How to Install Recon Air Dam Lights

Hey guys, John here with Today
I’m going to show you how to install the Recon LED Air Dam Lights on this 2015 GMC Sierra
Denali 2500. You can see here we’ve got everything laid out, comes with all the stuff you need
to get this on your truck. Comes with your lights, your wiring harness and also zip ties
to tie everything up nice and neat. So, let’s get this on the truck. What we’ve done here guys if we’ve went ahead
and raised our truck up. You don’t have to raise it up, you can do this on the ground,
it’s just easier for us if we do. And what we did is we took our valance here, and we
found the center of it. Now, it’s really easy to find the center of it if you have a receiver
hitch on the front because you can just center it on this receiver. If not, then you have
to measure it all the way from the end, all the way to the other side obviously in this
divide it in half and that’ll give you your center number. So we marked the center and then we figured
out we’ve got four lights that we’re going to go each direction, with the length we had
from here to the end and just divide that out, give us a little over 10 inches, about
ten and a half. And you don’t want to put a light on the very end. So what we did is
we just took the 10, start from the center and then just start marking back 10 inches
from each spot and that will give you exactly where you need to put your lights. And then
it’s just the matter of determining where you’re going to center them because of the
limited amount of space we have in here for the center one. We had to determine that that’s
going to be at about a half an inch from this lip right here, so half an inch up, mark your
center point and then we’re going to take a half inch spade bit, and we’re going to
pop the holes in here, start inserting our lights. Alright guys, so we’ve got our hole drilled
out. So what we want to do then is go ahead and take this light and just push on the plastic
ring here, and what that’s going to do is that’s going to push the rubber grommet off
the back. We’ll take the rubber grommet and we’ll just peel that off, and then we’re going
to put the rubber grommet up here in our hole. Now, I should tell you what we’ve done here
is we found that if you use a five eighths bit, it gets this hole closer to the size
you need, but anything over of five eights is just a little too much. So we’ve went ahead
and used a five eighths spade bit, cut the hole out and then just take in our Dremel
and just dremel it around a little bit just to open it up a little, so that a way this
will fit in nicely. So, what you do then is just take the rubber
grommet and push it into the hole just like so, and then you take your light and put your
wires in. Now the hole isn’t big enough to push them through together, so just one at
a time. Push them through to the inside and then just install the light right into the
grommet and there you go, all set. And now, if you try, guys these things really don’t
come out, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out on you. I mean, you really
have to work to get these out, so they’re in there to stay. So, what we’re going to do then is we’re going
to go ahead and we’re going to do the rest of these and then we’re going to come back
and show you guys how to wire this. Okay guys, we’ve got our lights all in, so the only thing
left to do now is wire them. So what we’re going to do then is we’re just going to take
our wiring harness that comes with our lights, and we’re just going to find a nice place
up in here to lay it up in and zip strip it in so that it doesn’t hang down and get in
the way of anything. And then what we’ll be doing after we get that and hooking our wires
up, really simple when you go to plug these in, just black to black and white to white
and plug them in. And then we’re going to attach the other end of this to our parking
lights. That way when we turn our parking lights on, our air dam lights will light up
too. So, I’m going to get that done and then I’m
going to come back and show you guys how to wire this to the parking light. Taken our
wire, we’ve ran it up here to our fuse block and our battery. Now, what you want to keep
in mind when you’re doing this is this is a lot like household wiring if you’re into
electronics and those kind of things, how household wiring works. Your black wire on
these are actually your hot wire and your white wire is your ground. So don’t get those
backwards because if you do, the lights won’t work, because they have to have to right polarity.
And we’ve taken our black wire, which is going to be actually the positive wire or the what
normally would be the red wire and we’ve hooked it into our fuse for our parking light with
a fuse adapter and the spade connector, and just put it on that fuse there. The white wire, which is our negative our
ground, which is typically the black one, is now hooked up to our ground side of our
battery. So, once you do that, then you just make sure you have all your wiring laid out
in a nice spot where it’s not going to get tangled up or anything. And we’re ready to
put the cover back on our fuse box, and light these things up. Alright guys, there you have
it. You can see how cool these look on the front of this truck, and that’s really how
easy and simple it is and quick to install these Recon LED Air Dam Lights onto your truck.
So remember guys, until next time, happy motoring.

17 thoughts on “How to Install Recon Air Dam Lights

  1. how does that work, isn't the fuse before the switch and always hot?

  2. wow they look good but i can't believe the price they want for them on ebay 30 bucks just for 1 omg

  3. these things have NO Instructions . spena fk load of time wiring them to my 2016 2500hd and the running lights wont come on. taped.i to litterally every wire on the headlight and no running lingt. the turn indicator loght works but no wire on the headlight, (either side willl give it power to stay lit) bench tested before putting on and yes it does work. these people that make the product and obviously the commercials for the product don't have any concern for the people that they sell them too with proper directions it's a joke I wouldn't buy from them ever again!!!!!

  4. These lights installed last year give a little work I put the tires in the 4 hahahaha

  5. So I have a 2015 F-350 srw king Ranch. Can you send me link to buy for that truck please. Tyou

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