How to install a liner and fill your rink

57 thoughts on “How to install a liner and fill your rink

  1. Started in October building my first backyard rink after watching your videos. Everything was going well, leveling it, etc. Waited til we just got our cold snap and just put the liner in on this past Saturday. Started filling it up and found the dreaded hole in the liner. Apparently the factory seam wasnt sealed. Major bummer! Thanks for posting your videos though, really enjoy them!

  2. Great video my uncle built my brother and I a rink and its 109 feet long by 36 feet wide ?

  3. You guys are lucky, here in mass its 45 and last week it snowed then got up to 70 it's a bummer

  4. Always a great watch, really look forward to your videos. Thanks Jeremy and Happy New Year

  5. Nice job dude I love your videos please do more and please upload the final hockey rink quickly

  6. what gopro did u use and also, im from Britain so what would you recommend the best hockey stick to be

  7. when will that next video on how to get nice ice on your ice rink vid coming out?? I just flooded my rink today and its a little windy but i am excited to see this next one!

  8. I video keep up your are my favourite hockey player and how to teach on YouTube keep it up Jeremy @the hockey movement

  9. Hey i am 14 and have been practicing at open skates for about a year and never played on a team have a tips for joining a team for the first time ?

  10. I am just wondering. I need new gloves and I think that it is between the verbero dextran pro le, ccm ultra tacks, or eagle aero pro. Which one would you say is the best or would you say that a different pair is better

  11. Here in the U.S., at least in our city, the fire department will pump the water from the hydrants and it will actually save you money. If you run your hose, you also have to pay a waste water charge for the water. With the fire department, you only pay for the water.

  12. I put water down in layers. That's how we do it at the rinks I work at lol. All at once takes forever to freeze

  13. I think those boards are a bit small because as the ice rises the boards will get smaller because there is more ice witch won't keep the puck in very good

  14. Dude, your well won't go dry. You could leave the water running nonstop for 3 months straight and it still wouldn't be dry.

  15. Jeremy, when filling the rink can you just weigh down the liner with bricks instead of clamping it to the boards? Seems a lot cheaper but there might be a problem with that method??? thx

  16. "That's Celsius for the Americans" Oh my gosh! In America we use Fahrenheit!

  17. What rink kit did you use or where do you get the side panels and brackets?

  18. Great Video! What depth of water should be added usually? I put 1-2" and it all bubbled up and crackled apart… Should it be done in steps or just one big flood of water? maybe 5 inches?

  19. My wife would have me committed if I tried to build this. I built a gutterball table for my son and I still hear about that one.

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