and a community
around learning the art of photography we just bought a new video camera I
really don’t know anything about it all my shoot everything on manual or
automatic I’m sorry not manual so I would be one that would benefit from
let’s say an 8-bit fusion graphics teaching that type of material I am a
content creator I need video I need production pictures
that is a need that I have and so I know that there’s tons of other people that
are out there too any creator any business owner any convention promoter
any school and I mean you got to get your message out there you need
promotional materials so I hope you see that there is a huge opportunity if you
can step in and fill that void and provide that service that educational
service from a service standpoint but also a product and and business
standpoint so that you can capitalize on it then everyone wins and you’re off and
running so I hope that was a good example so hit Google see what’s out
there see what other people are offering see your competition sign up for their
newsletters watch their content and then see how you can do it better a really
customer targeting comes down to two basic questions question number one is
who needs my information remember like we said at the beginning you can’t
market to everyone in the world this is why you need
Anish we are focused on teaching people how to become influencers for beginners
I’m not teaching people that are already successful how to do this B they don’t
need my help I need their help you know what I mean I’m trying to get people
started that have never done this or that are realizing the potential and the
time of opportunity that we’re living in in what is called the u economy and I
mean just the way that the Internet has just leveled the playing field so that
anyone can do this that is my target audience so I don’t
want to reach everybody I want to reach people that want to
learn to build what we’re building that is my target audience so you know who
needs my information people that are looking to become entrepreneurs that are
looking to spread their message and grow their business that is my target
audience Anish narrows down your pitch and
ensures that people and it really does that people that are searching for your
content or searching on a particular content topic you provide that content
and they can find you you make that connection and in order to do that you
really have to create an avatar and we’ve kind of talked about this in the
past we call them an avatar you need to come up with your customer you need to
really focus on this you need to develop a customer you need to take pen and
paper and write it down and really be clear and some of these things are what
is the age of your your your avatar right what is the the race the heritage
what is your avatar like what does your avatar not like what’s the relationship
status of your avatar what kind of time constraints does your avatar have do
they have kids do they go to school are they retired what is their education
level by sitting down and really thinking about this these points and
these topics and writing them out this you two have sniper like pinpoint
precision in your messaging you don’t have to reach everybody you want to talk
to your specific avatar my demographic is mainly male from the age 35 to 45
that have families that are believe it or not already working of 40 an hour job
but they’re not making enough and they want to provide more so they’re looking
for other side opportunities things that they could do for themselves to bring in
an additional income to help them afford to pay bills or maybe buy a new house
get another car you know just to improve their life a little bit that is my
avatar married has kids 40 an hour a week job 35 to 45 hustlin wanting more
someone that’s driven that’s educated that is really looking for a financial
opportunity that is might avatar you need to come up with an avatar as well
and then the second question is who can I create this information for so once
you have your avatar you know and we’ve talked about this too when people come
up to you what’s the one question they ask you like how did you do that what is
the one that you do that people come up to you and ask you on a regular basis
hey man how did you do that you know Kevin good morning when people
continually ask you how you accomplished a specific task or how you were
successful at us in a specific task that is a business opportunity that is an
opportunity for you to enter the creative marketplace as a content
creator on that specific topic there are billions of people in the world if you
have five six seven people if you get asked how did you do that on a
consistent basis I can almost guarantee you that there are
hundreds of thousands of other people that are asking that question and
looking on information on how you accomplished that task as well that is
an opportunity that is a great opportunity for you to step in fill the
void and then they find you I hope this is making sense and I hope
that you guys are are the wheels are turning and you’re seeing how you can
start to work your way into the marketplace and how you can really
empower yourself to do this and you can realize that there are people out there
that will listen to you remember getting started is the hardest thing you don’t
need an excuse as long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection
you have the power to create content and get your message out there so we all
have friends we all have social networks we all have people that are already
following us we can help those people and we can help ourselves at the same
time so don’t forget that so I mean you know you’re talking about like home
school mom’s entrepreneurs realtor’s wine aficionados comic book store owners
convention promoters party promoters I mean lawyers the bankers the list goes
on and on you know and the more specific you get the better you’re gonna do you
know banker moms that work 80 hour you know 50 hour work weeks and can’t take
care of two kids super specific you’ve got some content or tips and tricks and
that specific topic you have an opportunity and all of this everything
we’ve talked about comes down to two basic questions we’re gonna start
wrapping this up here but these two basic questions that I want to leave you
guys with is who is your customer okay these are the two questions you have to
ask yourself to know how to target your audience who is your customer an avatar
