How To Install Indicators On MT4 and Metatrader 5 (MT5)

hi I’m Scott Shubert and today I’m
going to show you exactly step by step how to install an indicator in
Metatrader 4 or metatrader5 are also templates and yes this is a pretty basic
thing but I get a lot of people asking me how to do this and having trouble
understanding how to get the indicators that I’ve shared with them so let me
just show you exactly how you do that ok you go to the website where you’re going
to download an indicator and there are a couple of indicators right here that I
said now to everyone who requests our free series of videos at forex trading
seminar comm and what you do is you right click on the link where the
indicator is on any website now take a look this is a mouse and this is the
left click and this is the right click you click on the right side of your
mouse now why am i over emphasizing something that is so obvious is because
I have explained it numerous times to some people and they still are not right
clicking on the link so you do not click on the left side of your mouse you click
on the right side of your mouse it’s this side over here now let me
demonstrate how that works so I’m right clicking on there and then depending on
what browser you’re using such as this happens to be Firefox and it says Save
Link As now this is Google Chrome and I’m going to right click on there and
here it says Save Link As also this is Internet Explorer I’m right-clicking and
here it says save target as so whichever one of these browsers
you happen to be using you’re going to see either Save Link As or save target
as and when you right-click on there you will choose Save Link As now if you just
left click on that link it will open up a document in your browser that has a
lot of code in it so don’t do that don’t left-click on the link yes many
people tell me that when they click on the link they get this document in their
browser that shows a lot of code in it or even if they download the file and
then click on it after they download it they just see this document that has a
lot of code in it so the solution to that is don’t do that don’t left click
on it and if you download it don’t click on it after you download it to open it
because there’s no reason to open it instead what you want to do is
right-click on the link and choose Save Link As then you get this dialog box
that opens up and you have to go in here and choose the location where you’re
going to put this so click on your C Drive and then click on program files
and then click on the folder where your Metatrader program is located often
the name of the folder is the name of your broker for instance I have here
fxdd metatrader4 f x pro metatrader4 and some of them are under Metatrader right
here I have meta trader alpar e UK so let’s say I decide to put it in this
meta trader for from FX Pro I will double-click on the folder that says FX
Pro metatrader4 and then double-click on the folder that’s called experts and
then inside of that folder I’ll double-click on the folder that says
indicators and then I will click on save and it will place that into the
indicators folder which is in the experts folder which is in the
metatrader4 folder and just click on save now if this is an indicator for
metatrader5 and keep in mind that indicators are not cross compatible
between metatrader4 and metatrader5 must be an indicator that’s for metatrader4
in order to use it in metatrader4 or an indicator this for metatrader5 in order
to use it for metatrader5 so let’s say i’m going to put it into this
metatrader5 that I have from Al Party UK I will double click on that folder and
here you can double click on the mql5 folder mql5 and here double click on
indicators and you can save it right in there
now since Metatrader is a trading software that’s provided to you by your
broker whether you’re trading live or with a demo account from that broker if
you have any questions or issues about that make sure that you contact the
broker that provides that software to you and wouldn’t that also make sense
that if you have any questions about how to use meta trader
and since meta trader is a software that’s provided to you by a broker you
will contact that broker and look on their website and contact their support
and see if they also have training tutorials because any broker that
provides meta trader should have training and support on how to use it
and if they don’t have training support and training tutorials on their website
and that broker really shouldn’t be providing meta trader to their customers
now here’s how you install a template right click on the link where a template
is located on the Internet and choose Save Link As then a dialog box will come
up and you will need to choose the location where you put that template
when you’re downloading and saving it on to your computer and you need to go to
the C Drive and then Program Files and then open the folder where your meta
trader is located in this case this is a metatrader5 and it happens to be under
meta trader alpar UK but it may also be listed under alphabetically under the
name of the broker so check see where yours is located from your
broker double-click on that folder click on the profiles folder then the
templates folder and then save it into that templates folder if it’s a template
for metatrader4 double click on the folder where your metatrader4 is located
in the Program Files such as this one is FX Pro metatrader4 just double click on
that double click on the templates folder and then click on save again you
don’t ever want to left-click on one of these files you don’t ever want to try
to open one of these files you want to download it and place it into the
appropriate folder after you do that if your Metatrader is already running
you’ll need to close it out and restart it in order for that to take effect then
if you go to your meta trader you can choose charts templates and they’re your
templates will be located there or you can right-click on the screen and choose
templates and your templates will be located there to install an indicator
you can go insert indicators and then your indicators will be here under trend
and oscillators custom you can also go view navigator and your indicate int and
your indicators wheel here and you can drag one on to your chart this way then
you get the dialog box for the settings of that indicator so the different ways
you could put the indicators onto your charts after you have downloaded them
this is Scott Schubert and after you get used to using your charts and you want
to find out what really works in forex trading just go to forex trading seminar

15 thoughts on “How To Install Indicators On MT4 and Metatrader 5 (MT5)

  1. Great Video! I was having the hardest time trying out how to upload indicators on my own. This video simplified it completely. Thanks for putting this out!

  2. I need some help I just down loaded mata trader but I didn't download it from a broker and im trying to download some indicators but but my laptop is not showing the folders to drop them is at all pleas help me

  3. Hi thks for the video. It was helpful but may i know what do if the indicator does not show up in mt5. I followed every one of your steps.

  4. And when I try to save folder certain location that said I don't have a permission to save this location etc.

  5. Great video, However if you all want a USER FRIENDLY platform that is super easy to add indicators and view data and much more I suggest ninja trader. MT4 is so outdated and they need to make things easier for people

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