How To Install Bright Earth LED Light Bars

Welcome to Holley Garage, today I’m going
to be installing a Bright Earth 30 inch LED light bar, it houses two rows of spot and
floodlights to produce about 1,440 lumens, should be just enough to light up the night. I’ll be using the included mounting brackets
and hardware to flat mount it on the windscreen of this RZR behind us. Our installation also includes the use of
our optional Bright Earth relay and switch harness, we offer both in single and dual
lighting controls. I’ll also be installing our 7 and a half inch
light to the back of our machine, using the optional roll bar mounting brackets. We offer roll bar brackets for inch and a
half, inch and three quarter, and two-inch bar diameters. This light bar also uses a combination of
spot and flood LEDs to produce about 3600 lumens. It should come in pretty handy when we’re
backing up at night on those tight trails. Before purchasing, your first step should
be to determine where and how to mount your light bar. For my 30 inch bar, I decided to mount it
in the upper windshield area since my roof panel is actually covering access to the front
roll bar. I’m Going to lay down some masking tape on
both corners of the windshield, this helps me level and center the light. It also gives me a good background to mark
the locations for my holes. Position your light bar and mark the center
of the bracket hole. Go ahead and repeat this process for the other
side. I’m going to drill a hole on both sides with
the drill bit that’s slightly larger in diameter than the mounting bolt itself. Next, we’ll need to install the included mounting
hardware, push the bolt through the bracket and then through the rubber isolator, we can
then line up the bolts with the holes that we previously drilled in the windshield and
secure them with a lock washer and nut from the backside. Go ahead and repeat the process for the opposite
side. For our rear light, I’m going to use a pair
of our optional roll bar mounts, but first, you’ll have to remove the hoop from the bracket. Next, you’ll have to line the inside of both
hoops with the included foam tape. Now install both hoops onto the roll bar by
slightly separating the open end of the hoop and firmly pressing it until it slips over
your roll bar. Be sure to install both hoops so that your
hardware is pointed in the same direction. Line up the bracket with the holes in the
hoop and reinstall the bolt and nut that we removed earlier. Don’t completely tighten the bolt yet though,
leave the brackets a little loose so that you can move them and position them as needed. Repeat the process for the other mount. We can now install the light bar. Slide the brackets inward until they make
contact with your light, then install the included bolts and adjust the light before
completely tightening all the bolts. Now you can tighten the roll bar brackets. Next, we can install the wiring harness. I’m mounting both my relays in this open space
near the battery with some self-tapping screws. Now working from both lights back towards
the relays, secure the wiring with zip ties or even tape. I like to leave the zip ties a little loose
so I can reposition them as needed. Connect both of your lights to the harnesses
by plugging in the weatherproof male and female connectors and finish routing your wires. When your satisfied with the routing you can
tighten and cut off any excess zip ties. Now we can connect the switch wires and secure
them as we work our way back to the relays. Any slack or excess wires that you may have
can be coiled up and secured along the way. Finally, we can connect the red and black
wires to our battery. Since they come pre-terminated with ring terminals,
all you have to do is connect them to the corresponding positive and negative leads
on your battery and you are done. With Bright Earth, you can play day or night. Thanks for watching, for more great lighting
options, visit our website at

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