How to Fix an E11 Error on a Hoover Washer Dryer

Hi I’m Mat from eSpares, in this video
I’ll be showing how to fix and E 11 fault code problem on a Hoover washer dryer. When you turn your machine on
the machine will go through a self test process. If during that process it finds a fault
it will display it on the digital display. In this case E 11, E11 stands for
a dryer sensor problem inside the machine. Safety first: Always unplug an appliance
before carrying out any work. The next thing I need to do to
access to dryer sensor is to remove the top of the appliance by undoing
these three screws at the back. To remove the top simply pull it back
about half an inch and then lift it off. And here we can see the dryer sensor,
sometimes the problem isn’t with the sensor itself it is actually with the wires leading to it
especially if they’re under tension as they can break. If that’s the case you need to repair the wires. If doing that make sure they’re well supported
and not to to taut. However if the problem is with the sensor itself
easy enough to replace just remove the electrical connection
use a bolt driver to undo these two screws. Before replacing with the new sensor it is worth noting that the new one doesn’t
come with the seal on the inside here so make sure you remove it from the old sensor,
put it on new one before replacing back into the machine. Rescrew in the screws, and also the electrical connector. You are now free to reattach the top of the washer dryer
and screw it into place. So there we have it One new dryer sensor
fitted to this Hoover washer dryer. Spares for washer dryers and all other appliances
can be found on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

10 thoughts on “How to Fix an E11 Error on a Hoover Washer Dryer

  1. I have the same E11 issue with my EVO W 4853 D Candy Washdryer but couldn't find any snapped cable. I have replaced the sensor but it didn't help. Is there a way to check the wires? It is very tough to get to the source of the wires though. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Hi, i have the same Washer Dryer in the video. Let me explain my problem:
    a few months ago the machine gave E12 when trying using the Cotton dryer program, and E11 when using the synthetic drying program. I called a technician and he said that the sensor was a bit dirty, he anyways make it work for the synthetics program (the cotton one still gave E12)
    This leads to present, my machine is not drying anymore and in return some times says E12, other times doesn't say anything, should i replace the sensor? Or should i call the technician to take it away and repair it?
    Hope you can help me, thanks

  3. hi, i get error e11 in my hoover wdyn-11746 pg8 at the end of washing program when start drying, to make it work i just unplug the current cable and then plug it again and when i turn it on it starts drying. I cheked the cable and it seems ok, can it be the sensor or what else?

  4. Hi , Bought a used Hoover WDYN9646G washer dryer in New condition but after the installation the control unit only changes between Cottons and Wool&Silk wont allowed me to change the setting to my preferred one also can not change to the Rapid wash setting 14,30,44 , Please is there a way to reset or it needed a repair ? Thanks

  5. hi my candy wash and dry machine cuts the power even when the machine is turned off.However i have disconnected the wires from the sensor and the power doesnt cut anymore then the e11 code is appear.Can you please help in this case.

  6. Thank you very much ! My machine Candy GO 485D Alisé works again !

  7. My electrical wire is broken where it meets the crimping at the white plastic connector. Do I need to replace the whole wire? If so do you sell the part?

  8. Hi brother my washing machine shows E33 code. Its campomatic washing machine how I can fix it. What's the problem. Thanks

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