8 thoughts on “How to Install a Camera Floodlight | Maximus Lighting

  1. Two questions;
    Is this camera Wifi?
    Does it require a monthly subscription for video storage or can you store the videos locally?

  2. Be aware when buying this product that depending on where you put the camera, and if not paying for subscription, you will get a TON of false notifications. So many that I've since turned notifications for my flood light above my garage. I have so many videos of super small window reflection movements, it sets it off even on 11 sensitivity. I do not recommend this product unless you plan on a subscription or place where hardly no traffic happens w/o sub. I've even blackened out part of my lens & still get notifications. Customer service trys to help but they fail horribly. Even after sending them videos to help explain the problems. I have to speak up because there's issues with this product. I have another on a sub & it works fine.

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