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Hey guys this is Taylor with KC HiLiTES and
today I’m gonna be showing you how to install our a-pillar brackets onto your 2018 to current
Jeep Wrangler JL. These brackets are super easy to install. They’re 100% bolt-on so it’s a very quick
process. On top of our a-pillar brackets, we’re going
to be installing our Gravity LED Pro6 lights in the driving beam pattern. These Gravity LED Pro6 lights are unique because
they use the GRD or the Gravity Reflective Diode technology. This technology is different from standard
forward facing LEDs because we take this and we aim our LEDs back at the reflector which
allows us to gain more precision and more control out of the forward facing light. Now with that, let’s go ahead and get started
on the install. As you can see, the first step is to temporarily
remove some of the stock hardware. Now we’re gonna start with the 4 black T40
torx bolts.We’re gonna pull those out so we can get access to the plastic covering. While we’re at it, we’re also gonna remove
the T47 bolt for the windshield hinge. Once you’ve removed the four black t40 torx
bolts then you can pop off the plastic covering so you can properly route the wires for your
lights. As you can see, I cleanly ran the wiring harness
so that I had just enough of the wiring harness where it emerges at the windshield hinge bolt. Once you have the wiring ran for your lights,
you can go ahead and place the plastic cover back in position and reinstall the two lower
t40 torx bolts and the one upper t40 torx bolt that is forward-most. The one that’s closer to the windshield will
actually be replaced with the a-pillar bracket hardware. Then you can place the a-pillar bracket into
position and hand-tighten the windshield hinge bolt so that you can swivel the bracket up
and down freely. Then place the metal spacer into position
and bolt it down with the included hardware. Then you’ll go ahead and place your light
into position and bolt it down with the included hardware. And as you’ll see, I loosened the mount of
this Pro6 Single light simply so that I could swivel it around so it was easier for me to
plug in the connector to the wiring harness. Once I had the light positioned and everything
plugged in, then I went ahead and tightened everything down completely. Once you have the drivers side done, then
you go ahead and repeat the exact same process over on the passenger side, and then you’re
finished. If you guys liked this content from us, please
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future. I appreciate it you guys and remember to adventure

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  1. Am dying to see an install video for an F150. Cant find one anywhere on the internet! I have my mrack and all the c-series lights sitting in my garage but need to see the rivet nut option for install.

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