22 thoughts on “How to Hang Christmas Lights Outdoors

  1. @Bohenek111 but then.. you have a dead piegon too on your roof.. lolz
    its gonna smell… xD

  2. I used to have a lot of lights on my house on christmas,but then i took a electricity bill to the knee.

  3. Many disclaimers tell you to never wear a tie when working on stuff…

    No one wants to see Corky hanging from the gables this season.

  4. Come on Howcast we're not retarded im pretty sure most of us know how to operate a freaking ladder. Why not explain more about the lights clips? I had no idea about those, I was just going to staple my lights up.

  5. I went to walmart and found clips that are listed for gutters and shingles. Which is good because I have a part in the middle of my roof without gutters. Ill try them out and see how it works, i still dont know what the "vertical clips" are that she mentions in the video.

  6. this video is stupid, its all common sense. I needed to know how to use the clips and how to attach them

  7. Lol they didn't say lights or ladder. My first time hanging lights was yesterday. I did great without half of the stuff

  8. One day, I am going to move from Ohio to Los Angeles in California to start a peaceful settlement life of my own, And I am going to find and buy a perfect suitable house in a nice safe neighborhood with 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a hallway closet, berber carpeting throughout the living room, hallway, and bedroom, an extra small room with no carpeting to make into a laundry room, a clean basement, no attic, a clean garage, a chain link fenced backyard, a plastic mailbox infront of the sidewalk, and outside electric plug outlets so that I can buy as many colorful christmas lights at the nearest Walmart in Los Angeles to decorate the outside of my house every December 1st and turn them on when it starts to get dark and leave them on all night when I am sleeping and turn them off during the day, And I am going to buy clear plastic totes to put the christmas lights in and take all of the lights off of my house on New Year's Day and store them in the basement til next December 1st.

  9. you don't use mini lights for roof lights you use C9's

  10. I've found great handbook on woodprix website. Good solutions for every single project I think.

  11. That's the first step I don't have! A plug outside my house. I don't even know how old houses do lights outside, ahhaa. I've never put out lights and I would like to try but this isn't going too well on doing this this year as I don't have a power source 🙁

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