can jump right if you can jump into the minds of your avatar and the lives of
the avatar and you can put yourself in their shoes you will start to understand
your clients you will start to understand your audience and honestly
most people and your audience they’re just like you it’s been proven that your
audience is just like you they just lack some basic information from something
that you went through that they’re now going through and they don’t know how to
deal with it it could be weight-loss it could be growing your business
it could be SEO how to optimize a website it could be how to build a
computer it could be how to brew beer it could be how to paint a model it could
be how to spray paint it is endless they’re just lacking some basic
information that you need to fill and you need to remember that most of your
clients and most of your audience in your community is you five to ten years
ago what journey have you been on the last five to ten years what obstacles
have you overcome what tribulations what turmoil what skills have you acquired
over the last five to ten years to make you successful to put you in a
successful position it’s sharing your struggle and what you did to overcome
that struggle and that is your opportunity and then the second question
is how can you add more value and make those people’s lives easier and more
interesting and I think the fastest way to do it and to retain people is how did
you get from point A to point B my story and all of this wrapped up in dishes and
stitches and an expert influencer Academy and everything we do is I am
showing you over the last five years how I went from homeless to where I’m at now
you know the possibility of being homeless and having to move back in with
my parents to re-educating myself graduating college learning about
business starting Florida con artists dishes and stitches expert influencer
Academy to where we are now that we are now
all of this into play and starting to make income for ourselves and building
our brands and our business so that we can live life on our own terms and not
work a 40-hour you know a week workweek we don’t want we want to be in control
of our own lives and that is our story that is our brand story homeless to
living life on our own terms you have a story – you’ve overcome something
divorce a failed marriage loss of a child – anything I know I know that it’s
painful sometimes but you have overcome an obstacle and you can now turn around
and help other people that are struggling through that obstacle and you
can help them and build a community and they can help you to build a better life
so I hope you see that point A to point B and remember at the end of the day
it’s all about helping your audience free up time save frustration helping
your audience and your people get to the end goal and enrich and add value to
their journey and their goals you know and I think the ultimate question is
what would have helped you when you were first starting out when you were first
getting divorced knowing what you know now what would you go back and tell
yourself that you know now to help you cope through that when I was you know if
you asked me hey what you do when you’re almost homeless man I have a plan and I
find I tell people that plan look you got to move back in you gotta go to
school you got to re-educate yourself you got
to take control of your life you got a you know grab life by the horn
that’s my story that’s my plan and at the end of the day you know what do you
know now that would have helped you when you first started on that obstacle
and that’s it I mean if you take take you and your audience into the future
and successfully grow your brand in your audience by adding value remember you’re
doing it from a position of enriching people’s lives and helping people you
know but you also want to grow your brand and make a living you know
it’s not get it twisted at the end of the day but we can do both
money is not evil you can do both you know if you can cut someone’s learning
curve in half I think and you did the work and you learned how to do that I
think you should be rewarded for that that’s the great country that we live in
but you know what’s your topic so let’s let’s review you know take you and your
audience into the future successfully grow your brand in your audience you
know what’s your topic going to be and who are you going to serve with your
topic think more broadly intelligently and strategically and I think we talked
about that and covered that in this podcast today and then I’ll leave you
with you want to pick a topic that you’re passionate about you’re excited
about and that you’re dedicated to for about the next five years this is not
overnight you are building a real business you are
building a real message you are building real brands you are helping real people
and it’s not gonna happen overnight remember this is a marathon not a sprint
so you really want to pick something that you’re passionate about remember
I’ve said in the past we mastery is a continual learning as part of mastery if
we ourselves the people that are perpetuating the message if we don’t
continue to educate ourselves and learn and read and and educate ourselves that
we fall by the wayside so you want to pick something that you can stay excited
and passionate about so well guys that is it we have visitors from out of town
we have David from infinity Khan with us this weekend and we will be bringing you
an awesome video on dishes and stitches later tonight it is going to be very
insightful the topic that we are discussing on dishes and stitches
tonight is three things that comic convention promoters look for in a guest
so this is gonna be really exciting we’re super stoked that we can bring
this to you guys over on dishes and stitches we have our brand cosplay
Academy and it’s basically us sharing with you
guys the path and the things that we did to go from no one knowing us to building
a brand where we now run logistics for conventions in the state of Florida and
we guests and we actually have a lot of fun bringing a lot of value especially
to kids and underprivileged families in the the comic convention world so we’re
gonna talk shop with David from infinity con so tune in for that that video drops
tonight and I think we’re gonna go get some breakfast right now so hey thanks
for checking this out thank you for checking out the podcast and we will see
you next week

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